The new moisturizer is now available for purchase! If you place an order from this point forward, you will receive the new moisturizer formula with licochalcone. I can’t wait to hear your feedback on it. Once you’ve tried it for a while please review it.


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  • Beth

    IM SO EXCITED! I wasn’t expecting it to be available until the end of the week. I will order tonight!

  • Charlie

    I just placed an order lol can’t wait. Do you still recommend adding jojoba oil or is this one a better stand-alone moisturizer than the last one?

  • Ryan Degroot

    YAY! I am so excited and the price is not bad at all. The way u made it sound it could have been going for $40. Ordering moisturizer and BP on Friday~!!!

  • ju

    just ordered

  • Emmaleigh

    Where’s the new label?

  • S117

    Just ordered with UPS Air shipping. Thank you!

  • Will

    Ha! This is out just in time for me to order it on my birthday. Maybe I will consider this a birthday present. I can’t wait to get it in the mail sometime next week.

  • annonymous

    Once I have used up most of my stash, I will definitely be ordering this, probably sometime around Christmas.

    May I say your three step regimen is the best I have ever tried for acne.

    I still think the jojoba oil should be an integral part of the regimen and actually included in the regimen, not just offered as an option. Using jojoba oil has made a great difference in my skin.

    Thanks for coming up with a wonderful skin system – far better than any regimen ever offered to me by any dermatologist. I am in my 50’s and still have acne. I believe I will be using your skin care system, gratefully I might add, until I keel over.

  • Anonymous

    are we gonna get a sunscreen?

  • skybluesky

    Excited! Going to get it soon!!!

  • Lauren

    Hmm, I I signed up for the mailing list and never got a notification from you guys via e-mail that this would be avaliable. There’s nothing in my spam folder either. Have you guys sent out an e-mail about this yet?

  • S117

    I’m on the mailing list too, no e-mail yet, but I was checking this blog every day for months for this thing so I didn’t mind.

    Mine shipped yesterday, just checked the tracking. Anyone know if UPS delivers on Saturday for the UPS Air 2-3 day delivery option?

  • Jeremy

    Just got mine in the mail. I just applied it and so far it feels pretty good but I’ll have to add jojoba oil because my face feels dry already.

  • David St. Michael

    Is this safe to use under the eyes? I REALLY need a good eye cream! Thanks. 🙂

  • S117

    I’ll have mine Monday, I can’t wait. My first time with it will probably be Monday night, so I’ll get a good look at what it’s like before I go out in public with it Tuesday for class.

  • Rebecca

    I love it!

  • Mike

    i got mine in today. can’t wait to try it. anyone else get a funny new pump with it?

  • Tim

    I love this new moisturizer, the old one made my skin stingy and felt like it was burning. This new moisturizer calms my skin, I can’t wait to order more!

  • Amanda

    Dan – the moisturizer kicks butt! I had trouble with the old one making my skin shiny, which then led to me using oil-absorbing sheets after applying the moisturizer, which I’m pretty sure kind of defeated the purpose. The new moisturizer leaves no shine whatsoever on my skin, and maybe it’s all in my head, but I feel like my skin is not producing as much oil now, and that my pores have slightly shrunken in size. Regardless of whether those benefits are real or imagined, the fact remains that I love the stuff, and I thank you for improving it. Rock on.

  • Kayleigh

    I am LOVING the new moisturiser! There’s none of the horrible shininess of the old one (any oil on my skin now is self-produced, not from the moisturiser) and it doesn’t sting at all, even when I’m in a rush and put it on before the BP is 100% absorbed. I’m not quite so impressed with the person who delivered it at about 7am when I’d been pulling a late nighter to get homework done and had had about 3 or 4 hours sleep by then,. but you can’t have everything! lol

  • Larisa

    I’m sorry to say that I liked the old moisturizer so much better than the new one. The newer version actually feels much less calming on my skin (even though it is supposed to be the opposite). Please bring back the old version and offer a choice!

    PS – Aside from the new moisturizer, I love your products and the large bottle sizes!

  • Adam

    Hi Everyone. My skin was very settled on the old moisturiser and my skin was absolutely perfect. With the new moisturiser my skin is always slightly red and irritable and I just can’t seem to stop the peeling. In addition I’ve just started to break out for the first time in 2 years. Hopefully it all settles down, however I think I prefer the old moisturiser at this point….

  • Jess

    The old moisturizer was definitely more calming and more moisturizing than the new one! Please bring back the old one or offer a choice! I feel like I have to keep reapplying the new one and adding a TON of jojoba oil to it. My skin is flaking and looks irritated and I’m afraid it is going to start breaking out again. My vote is for the OLD!!!!

  • Christina

    I like the old moisturizer way better. The new one broke me out in just a few days and I was really surprised because I haven’t broke out in 5 years and it claims to be better than the old way. Very disappointed. Hope that they’ll bring the old version back!

  • Kapot

    So I see that you requested to review it a few months back. And people did. The old moisturizer was rated as high as 4 out 5 and the new one started at about a 3.5 mark and then sank all the way down to 2.9. Time to do something about it. Either improve it or discontinue it please! If you read the reviews, you know that we don’t like it.

  • starfishnet

    Trying it for the 2nd time. It doesn’t sting like it did the first time. Thanks for that. But I was really looking forward to the new label. How come it doesn’t come in a tube like the AHA+? It’s more hygenic and user and travel friendly.