SPF: We have been painstakingly sourcing each ingredient from around the world in an attempt to keep the price on the SPF within reason and within reach. We’re making good progress, and it’s my goal (perhaps I should say prayer since it’s not entirely up to me) to put a sample into FDA required stability testing soon so it can be out for at least part of this summer’s season. No promises, but we’re working on it every day. Depending on certain ingredient lead times and availability, my fingers are crossed that we can make this happen sooner rather than later.

Spot Treatment: The last spot treatment we designed seemed to have everything going for it, and then wham, our testers tried it under BP. It balled up and looked like mini cottage cheese curds on the skin. At the same time, my mind got piqued regarding other potentially beneficial ingredients, and I have been reading about some of them while having a team of people gather research on others. The spot treatment appears to be more of a long term project at this point. I want to launch a spot treatment only when it is revolutionary and amazing since the AHA+ already works so well for me. However, it is very much on the radar.

Moisturizer: For quite some time now, because of my extreme schedule and inability to read through the message boards as much as I would like, Brandy and C’est La Vigne have been updating me regularly on your posts. Rest assured that if you express your concerns to C’est or Brandy, they are likely to be expressed to me. Lately, Brandy and C’est have been telling me that several of you would like me to bring the old moisturizer back. I am hearing you and understand your frustration. However, with my apologies, I’m afraid this is not possible. First, since I would not be recommending it or mentioning it on the web site, I would need to produce it in very small amounts. This is an extremely expensive proposition on several levels–small label runs & small production runs would run the cost into an entirely new “private label” placement in which prices would reflect expensive boutique brands. Next, our full-time team is swamped with current products, and we do not have the resources to relaunch a product at this time. Finally, I feel more comfortable with people using the new moisturizer. While the new formula requires more generous application (at least 3 pumps), the increased gentleness and soothing ingredients that the new moisturizer keep me steadily on board with strongly recommending it over the previous version. For those of you who are experiencing increased dryness with the new moisturizer, please read this post for my recommendation on how much to use, but keep in mind that our current batch of pumps dispense a bit less, so you will need at least 3 full pumps, not 2.


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  • Jordy

    I love the new moistizer but please switch back to the old pumps. The new ones dry at the tip leaving a chunk of hardened gunk in my hand after the first pump that I have to pick out and flick into the trash every time. It’s gross.

  • alan

    Agreed ^^. Same problem.

  • Kelsey L.

    ^ I have the same problem. I ended up taking the pump from my old bottle and putting it in the new bottle.

  • Amanda

    I absolutely love the new moisturizer! It’s amazing! It keeps my oily skin shine-free, while also alleviating any redness or flakiness. And I can’t wait until the SPF comes out. Love your products, Dan!

  • Nathaniel

    Another happy user of the new moisturizer here. I think all the happy users didn’t feel the need to express their satisfaction in the review section so that the numbers of bad reviews seemed extra high.

    Anyway, I like it the way it is, but I do also have the problem with the pump, not that it is really a major complaint though.

  • Jexx


    With all due respect, I think the old moisturizer should REPLACE the new moisturizer, not just act as an alternative. The ratings speak for themselves. Simply put, the new moisturizer isn’t working. It has an average rating of 2.8/5.0 whereas I remember the old one was around the low 4’s.

    It isn’t a matter of how much is applied. Many have applied gobs of the stuff (to the point of the product gunking up on their face–I’ve done the same), and it STILL causes flakiness as well as a nasty yellow tinge. This is absolutely unacceptable, I don’t care how soothing a product is if it dyes my face. In addition, I really don’t see how the “soothing” or “increased gentleness” win over flakiness and tight skin. Even the “soothing” part is dubious as when I used the new moisturizer for a full month, my face always burned upon application.

    The complaints about the moisturizer will continue.

    I’ve been on the Regimen for 5 years and love it. I wish I could support the cause by purchasing the new moisturizer, but I won’t be doing that anymore as I find the Cetaphil moisturizer just about as good (maybe a tad bit better even) than the old moisturizer. Thanks for all of your hard work, Dan. You’ve saved my face!

  • Jexx

    ^I realized the last part of my comment seems misplaced. It isn’t sarcasm. I genuinely do appreciate the treatment and cleanser, just wish the moisturizer was reverted back.

