Grrr. I have the distinct displeasure to inform you guys but after months of costing out the SPF, the pricing is still not working. I have certain principles that I won’t compromise. The first is I won’t launch a new product that I don’t feel is equal to my OCD perfectionism, including instructing our lab to formulate with only the very best USP grade ingredients. OCD perfectionism can be detrimental when you find yourself reading phone texts 4 times for grammar and punctuation before pressing send–not that I do that ;),  but when it comes to products used on inflammatory acne-prone skin, this type of perfectionism is warranted. Next, I want all products to be within reach of everyday people. The Regimen is not just for the rich. As some of you noted, I could release the SPF at a high price, but it just doesn’t feel right. In fact, that feels kinda gross.

In the meantime I am going to keep pressing forward on aggressive USP grade raw ingredient pricing. I am keeping this project on the top of our list of priorities, to the point where my coworkers are giving me threatening stares–but have no timeline I can give for now. A reminder of good UV-protection options in the meantime:

1.  Hats:  A wide brimmed hat provides 100% UVA blockage.

2.  Olay Complete all day UV moisture spf 15 sensitive skin + 5-6 drops of jojoba oil: Olay is my one and only recommendation for over-the-counter SPF support at this time. Be sure to add 5-6 drops of jojoba oil to help combat the flakiness you may experience from the Olay.

A final summary note: As the sun blazes higher in the sky, remember to become aware once again of increased sensitivity to the sun from AHAs and retinoids.

* is in no way connected with Olay or any other product or company. This link is provided for convenience of readers only. receives no payment or compensation in any form for this recommendation.


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  • Feebie

    Thanks so much for being so considerate and looking out for all of us!

  • Chris

    Hey Dan please try to get that spot treatment out as soon as possible. Do not be hesitant to release it just because it stings a lot. I WANT a spot treatment to sting and burn, it feels like its actually doing something. Can we get another update on that? Maybe a possible projected release date in the ballpark? Summer-ish?

  • Anonymous

    Dan, we belive in you !

  • mad4blush

    HEY Dan have you tried cliniderm (a brand by CanDerm who makes Neostrata)? Their protective lotion is the most basic and contains no irritants and has spf45.

  • Shane

    i want spf >.<!

  • Robert

    How would the pricing compare to the Olay that you recommend?

  • Sharpy

    Just wanted to remind people that you need sunscreen year-round!

  • Sharpy

    And also–while a wide-brimmed hat may block the UV rays from above, they will not block any reflected UV rays, which can be very strong, especially if you’re on concrete (or even worse, snow or water).

  • Caroline

    As much as I want the new SPF to be released, I admire you for your principles Dan! You’re so awesome for all that you do for us! We appreciate you! 🙂

  • Ilovemypuppy

    I am going to Aruba in may, and i know the warning about using this regimen and being in the sun, and i am wondering if i should just stop using the BP during my stay in Aruba, in fear that it may do more harm then good.

  • erik

    all i can say is that i really appreciate how much you care about keeping prices low. thx for looking out for us.

  • D

    Can you give us more tips on proper sunblock application and protection? For example, I use Olay SPF 15 during the summer and I apply it once during the day, but is that single application enough to last a full day of protection? How often should the application be repeated to get full protection? How often should we reapply SPF 15 while at the beach or other conditions where sun is at full blast?

    Can you revisit most recent SPF studies and update us on whether higher SPFs do offer greater advantage over SPF 15-30? Some new studies claim that, but not sure if it’s just companies influencing the studies for marketing hype.

    Are you aware of the new FDA approved sunblock ingredient in the U.S. called Mexoryl SX that has been used in Europe for a while? Any opinions about it?

  • Anonymous

    Olay used to have a higher SPF moisturizer that worked well for me, but they just can’t leave well enough alone, can they? They don’t make it any more.

    Physical sunscreen is the key.

