After a restful holiday break, I am back in the saddle and have resumed coaching people through The Regimen.  My fresh eyes can’t help but notice a string of similarities amongst my coach-ees:

1.  They go too fast.

Them: [Quickly move their hands over their skin]

Me: Whoa Nelly! When you go too fast, that creates irritation. Let’s slow it down. Here, let me show you. [I demonstrate washing very slowly]

Them: Wow, you want me to be that gentle?!

Me: Yes.  As you get more experience in performing The Regimen, your skill level will allow you to go more quickly and remain gentle.  For now, be patient and go slowly.

2.  They want to shorten the amount of time between steps.

Them: [3 minutes after washing] Can we do BP now!?

Me: Whoa Nelly!  The waiting periods are important.  Try to settle into a routine that includes doing dishes, saying goodnight to your kids, etc. while you wait between steps each morning and evening.  We want The Regimen to become part of your life and not make you feel like you are just “waiting.”

3.  They add in variables way too soon.

Them: Someone on the message board said a 4 blade razor works better, so I got the one they recommended.  I hope that’s OK.

Me: Whoa Nelly!  I need you to stick to The Regimen exactly until you are completely clear. That includes using only a 2 blade razor. Imagine you have blinders on. We want to get you completely clear before we add in any variables, and we know if you follow The Regimen precisely we’ll get you clear. Once you are completely clear, then you can add in 1 variable at a time, like trying a 4 blade razor.

4.  Once they are clear, they add in more than 1 variable at a time.

Them: I figured since I was clear that I would try to just use BP once a day.  Oh yeah, and I also started using this great new SPF I found.

Me: Whoa Nelly!  One at a time.  You’re going to be in the sun a lot in the next month or two, so let’s add in the SPF and see how it goes for at least 3 weeks.  If you’re consistently clear after 3 weeks we can try going to BP just once a day and see if you stay clear.

5.  They are emotionally attached to their unused, expensive products.

Them: I’ve got a really expensive department store acne scrub.  Can I use it with The Regimen?

Me: Whoa Nelly! Like most people, you are disposed to inflammatory acne. The last thing you want to do is scrub and irritate your skin. Why don’t we se how much you can get for that scrub on Ebay, shall we?

6.  They are clear.

Them: Wow, The Regimen really works.

Me: Good job! You listened to me, followed it exactly, and it worked.


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  • Kom

    Wow! a new post since a long time.

  • Goosey.

    Whoa Nelly! Slow and steady means few blogs ;D

  • James

    Whoa Nelly! A new blog post! 😛

  • Sylvia

    I get the “being gentle” part, but why cant you go fast and still be gentle?
    Also, this regimen is really taking a toll on my time. I wash (less than 10 seconds) then wait 5 minutes…then apply BP for 3-4 minutes, and with the amount that i use it DOES NOT take 5-10 minutes to completley dry. With the amount that i use (3 pumps) the BP literally takes about 20-22 minutes to dry.. then i appy the moisturizer (3 minutes)then wait for that to dry to begin my makeup routine. With alllllllllllllllll of that i have to wake up super early just to get all of that in my morning! The worst part is that i have been on this regimen for about 2 months now and im still getting zits in clumps… I’m thinking about bumping up to 5% bp since that is what Dan had used in the beginning of his ‘journey” to clear skin anyways…Im really thinking about stopping this regimen :/

  • Jarred

    Welcome back, Dan!

  • erik

    when did keith jackson start posting?? (he was a college football announcer famous for his, “whoa nelly” remarks during games).

  • Mary Bittner

    Just curious but why is my photo of a filly we bred and raised at the top of a blog about acne? Really confused here, would appreciate a response. Thank you.