  • Will

    Oh come on Jexx. You cannot be serious. I could see you saying that you don’t think the moisturizer moisturizers quite as well, but there is no way in the world your skin is actually tight after you use it. The stuff does not stain either. Yes the product is yellow, but that does nothing to the tone of your skin. If there was a problem with this then it would have been a major complaint with the AHA+ as well being that it has the same major ingredient in it. It should not sting either. I have not experienced anything that you are ranting about. I really swear that the people who say things like you are out to say bad things about it. I can’t really take these comments seriously.

    I think that, like another member mentioned, the saturation of unhappy users to happy users is unusually high on the new moisturizer review. I think if all of the users of the new formula where to review then the product would also be in the 4.0 range. I just think that the negative reviewers have gotten a little overzealous with their complaining.

  • c'est la vigne

    Hey! I’m in this post! : D

  • Seth

    TOTALLY AGREE with Jordy, Alan, Kelsey and others… BRING BACK THE OLD PUMPS! The new pumps are absolute trash. They are useless. Not only do they often break but, like Jordy said, they result in a chunk of hardened-up lotion at the top of the pump. It’s disgusting, unhygienic and gross.

    I love the new moisturizer but, seriously, the new pumps are absolutely awful and really bring down the product range.

  • Savannah

    Agree with the comments about the new pumps. They are horrible and so tacky and cheap. Please bring the old ones back!

    Also, can you get rid of the embarrassing “ACNE.ORG” that is all over the bottles? I always have to hide them in the cupboard.

  • Tim

    +1 for the old pumps. i actually like the new moisturizer, even though it takes forever for it to absorb on my bearded face. But the pump is really terrible, having to clean out the hardened piece in the tip of the pump every time. Or sell the moisturizer in a tube, which is more wasteful on plastic but at least we won’t have to deal with the pump. please, please, please change this!

  • laurena

    I LOVE the new moisturizer, it’s the best I’ve ever tried! I do agree with others though that the pump leaves dried lotion at the tip that I have to pick out before I apply it to my face. Otherwise, keep making the new fabulous moisturizer!

  • Sheryl


    I love it! The first time I used it, I put a generous amount on, did some chores while I let it dry a few minutes, then put my makeup on as usual.

    This stuff is amazing. I have very sensitive skin, and only after one time of using it, my skin felt softer and soothed. THE OLD MOISTURIZER CANNOT COMPARE TO THIS ONE!

    Folks on Dan’s message boards, please give this moisturizer a chance and use it correctly. Put on a nice amount, let it dry for a few minutes, and you’re done! This is a very high quality moisturizer with extremely soothing properties.

    Dan, you used to have research studies of licorice extract on your site, and now I can’t find them. They were very educational; maybe if folks read it they will better understand what licorice extract can do for our skin!

  • thebathoholic

    I agree the new moisturizer is great !!!

  • Karen

    I purchased the new moisturizer, used the bottle halfway, and threw it out. Not only does it not help with flakiness, no matter how much I applied, also the flakes were yellow! Half of the new pump broke off when I dropped the bottle, and I agree, the clumping is annoying. Honestly, I find the CeraVe moisturizer much nicer than this one.

  • Karen

    Oh, but I can’t wait for the SPF. Hopefully it is better and we won’t have to apply as much.

  • Kristina


    I am on regimen for more than one year now… and I am still peeling and flaking… And I am adding 8 drops of jojoba every time I use the 3 pumps of moisturizer. I am not sure what to blame – but I think this moisturizer is mot moisturizing enough… And yes, it leaves me yellow.

  • ashley

    Unfortunately, I had to stop using the new moisturizer. Not because I’m an idiot and don’t know how to use it…it just wasn’t working for me. I used 3 FULL pumps and still had dry skin. I stuck with it for 2+ months and my skin never “adjusted” to the new lotion. I also hated that it took forever to absorb into my skin. So I started using Cetaphil and like it a lot more. It’s not perfect, but it keeps the flaking under control, goes on really smooth, and absorbs uber quick.
    I also agree with the comment about “acne.org” on the bottles being a bit embarrassing. Dan, would you consider just putting “daniel kern” on them instead?? That would be FABULOUS! Thanks and keep up the good work. Your products have literally changed my life!!!!!

  • paul

    the new moisturizer is the best iv ever tried.Jexx you are a very silly person if you dont realize this.

  • Jordy

    The new moisturizer is kind of incredible. It moisturizes without leaving me greasy and shiny. If it’s not controling flakes add jojoba oil. The people who say it leaves a yellow tint on their skin makes me think they aren’t using it properly. Maybe they are putting it on right after shower or something. If your skin is as dry as you are claiming the moisturizer should be absorbed even quicker than normal.

