People have often asked me to offer a Auto-Ship program. I never have because auto-programs make me feel trapped. But you guys kept asking me to make one so you don’t have to re-order all the time. So I decided to go for it, but in a new way:

– cancel with one click
– no pressure to stay enrolled
– reminder emails right before each Auto-Ship kit is sent to make sure you want us to keep sending them
– $5 shipping on all Auto-Ship orders (inside the U.S.), even if you add other stuff to your cart

…and a bunch of other cool features. It’s up and running! Check it out. Let me know if there’s anything you would change or add to it.


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  • Harry

    Unfortunately the $5 shipping do not apply on overseas orders. There is no even a discount.

  • erik

    i personally want to say thx for cutting us a break on shipping ($5) for auto-ship orders (within the US). i really appreciate that!

  • derek

    Still costs a lot for international shipping. Oh well. The products work better then anything I’ve tried before so I’d gladly pay any amount for clear skin. Thanks guys.

  • Jon

    This is great. I usually forgot to order when I was running low, but no need anymore. The discounted shipping is also a plus.

    I noticed that you have the products listed on Amazon but aren’t directly fulfilled by Amazon. Is this not a feasible option? I would love to be able to order via Amazon since I already have an Amazon Prime account.

  • Seth

    Dan, I know you guys state you don’t make profit on the S&H but seriously, your international rates are WAY too high! It’s frustrating that US customers get this neat new $5 auto-ship deal whilst us overseas are still hit with the crazy shipping charges. Really shows a lack of appreciation of the loyalty of international customers. Can nothing be done to try and drive down the shipping costs? What about finding a UK-based distributor and shipping a whole tonne over here and letting them fulfil the orders?

  • erik

    how much does it cost some of you international customers for shipping and where are you at? international shipping is expensive for us (USA) when we order something from other countries, so…that just might be the way it goes. it seems dan does his best to keep everything as affordable as he can.

  • MOI :D

    In relation to what Seth just suggested; perhaps you could reasearch which countries would be worth distributing your products to and find a partner/ wholesale buyer. It could be a feasable expansion of your business and increase awareness ( :

  • Chikyuu

    @MOI πŸ˜€

    I agree. It’d be a huge business step, but it’d definitely help overseas folk. If I can call them folk .-.

  • Seth

    Great idea, Moi. I think Dan loses a LOT of business because people are always put off from ordering overseas in $USD currency. They worry about the import taxes, lost packages, expensive S&H fees…

    I bet sales would soar if there was a UK distributor.

  • S117

    So much whining,

  • Rebecca

    I love the way you chose to do the auto-ship! Absolutely no downside. And a great deal on the shipping!

  • Holly

    Love the auto-ship & $5 shipping, but I think it would be great if you could specify how many weeks/months for the auto-ship. I am fortunate and I don’t have to use as much of the products to get clear skin and I don’t need to reorder as often. It would be great to extend the time out longer.


  • Abby

    Rebecca- There is an option to choose how many weeks out you want. I choose “5 weeks”, although I am just trying it out and I am not sure how soon I will run out. Hopefully it won’t be a problem for me to choose longer if by that time I am still in stock. I appreciate it being no hassles, as when I used ProActiv they were always trying to keep me on it when I clearly wanted to cancel.

  • Ryan

    I agree with Holly. I don’t need to order products very often either since I have been on the regimen for years and using the full amounts just isn’t necessary for me anymore. It would be nice if the auto ship option could be extended out to several months. The program looks great otherwise though.

  • S117

    I started my custom kit on October 5th and it says it has shipped now, but I never got a shipping confirmation e-mail, and I have no tracking number. Is this how auto-ship works, or should I have a tracking number? I’m like two days away from running out of BP and it’d be really bad if I ran out and didn’t have a package actually coming.

  • Bob

    You guys should pair up with Amazon and get on with their autoship program as well. I found this product through a favorable review here *link edited out* I ordered the regimen and can’t believe the results I’m getting so quickly! Proactiv didn’t work for me so I was about ready to go the accutane route but was wary of the potential side effects so I figured, what the heck and ordered your product. Couldn’t be happier with my decision.

  • Alex

    This is great. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Sandy

    I’m confused I went on amazon saw that you sell the treatment (16oz) on there, looked at how much shipping was and it was only about $8.00 just for that bottle. However on your store same bottle would cost me $12.00 to ship. I know it’s only a few bucks. How come it’s cheaper through amazon, I guess is my question.

    Also I want to do auto ship. But I don’t want to use your moisturizer, I still have one bottle that I don’t use because I didn’t like it ( too watery, and didn’t moisturize my face at all, I bought it months ago). I use cetaphil as my moisturizer and your BP and cleanser. do we have to use all three in order to get the $5 shipping?

  • Sanita

    Dan, Dan, Dan…I am so greatful to have found out about you YouTube. I’m 31 years old and have had acne since I was 12 years old (junior high years). However, changing up a few things since I was about 25 I went from moderate acne to mild. Now with the help of your products (I ordered the big kit plus) in two weeks I have went from mild acne to no acne. Like alot of other ppl I have tried store brands (clearskin, neutrogena, oxy just to name a few) and more expensive name brands (md formulations, proactive etc). However, nothing compares to the results I’ve received from your products. I thank you so much! With that said, I know I posted this under “AUTOSHIP” subject and I do have one suggestion about the autoship. Is there any way you could add more weeks to the autoship choices? 8 weeks is the max and for some of us with mild (to no acne now thanks to YOU) the products actually last us 4-6 months using it in a way that keeps our acne under control. Therefore, if you could adding up to 24 weeks would be AWESOME! Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep it up!

  • milkyoranges

    Dan, is an international discount in the works?
    US gets all this awesome stuff, share the love with us international peeps?