Every time I get a cold or experience a bad bout of allergies and end up blowing my nose a lot, I’ll break out around my nose. It’s like clockwork. This is an example of how closely and predictably irritation and acne are related. You may have noticed something similar in your life. Ask any dermatologist or acne specialist and they will concur that when you irritate your skin, acne can result.

Check out the new interactive Irritation Page and have some fun learning about potential sources of irritation. Then, reduce or avoid them if you can. This may take some practice as you retrain yourself to stay more gentle to your skin, but in the end your skin will thank you.

10 thoughts on “New, interactive Irritation Page is live

  1. You say you break out a lot when you blow your nose a lot but what kind of tissues do you use? If they are ones with lotion on them, then that could easily be at fault right?

  2. I loved the page! i would add kissing as an irritation factor, though, especially for women! unshaved boyfriends are a problem for acne prone girls! lol


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