    But again, the new pumps need to be replaced. Now I need to review the new moisturizer, sorry I didn’t before but it doesn’t really occur to me to do so unless I don’t like something.

  • Jordy

    Also I think it’s strange that the negative comments here all say they like a store bought moisturizer better. Either they are plants or their faces react better to that crap so good for them. This new moisturizer is literally the only one on earth that works for me without making me shiny. Taking it away would be devastating.

  • Craig

    I don’t think they’re suggesting to take away the current one, but to still offer the old one that worked for so many people. I was using it for almost the past 8 years until a few months ago when I used the “new” one. After months of use my skin never felt moisturized like it had it the past so I started using jojoba oil but still no luck. I had some of the old formula left and decided to go back to it and voila my skin feels moisturized again. Personally, I think if Dan realized he could help and reach out to more people with his old formula he would offer it again. We all know he cares about us, but seems to be turning a blind eye as far as this goes. Maybe a poll on the front page or something could gauge how many people feel the same way.

  • Kelsey L.

    (@ Craig) I think that a poll on the front page letting people vote on the old versus the new moisturizer is a GREAT idea. If Dan is really doing all of this for us, as he says, then he should let us decide what we like best and what we want. Not everyone’s skin is going to react to the same product in the same way.

    I personally have yet to find a moisturizer that doesn’t make my face shiny & pink (both the old and the new one do this) so I’ve switched to just using a more moisturizing face wash & only moisturizing at night before bed. It works out great for me.

  • Anonymous

    Paul and Jordy, just because it works for some people does not mean it will work for everyone, just as Kelsey stated.

    I agree with Craig.

    I too, like the other people, do not like this new moisturizer. I put on two pumps and sometimes more, and it takes over 20 minutes to absorb. I have given it time, since it was introduced to now. It is shiny after it dries, but so was the old one, that problem is easily fixed. It does leave my face with a yellowish tint, which is ok cause it eliminates the red. It leaves my face tight, dry, and flaky, which is not alright. Only plus to the new moisturizer is the calming effects.

    I think it is the JoJoba Oil (even tho the old one also had it).

    Many people like the JoJoba Oil, but i hate it! i used it on my face and it made it drier and just sits on my skin unabsorbed, horrible. Tried it on my lips, they were moisturized for a while, and then they were SUPER dry, worse than if i had applied nothing.

    With this moisturizer i feel like less is more, or better said, more is worse. The more i use the flakier my skin, it’s weird. I’m just going to have to find a new moisturizer.

    to the people who do not like the new moisturizer, does the jojoba oil work for you all?

  • Dave

    I used to have a problem with the old moisturizer. But after using 3+ pumps every time, my skin adjusted to it and I like it. When I’ve gone back and used some leftover old moisturizer, it feels too greasy. I like the new one better. It’s very good, not perfect, but I like it. I wish it did not take so much to moisturize, though, as this probably raises my costs.

  • Dave

    That should say “I used to have a problem with the NEW moisturizer.”

  • Anonymous

    wow, Jordy, calm down…deep breaths

  • shiny face

    why does the new moisturizer make my face so shiny???? everyone notices

  • Claire horton

    I have used both the old and new moisturizer, And I adore the new one, It calms my face, evens out the tone more, and makes my skin way less oily and shiny.

    the new moisturizer, just takes it a level even better, on its own in the day and with some jojoba oil on a night its worked wonders,

    thank you dan for the new formula

    -claire x x x x

  • mohoosier

    Old or New Moisturizer? For those of you commenting on others comments…why? This is a forum to state YOUR experience with the moisturizer. Not everyone will have the same experience as YOU. If you have a suggestion or question, then fire away; but, to criticize someone’s experience…really??

    Shouldn’t we expect many to dislike the new moisturizer given that the old moisturizer was already very popular? It’s human nature to compare and also to resist change, especially from a place of satisfaction. I for one, was VERY satisfied with the old moisturizer, so much so that I crusaded in support of it. I’ve told multiple friends and family members about it over the past several years. Yes, I may be a little bit on the traditional side, but when something works, why fix it? Also, and maybe this is more for Dan, but why abandon a pillar from a program that got you where you are anyway? It makes no sense. Offer new products? Absolutely! But, discard a popular, successful one?? I don’t get it.

