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  • M

    This is my first time getting registered into a site that is related to my acne struggle. I’m glad that a site like this is exist. Ok so I read a few comments earlier and was wondering what you knew about the Kobyashi method. I had trouble finding information on this method. I’m curious to see if it works for anybody. In addition I’m curious to see if the 10 mg accutane long term method is affective? and if anyone has experienced its side effects.

  • adrian

    so my first day using the acne.org products but my face its way too red….what should i do?? im fallowing step by step…..

  • tennagegirl101

    okaii .. first day using zineryt … it burns … am i having an allergic reaction … my spots are really red and have spread across my cheeks … people tht use zineryt say that their skin peels and it looks bad … i hope mine doesnt go like that .. but i bet it does :/