SPF: We’ve nailed a formula. The good news. And it’s really good news because it’s taken about 128 formulas, and several years to get there. The bad news is that I’m finding it is super expensive to produce. The quotes I’m getting from suppliers are so high that I don’t feel right passing it on to you guys. We want products that are the very best in the world, but also affordable. I’m determined to make it happen, and we will launch this, but I want to do it affordably. I’ll keep negotiating with suppliers until we get the price into an acceptable range–while compromising nothing in regards to quality of course.

Spot On

Spot Treatment: The last group of testers gave me mixed feedback. We have good news and bad news again. The good news it that most people are saying this is a spot treatment which actually works. The bad news is that it’s not working well when it is applied before benzoyl peroxide. When people put it on before BP it can become very slightly curdled. So I went back into the lab this week and made a few more iterations in all different types of bases: creamier, more water-y, and more serum-esque, in an effort to remedy this. I kept all of the important active ingredients in there. In the meantime, if you want a spot treatment, the AHA works really well for me and lots of people on Acne.org. Just be certain to catch a zit at the very earliest stages.


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  • Crichel

    Thats excellent news about the SPF, truly excellent. I have tried a vast number of SPF moisturisers and getting a decent one which is really non-comogenic (i.e. which really is and not just advertised as such) is extremely difficult. Hopefully it will be ready by next Summer!

  • Melanie

    Yes! I agree with Crichel. I incorporate AHA into Dan’s Regimen daily, so adequate sunscreen is of upmost importance to me. My experimenting has dissapointed me time and time again. Please hurry and release, Dan! Thanks for your research efforts!

  • Laurena

    I purchased 20% Salicylic Acid gel peel from Skin Laboratory a while back and that seems to work fairly well as a spot treatment. I just dip a q-tip in the bottle and dab it on my cysts and larger pimples. I’m curious to see what the new spot treatment will be like and how it will compare. The gel peel also stings to high heaven (at least it did when I first started using it) but with time my skin more or less adjusted to it and it doesn’t sting much anymore.

  • Bob Smith

    Is there anyway we can get the spf product if we are willing to pay the high price?

  • S117

    An expensive SPF is better than no SPF.

  • bruin

    Dan, it’s OK if it’s expensive. GREAT sunblock should be $40-60 dollars. I am have been waiting for this for eons. CANT WAIT!

  • Kris

    Gaahhhh! Just tell us to put it on after BP, we will listen! I want the Spot Treatment now!

  • erik

    just curious- how expensive is “too expensive” for the SPF? what pricepoint are you trying to get it to?

    personally, i really appreciate how much you take cost to us into consideration. a lot of us don’t have a lot of disposable income, i’m guessing.

  • Simon

    Very interested in your sunscreen, but not if its over $20. Anyone who pays a lot for sunscreen is just plain stupid and there is a lot of that out there.

  • Jordy

    Simon, the regular moisturizer is over 20 dollars for 16 oz so of course the SPF is going to be more than that. Which is totally fine. And there aren’t a lot of good sunscreens out there, so paying a premium if you find good one is not stupid.

  • erik

    doesn’t SPFs have a semi-short expiration date, like 1-2 yrs, tops? i’m not in the sun a whole lot, so a smaller version would be good for me, otherwise it’ll just go to waste.

  • Nick

    Does the sunscreen have Ecamsule?

  • Seth

    I agree with some of the other comments – an expensive SPF is fine if it’s made from high-quality ingredients and works well. I’m sure people woud be willing to pay for quality and a product that works.

  • Slick Cat

    VERY happy to hear about the SPF, can you make a decent makeup now? The Almay colors are just wrong….. by the by, my skin has NEVER looked better thanks to your products!! 🙂

  • Sharon

    Dan, first of all, I’ve been using all your products for about a year and my skin has never looked better! Thank you! I echo other comments of appreciation for getting the SPF to a lower price point. I would certainly be willing to spend more as I live in Colorado and sunscreen is a must. I’ve been going without, though because they make my skin breakout. I have a TCA peel planned over Christmas to deal with discoloration and acne scars, so I HAVE to have SPF then! And I know I should be wearing it all the time.

    Maybe release a lower price version later? Or does that put negotiation power in jeopardy with the suppliers?

    Thanks for all you do, your generous spirit is as clear as our skin!


  • Pearls

    YESS!!! I have been wanting and waiting for the sunscreen!!! Thanks a ton and I hope it comes out soon! Thank you thank you thank you for your hard work!!!!!

  • Chikyuu

    Honestly I really dont care of the spot treatment balls up under BP… I was thinking to put it over BP and moisturizer anyway!

  • hello

    dan just release the spf anyway and then work toward lowering the price–summer is coming up !