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  • Scarlett

    Firstly, I think it’s really great that Dan is trying to formulate the best photostable sunscreen he possibly can.I think it’s admirable that he wants to sell it for the lowest price possible too.However, I think Dan needs to stop being a perfectionist! While being a perfectionist is admirable,it can also be counter-productive.There will never be the perfect sunscreen for everyone! There is nearly always a compromise.And for me,price is an area where I am willing too do this. Like most other acne prone people,I have spent loads of money on sunscreens that break me out.I would be willing to spend more money on a sunscreen that is a little pricier.I think it would actually save me money in the long run because I wouln’t have to keep searching for a “safe”one.The Olay classic sensitive that Dan reccomends is not available to european customers so either we have to import it at twice the price of the product or go without.I am far from rich BTW.What I love about is that it always responds to the opinions of the community.From reading all the posts,the concensus seems to be that people want this sunscreen even if it is more expensive.I think it would be great if Dan could tell us at least how much it would sell for or do a poll on the blog asking if we would be willing to pay the amount.