    I would like to know how expensive we’re talking, here. Drugstore facial moisturizers with sunscreen are already expensive, but it’s worth it to me.

  • Whitson (Gyroscope352)

    Woah, man, it’s been awhile since I visited the blog.

    I don’t mean for this to sound like a mini-rant, but it might. I mean no disrespect or rudness by it, for what it’s worth–it’s really just a bit of shock.

    We’re still waiting on the SPF? This has been going on for–literally–years now. I admire your principles, Dan, I really do–on both counts of comedogenic ingredients and price–but there’s got to be a point where you stop and realize that you’ve been working on the SPF for *years*. I don’t want to say it isn’t going to happen, because I believe in you and I’m sure if there is a way, you’ll find it–but at what point do you compromise and release something a bit more expensive just for the time being?

    Yes, it should not just be available to the “rich” (I assume we’re using the word “rich” pretty loosely here, though I don’t know how expensive this formula actually is). Is denying everyone of it better though? Would it be of too high cost to you to release a slightly pricier product, keep working really really hard on it until you bring it down, and then release the more perfect model when you find it?

    Those questions aren’t meant to be accusatory, they’re actually questions. Again, I have no idea how expensive the formula actually is, nor really how costly it may be to you and the company to release a product in the meantime. These are just my thoughts. I just can’t believe how long it’s been–it feels like just yesterday I started on the Regimen, which was around when you started working on an SPF moisturizer–and it’s now been almost 4 years! That’s a long time!

    I know you’re not the type to compromise, Dan, and it’s one of the things I love about–but part of me is starting to feel like we’ve reached the point where there’s no other option. Or, rather, that we’re at the point where if it’s gone on this long, it could go on quite a bit longer, and a temporary compromise would be best for everyone.

    Just my thoughts. I know I haven’t been around the forums much, but I’m still regimen-ing it up, still buying the products, and still loving every day! Keep up the good work, guys.

  • crichel

    I have to agree with Whitson on this one. While I really admire Dan’s concerns for making his products accessible to people, I think the SPF is better sold at a high price than not at all. There are so few decent spf’s out there we really need this, even if its in the £40+ price range.

    Even if its too expensive for many people, it is not an essential part of the regime and many people will not need it all year round. Ultimately, quality comes at a price, and customer will know there getting a top quality product at the lowest price Dan can reasonably offer it at.

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  • sunnycc

    Hi Dan, Thanks for updating us on the SPF. Like the others, I don’t know how spendy we’re talking here, but just consider the $$$$ WASTED by us on products that make us break out! I would much rather pay for a good product that works and doesn’t cause breakouts. I use the same Olay and love it, but I live in South Florida and already have skin cancer (basal cell). I wear hats most of the time AND need SPF! Okay yes, I played the cancer card! Give us a hint…more than Philosophy $38/2 ounces? Perricone $65/ounce? You may not be able to price match Neutrogena, but I for one would be all right with that.

  • ljr

    HOW MUCH ARE WE TALKING HERE??? Can you TELL US the dollar amount since you obviously have one?! For heaven sakes, put it into production & give us all credit to think for ourselves & make the decision to buy it or not! I’ve have been a loyal customer of yours for 4 years & I simply cannot find an SPF moisterizer that doesn’t make me greasy & broken out. I sure would like the OPPORTUNITY to try the one you’ve decided that you like after all this time of waiting. For YOU to make the decision for everyone else that it’s too expensive without even telling us HOW MUCH it costs is utterly ridiculous and beyond insulting!!!!!

  • Anna

    The Classic Gentle Formula Olay with SPF is back, I just picked it up. And yes, it is a soft transition, the newer formula was right next to it on the shelf. Available at my Target in Long Beach, CA.

  • dp

    Ss there anyone who knows about this sunscreen, (Olay Complete all day UV moisture spf 15 sensitive skin) is water resistant?

