We just launched the new Regimen pages. New treats await:

– Simplified into 2 pages now, not 3

– Drawings!

– More explanation including How and Why for each step

– More info on finding the right products

I hope you like them! Thanks to Kent and Joel for knocking it out of the park. You guys are incredible.

This is just a start. We’re going to redesign the rest of Acne.org too. It’s on its way…


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  • Sam

    Looks great! Acne.org gets better and better every day.

  • S117

    Nice, I like. Will make me realize to be more careful and stop touching my damn face like I have started doing again recently.

  • Sheryl

    Dan, you rock.

  • Sheryl

    Dan, I just reread your new regimen directions. I think the Regimen is still the best I’ve ever tried, but one thing of concern is your take on spf moisturizers. All dermatologists state that the most important thing anyone can do for their skin is to wear an SPF 15 sunscreen in the morning before going out. You do not stress that at all.

    I have been on your regimen for years and find I don’t break out from the spf 15 moisturizers. I hate most of the consistencies, but that’s another story.

    Please do not discourage folks from using an SPF! I am afraid the experts will read your take on spfs and then criticize your program…when It is the best regimen around!

  • Sheryl

    …oh and of course you are an expert…when I said “experts”, I meant the dermatologists out there (who think they know it all and of course don’t – if they did they would have invented YOUR regimen!)…but one thing they got right is in this day and age with thinning ozone layers, etc., spf is so important to prevent skin cancers.

  • Dave

    I really like the new look and explanations. Good job. This site continues to evolve and improve.

  • Kelsey

    Dan, I have to agree with Sheryl’s concerns about your lack of emphasis on the importance of wearing SPF. I know that you are working on your own, but until that is made available to us, our only option is the formulas on the market right now. My grandmother passed away from skin cancer ten years ago. Yes, all of the SPFs that I’ve ever tried have broken me out to some degree (some less so than others), but I would much rather have pimples than melanomas. You need to add some sort of statement regarding how important it is to wear SPF if you are going to be outdoors for more than 15 minutes. PLEASE, Dan, this is a serious issue that affects all of us!

  • Katrina

    Hey Dan!

    I love the new site setup, I’ve been using the DKR products for over 2 years – love them all – but I just wanted to give you some user feedback – not sure if anyone else has noticed this – but the new webpage text – light grey/gray you are using for most of the text is really really light. I have an iMac and am using Safari and I find that if I look at the webpage straight on – I can barely read the main text, but if I look at my screen from an angle, then the text appears a bit darker, so not sure if it’s an iMac screen issue or not! I find myself squinting to read it (with the white background of the page). I don’t think it would be much of an issue if it wasn’t ALL the text that you had to read? I do like how you use light/dark text to use emphasis on the steps/info – but I wanted to let you know that the light grey is really light sitting on a white background 🙂 Just a comment to let you know! If you look at the main Regimen page – the grey color that you used for the word “Guidelines” on that page – is a nice darker but still light grey – compared to all the rest of the main text – which on my iMac – is super super light! I still think it looks great, but I just thought I would give you some feedback 🙂

    Also – in the Products/Products Guide section – for under “Moisturizers with SPF”, you list “Oil of Olay Complete Classic Gentle Formula” as the only one you recommend – I wanted to let you know that if you search that phrase, you will not find the product? Are you referring to the moisturizer that Olay just returned back to the original formula (the one that you used to recommend)? The Complete All Day UV Moisturizer – Sensitive Skin formula (SPF 15) (that’s directly from the Oil of Olay website)? If you go to the website and click on their “Complete” product line – the one that I find that is the “Sensitive Skin” moisturizer is the “Complete All Day UV Moisturizer – Sensitive Skin”. I just wanted to let you know that some people may not be able to find the product you are recommending because the name of the product has changed!

  • Anonymous

    i love it

  • Anonymous

    and you rock