    So, after being very shocked initially upon the opening of the package and seeing the color of the new moisturizer, I gave it a try. First of all, I do not like the way it goes on. It is not as smooth and light as it should be and the last few seconds before it completely dries does not allow the ‘gentle touch’ that Dan preaches about as one of the keys to the regimen. Your fingers ‘catch’ in your skin in trying to spread the thickening product. The old moisturizer disappeared on it’s own, like a good moisturizer should. Remember? Less is more, gentle, light. NOT: Thick, color, heavy, rough.

    Secondly, I wear a white t-shirt every day under my dress shirts and the new moisturizer DOES stain. Is that a major issue for me? I guess not, since the t-shirts are not visible. But, for the guys out there that have to wear a tie and therefore have to button the top button of a light colored shirt, beware!

    Lastly, after using the new moisturizer every day for several weeks, I tried the old moisturizer that I had in a travel bottle. No comparison. That is, the new to the old. BRING BACK THE OLD, AND KEEP THE NEW TO KEEP ALL OF YOUR FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS HAPPY! Otherwise, for me, and I’m sure many others, it’s back to searching for a moisturizer with the same qualities as the original – light, colorless, odorless, non-comedogenic, full-absorption, etc.

  • Shane

    everyone, just so u know, if u keep the mositurizer in ur frige, there will not be any dried lotion at the tip of the dispenser!

    looking forward to the SPF. is is gonna be a moisturizer+spf? or a SPF by itself??

  • Laura

    Please bring back the old moisturizer. I had finally found something that worked for my extremely sensitive skin. I hate that I am now on the lookout for another product. I have loved all of your products, but the new moisturizer is terrible and the reviews are not nearly as good as they were for the old moisturizer!!!!!!!

  • John

    i loved the old moisturizer. i put on loads of the new one and it’s still too dry for my skin, while the old one was perfect. i’m looking for a replacement. the new one’s so drying that i got dry patches that have become inflamed for more than a couple months. i’m really hoping they don’t scar, and this new moisturizer doesn’t help at all. i thought it was going to be amazing when i looked at the ingredients, but it just doesn’t cut it like the old one did

  • Ken

    I have to say I prefer the old moisturizer. The old one tended to leave the skin shiny and the new one doesn’t, but the new one just doesn’t work as well. I have had to switch to Cetaphil for my forehead and neck because those areas were much too dry with the new moisturizer.

  • Dee R.

    I loved the old moisturizer, but I did just order a bottle of the new one to try.

    The old formula went on very easily and felt wonderful to my skin. It seemed to help the natural glow come out. I have been out of it for several months now and my skin is terribly dry and I’m getting the bumps again, so I thought I would try the new.

    Maybe I will come back after I try it for a while and post what I find.

  • Alyse


    So… I didn’t read all the coments, but I just thought I’d share that my skin too is tainted yellow from the new moisturizer…I think once summer hits and I get some color it will be fine, but I’m having my mom send me a bottle of the old stuff until that can happen 🙂 The first day I applied the new mousturizer my husband asked me if I had put self tanner on…. nope 🙂 I just look like I have jaundice…. Does any one have any hints to combat this? I think my best answer so far is to apply one pump of mousturizer, let it dry and repeat until all three pumps are applied….it gives the moisturizer time to soak in a little so it’s not a yellow blob sitting on top of my already pale skin. Just wondering if there are any other good ways to combat jaundice face 🙂

  • Joy

    I use the moisturizer correctly, I’ve been using the regimen for 2 years. My skin ALSO feels DRY and taught after using the moisturizer WITH jojoba!!! It’s so frustrating. I had the travel moisturizer of the old batch and within 1 day my skin was nice again but then back to the new economy sized new one and it’s dry and flaky. UGH!!! What the heck! I have to look for a new moisturizer now b/c I will not be buying this one again. The other products are still great though. Bummer, bummer, bummer!

  • colleen

    I freaking hate the new moisturizer! everytime I go back on it thinking it will work it makes me break out, I thought I was doing something wrong the first time using it and then when I tried it and it did the same thing I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong…It’s just the moisturizer. So I’m pretty bummed the first one isn’t coming back because that one worked amazing with my skin.

  • Sarah

    I just sent in a comment before reading this message board. I was asking about bringing back the old moisturizer. I have been using the new one since it came out last year. I have had increased flareups and have been using the AHA nightly to combat it (previously I would only use the AHA on occasion when having a bad skin day). I was looking back at some pictures of myself over past four years since I started using acne.org products. I have never had such bad skin as when I have been using the new moisturizer. I found some of the old product in my cabinet and have been using it for the past 2 weeks. My skin is near pefect and I couldn’t be happier. Perhaps I will try the cetaphil if it works similarly to the old stuff until hoepfully they can bring back the old mositurizer.

