We can only offer $5 shipping for inside the U.S. Auto-Ship orders, but I’m looking to see if there’s anything we can do for International Auto-Ship orders as well. Just wanted to chime in and let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll report back if and when we’ve figured something out. No promises, but we’ll try our best.

As far as distributing internationally, that is something that I sincerely would like to see happen at some point. It’s a big world after all. It’s on our roadmap, but we’re not quite there.


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  • Seth

    Thanks Dan 🙂

  • shez

    if there is anyway you need me to help to spread word about the regimen/products internationally, do give me a shout (im from uk)


  • Realme2008

    dan would you ever consider making 32 oz. sized bottles of bp?

  • Jon

    Maybe look at getting a decent wholesaler for the uk. Simply selling from eBay in Britain would surely increase share in a massive market 😉

  • Kayleigh

    Thanks Dan! I’m from the UK and shipping costs nearly as much as the products themselves sometimes!

  • imsdal

    lovely! I live in norway and I love your products, but hate paying almost the same price for shipping as the products themselves…I hope there will be a solution to this soon.

  • Qin Xie

    Please email me if you want a distributor in China. 🙂 I have many friends who love you products.

  • Roland

    So U.S. based customers pay just $5 shipping for a maximum of 3 16.oz cleansers,3 16.oz treatments,3 16.oz moisturizers,3 AHA+,3 Jojoba oil bottles ?
    I paid $48 shipping, for 4 16.oz treatment 1 16.oz cleanser , and 1 AHA+……and that is not counting the customs clearance fees/import duties/ and 19% sales tax. 🙁

  • Ic3

    I just shipped 1 x normal size basic set to Singapore using vPost. The shipping is around SGD 21. For those in Singapore, you may want to try vPost.

  • ntg

    Please consider distribution in the UK as the only thing which stops my purchasing the product range is the high shipping/customs costs. The UK really doesn’t have an accessible alternative treatment available. I’m sure you will find a big market both in the UK and Europe. Thank you! 😊

  • Renad

    Do you ship to saudi arabia? If yes, hiw much it osts and how long it takes o be dlivered ? Please replay to my email

  • taq

    Do you ship to saudi arabia? If yes, hiw much it osts and how long it takes o be dlivered ? Please replay to my email, i also wanna know….

  • RD

    I want to try your products Dan. I’m here at Saudi Arabia. Thanks for considering. Godspeed!

  • randy perong

    hello.do you ship your products here in Saudi Arabia?please reply to my email.Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Can I get Zoely shipped to the US?