It looks like if sales continue as usual, the new moisturizer should be ready to ship out on the 17th (Friday) or the 20th (Monday). To get on the mailing list so you know the minute it’s available, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of any page and type in your email down there where it says Mailing List.

Again, a few quick answers on this moisturizer:

1) It will completely replace the current moisturizer. The current moisturizer will no longer be available, even in limited amounts.

2) A few of you have asked about pre-orders. We are not accepting pre-orders at this time. We ordered plenty so it shouldn’t run out on the first few days of ordering.

3) We’ve yet to come up with an exact price. It will have to be more expensive than the current moisturizer because of the more expensive formula we’re using, but I will crunch it down to the penny and get it to you guys as inexpensively as I can.

4) The packaging will look the same, but with different ingredients on the back.

5) And to those of you who are wondering, yes, I really do think it is that great. I have never used a moisturizer that feels as good going on and keeps my skin looking as good as this one. I’m confident you guys will encounter a similar experience.


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  • S117

    I’m on my third week of school now and am absolutely suffering without this. I’ve been on the regimen non-stop since early 2004 and have never had a proper moisturizer with it (the current one makes me very shiny, but I wish I had some right now cause of all the flakes and crap) and have battled with acne back and forth quite badly at times partly due to that. I feel like things are going to get a lot better once I get this.

    I appreciate the date(s) being told, I just wish it was out already. 🙁 Just a couple more weeks of looking like garbage, I’ve done it for ten years, I can do it for two more weeks.

  • Will

    I have been waiting for this with eager anticipation for some time now. I can’t wait to get the new moisturizer. In the meantime I have been using the old moisturizer and have been experiencing the shininess and the slight rough stinging sensation that others have. I am excited about this new moisturizer. I am sure it is as good as Dan says it is.

  • Dave

    Can’t wait to get the new moisturizer! I’ve been holding off on ordering until it is here. I wish it was even sooner. I’ll keep an eye out for it…

  • Adam Stanley

    Hey S117, I feel like I probably have the same skin as you. Is your skin so flaky from using A Lot of BP that you have to use tweezers to get the flakes of skin off? That’s what I do….

  • Chikyuu

    I might just get a travel size of this stuff with my next shipment of supplies for testing purposes.

  • S117

    I just thought of the tweezers idea about a month ago and used it a few times before I lost it.

  • Sharpy

    I’m hoping this new moisturizer will be better under makeup. The current moisturizer balls up no matter what when I apply foundation. That’s why I had to switch to another moisturizer.

  • Pearls

    I can’t wait!!!!! I have been looking forward to this for soooo long it feels like! I really really hope my skin likes this moisturizer.

  • Mackin it

    Beyond excited. Let’s get this stuff out!

  • yoyo

    I dont care if the price is 3x as expensive as the current one as long as it works as well as you make it sound! I’m a guy and i never thought i’d crave a moisturizer so much as i do now!

  • erik

    woot! just another week to week and a half!

  • Kenny

    Dave am with u holding off on ordering until it is here

  • Emmaleigh

    Whatever happened to the new labels? Why not use that with the new moisturizer?

  • apple pie

    i just started on dan’s (old mosituriser) and actually i love it loads. it doesn’t sting my skin at all ( i think that my skin has been through a whole loads of worse products? hmm) and in fact it’s soothing, but yeah the shine is well, outstanding. am super looking forward to this new product, let’s hope my skin takes to this even better than the present one! : )

  • Melanie

    After you release the new moisturizer, will you please blog you’re recomendations for those of us that incorporate the AHA as an overall moisturizer? Will you still suggest we use it 2-3 nights a week? Every other night? Thanks!

  • bb

    I’m with Melanie. I use the AHA as an overall moisturizer every night, and I don’t know if i’m over using it or just wasting product. thanks 🙂

  • David

    I can’t wait for the new moisturizer. I love all of the products, but rarely use the current moisturizer due to the shine it leaves on my face. Can’t wait!

  • erik

    any chance of you doing a free shipping special if you buy the new moisturizer, like you did with jojoba before? i missed out on that one.

  • S117

    I really hope this isn’t delayed again past these dates. It was supposed to be early September, and now September is half-way over.