  • Mary

    Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this.
    But I have to ask… Will this final formula contain Avobenzone? I’ve been waiting with bated breath for your SPF to come out in hopes of finally finding one I can use and would be willing to pay a bit more for it (considering all the money I’ve wasted on other SS I just can’t use!) but then I noticed that in a recent SPF blog update you mentioned you were doing trials with avobenzone. I cannot even express my disappointment at the thought of your final product containing that ingredient. I absolutely cannot put avobenzone on my face. It literally burns my skin. 🙁

  • Bruin

    Daniel love you but im rolling my eyes on this blog post. I have been waiting three years for this sunblock so please release it! High quality Sunblock is just expensive so it’s okay!!!!! We love you for trying! But it’s about time especially with summer coming around

    For those of you who want the best sunblock (yes the best)— I have used and tried many– go on and get the clarins Paris uv plus hp day screen high protection SPF 40. Goes on so smooth you won’t be able to feel it! It’s about 50 bucks a pop but it’s worth every penny.

    Anyway! Daniel please release yours soon. Always with love and support .

  • annie

    wow, I read these comments of nagging complaint that SPF product isn’t released yet…you guys sound kinda rude…

    personally, I LOVE having a line of products that I can depend on. I know theres a caring person behind this line rather than a money-hungry business trying to lie to me with “non clogging” labels. I know’s current products wont clog my pores and Dan has gained a great reputation from this fact! Just think what would happen if he released an SPF moisturizer that broke people out??? newcomers would drop the regimen due to that alone.

    if Dan wants to take his time to release this moisturizer in order to ensure that it is totally skin-friendly, I think that says a lot about him as a businessman/person.


  • Becky


    Should I use the Olay Moisturizer with SPF with the Regimen moisturizer or by itself?

    Thanks for all you do!


  • ljr

    Reply to Annie’s post on May 3rd:

    If you READ the “nagging”, “rude” posts, we are saying that it’s fine if it’s EXPENSIVE, just release the SPF moisturizer already. Dan point-blank says he loves the SPF moisturizer, but refuses to release it because it’s too “expensive”. Really? Why doesn’t he let US — HIS CUSTOMERS — decide if it’s too expensive or not? The best SPF moisturizer I’ve found is Mario Badescu that retails for $26.00/2 oz. That’s pretty expensive for 2 oz, but I buy it even though I’m not that crazy about it because it leaves me a little shinny, however it doesn’t break me out. All I’m askin’ is how much Dan’s SPF stuff it. If that’s “rude” & “nagging”, so be it.

  • Emma

    I use Neutrogena face lotion with SPF 15. It is lightweight and does not cause my skin to break out. I use Cetaphill lotion at night and the sunscreen one in the morning. You guys should try it out, hopefully it won’t cause breakouts for you.
    *I get burnt really easily*

  • Carl

    anyone know where us acneorgers in th UK can get Olay Complete all day UV moisture spf 15 sensitive skin or an equivalent?

    Amazon want over $40 dollars just for shipping!!!

  • Kiyomi

    I personally love Japanese brand sunscreen (Sofina Perfect UV to be exact). If could produce a sunscreen like this…I’d stop buying imported sunscreen and buy’s in a heartbeat!! I’m currently spending around 30 dollars for 30ml, it’s pricey (mostly because it’s imported) but I haven’t found an American sunscreen that can beat it!!

  • James

    Hi Dan,
    When will you be giving another update on your SPF progress? (I don’t mean a release date, just another update on how things are getting on.) I do agree with everyone else who has suggested we would not mind paying more for good quality non-comedogenic sunscreen because it really is worth it. Paying £20/$25 (I’m from the UK – I don’t mind paying the shipping for your products, it makes that much difference) for bad SPF isn’t worth it but I still do it because there’s nothing else!
    Could you perhaps do a poll asking whether we would prefer to wait or not for the price to go down, just as you have done with your “areas of research” polls?
    That might give a representative view among your customers. Look forward to the SPF being released!