Hey you guys.  It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. I want to take this opportunity to remark on how thankful I am to have your feedback on the site and the products. We take your comments under careful consideration. Nothing gets past you guys, and that’s awesome because it keeps our team here abreast of every possible issue.

The new pumps: Recently we switched to a new pump because some of you told us your products were arriving with broken pump heads.  The new pumps we ordered come with neck closures which help prevent breakage during transit.  We made sure the pumps have have-extra wide heads too since you guys tend to prefer that style.  However, you never know when you switch from one manufacturer to another if you will find variances, and in this case it appears that the new pumps dispense a little less per pump than the old pumps did.

Dispense 3 pumps now

We carefully measured, and to dispense exactly the same amount as before, you will need to dispense 3 pumps of each product instead of the usual 2. Aim for a quarter sized amount. Especially when it comes to benzoyl peroxide, it is absolutely vital that you are generous in application.  The moisturizer is also designed for generous application.  When in doubt, use more.

We will work to change the wording on the web site to reflect 3 pumps.  2 pumps is ideal, however, so we have already begun working with the manufacturer to make sure the next set of pumps dispenses slightly more.

Happy Thanksgiving and keep the feedback coming!  We really appreciate hearing from you guys.

Edit:  You guys wanted to see a comparison of old vs. new pumps.  I just took a quick pic so you can see:


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  • Jordy

    Another problem with the new pumps is they drip slightly after you pump and the new moistuzer then hardens at the tip. Would love for that to be fixed. I have to wipe after every use now which is annoying.

  • Sharpy

    I don’t know which pump I have…I ordered the new moisturizer soon after it came out. I don’t like how the moisturizer dries up inside the tip of the pump.

  • Chikyuu

    The old pump is about 1.25″ in diameter around the middle of the round part, has a rounded tip, and doesn’t come with a clip around the neck when shipped.

    The new pump is about 1.75″ in diameter, comes with a locking clip around the neck, a flat, square tip, and on the top of the pump around the edge is an arrow pointing both ways and the word “Open” at one end to, let you know how to unlock the pump. Hope that helps.

    I have a photobucket hosted pictured but yknow, no links =P

  • Jordy

    I would suggest replacing the new pumps with either the old ones or a different new one cause the tip hardening is just not exceptable. Every single time I pump I have to go through and find the hardened clump before I can put it on my face. It’s also just gross to look at but that’s not a huge deal.

  • Julian

    3 pumps instead of the usual 2, seems easy enough, I’ve just gotten the new moisturizer so I’ll keep this in mind.

  • Chris

    Come on Dan its been awhile, time for a new blog post. In other words, give me a spot treatment update.

  • Archer

    I ordered my products on the 5th of December. The pumps are broken in such a way that the pump action head will not remain solidly attached to the neck of the bottle. I am still going to use the product, removing the pump action head for each individual pump.

  • Rob

    Dan, where you been? We all miss you and your updates ;(

  • Chikyuu

    Come on Dan, one more blog post before Christmas? Please?

  • Henry

    I”m having issues with the jojoba bottle leaking out of the nosil, it really oily and messing up my furniture, any chance of a fix? Any one else with this issue?

  • Nicole

    More blog posts Dan? I really miss the weekly little updates 🙂

    and Henry, yeah I kinda have that same issue, but I stopped using jojoba oil cause it wasn’t suitable for my skin

  • Charlie

    Where have you been? What about the spot treatment? I can’t wait for it!

  • Craig

    Henry – I have the same issue, the whole thing gets oily!

  • Bai Jing

    We miss you Dan! Come back!

  • Katrina

    I actually have to contact Customer Service on here – for the second time in a row (and last time they asked for pictures – so I have pictures this time, too) I have ordered both the DK wash and BP – and this time – 3 out of the 4 pump bottles I ordered – all came BUSTED – and I mean – COMPLETELY broken off – busted – no repair or using here. They were also all the NEW bottle tops – so the whole point of getting bottle pump tops that lock is completely useless if they get sent out like mine did!!! Locking is useless if they bounce around in the box that they are shipped in – and SNAP completely off!!! I had busted plastic pieces in the box!!! This was the second time in 2 months – that it happened. Just be aware of your boxes – and also – I am no longer buying my BP in the pump bottle (even though it saves money) because of this! All my bottles would have came busted – had I done so. These were cleanser pump bottle tops – I (thankfully) ordered my BP in the 8 oz snap tubes because last months shipment came busted as well. So just be aware!

  • Acne.cc

    Happy New Year Dan!

  • Sierra117

    I also order my BP gel in the tubes, because I have also had issues with the pump bottles and their tops.

  • Henry

    Dan, are you listening? We have others with jojoba leaking from the top, it doesn’t happen right away, seems to happen after a month of using.