  • ^_^

    i HAD to switch lotions. i just use Cetaphil at night and Dan’s in the morning. i had been using the new one since it came out, and my skin was just not adjusting after months of using the new lotion. finally i knew i needed to use a different moisturizer, at least at night.

  • ^_^

    prefer the old one!

  • jake

    I hate the ne moisturizer.
    I have had to stop the dk regimen because my face just couldn’t handle the dryness.
    Please bring back the old moisturizer so that I can do the regimen again.

  • Mike

    It seems clear that there are different skin types out there and it is not possible to create one moisturizer that agrees with every skin type. I may be wrong, but it may be the issue that the new formula does not contain glycerin. Glycerin seems to moisturize better for some skin types, but it can also cause reddness in others (as not all skin types are created equal). So, some people will like the new and some people will like the old. The new formula requires more application (for some people that is) to match the moisturizing power of glycerin…but this can to lead to problems with yellowing (again for some people). So, the solution is simply to have both options. From an ecconomic standpoint, it may be worth looking into more carefully as I am guessing the new moistuizer sales are not as good. In the meantime, for those skin types that the new moisturizer does not work for, there are plenty of moisturizers out there that contain glycerin. Again, I may be off on my guess work here, but this is how things appear to be from my point of view.

  • jake

    I couldn’t agree more Mike.
    Every one is different and I think that the best way to reach everyone is to give a lot of available options.
    The old moisturizer worked for so many people that I think that it should still be available even if there is another product that works for other people.

    The glycerin may be a huge difference.

  • Mike

    I have a possible solution for people. But before I get to it, the following are key formulation ingredients that are used by acne.org. There are good and bad things about each depending on your skin type.

    Glycerin: Used in the old moisturizer. More moisturizing than methyl gluceth-20 (which used in the place of glycerin in the new formula), but glycerin can cause redness and/or stinging in some.

    methyl gluceth-20: used in the new moisturizer. Less moisturizing that glycerol, but does not cause the redness and/or stinging that glycerin can cause for some.

    Licochalcone: It is calming for some people, but can cause yellowing for some people. Perhaps yellowing is from those who are applying more than others to make up for no glycerin.

    Jojoba oil: Really can help with flakes, but can cause some skin types to look shiny or greasy. some people need to use more or less than others. So if you use a lot of the acne.org moisturizer it can lead to a shiny face.

    It seems like there are benefits and drawbacks to the various formulation ingredients. And since all skin types are different, a different formulation ratio of the various components would be needed for different skin types. Like most people, I have a skin type that is somewhere in the middle. Glycerin makes my face a bit red but it also seems to help with moisturizing more… methyl gluceth-20 does not cause redness, but it doesn’t help with moisturizing as much. Jojoba oil helps with my flakes, but it makes my face shiny if I use too much (and the amount will vary from person to person). The acne.org moisturizer seems to have too much jojoba oil for my personal skin type (makes me shiny depending on how much I apply). Also, Licochalcone is calming for me and does not really make my face yellow (but it does for others).

    What I do: I use a mixture of everything to match my skin type. I use about one pump of a glycerin containing moisturizer (I am using CeraVe right now; im guessing there are plenty of other glycerin moisturizers that work well for different people), about a half pump of the new acne.org moisturizer, and just a couple extra drops of jojoba oil. I will also add a couple drops of the AHA from time to time. I mix it all up in my palm before applying. Perhaps a good thing for some people would be to do a similar thing but with different ratios to match your own personal skin type…just experiment with different ratios until you get it right. In effect you are formulating specifically for your own personal skin type…something that would not be possible right now for acne.org. I must say that I am doing Dan’s Regimen precisely and it is working wonders for me…it is the best thing I have ever tried. It has just been a bit of extra work to get the moisturizer just right for me. I hope this can help someone.

  • jake

    Thanks for sharing your ideas Mike.

  • medgirl91

    Hi Dan!

    I love you products, they are a TRUE LIFE SAVER!!! I have a suggestion for a good SPF people should try. Colorescience makes a good clear (color-free) spf 30 or spf 50 powder that is AMAZING!!! My husband and I both wear it and it works great, and it is even waterproof! I have moderate acne and almost anything seems to cause me to break out, but this does not!! I would look into it and see what you think!!