We’re hiring a full time Web Developer to keep Acne.org thriving and to implement lots of cutting edge stuff we have planned. It will be a challenging and fulfilling job. I’m posting the help wanted ad online in several places, but ideally I’d love someone right from the community here at Acne.org or at least someone who you guys refer to me. Here’s the ad:

Web Developer

This position directly assists in the implementation and maintenance of our web site and shopping cart. A successful candidate would be a task-oriented hard worker who gets things done and is comfortable in a fast paced atmosphere. Candidate must be fiercely and naturally detailed and take direction extraordinarily well.

Required skills and experience (5+ years):

– JavaScript
– Advanced Photoshop skills a plus
– Invision Board (IPB) experience a plus
– E-commerce experience highly preferred


– Professionally program and implement multiple concepts to an extremely high level.
– Perform regular web maintenance.
– Maintain server.
– Keep a can-do attitude at all times, concentrating on how to make a project work.
– Be open to anything. Everyone on our team pitches in when needed, no matter how big and no matter how small the task may seem.


– Our office is in San Francisco, but we are open to working remotely for the right candidate.

How to apply:

Please send a copy of your resume with cover letter (both as attachments) with “Web Generalist:0150-1” in the subject line to humanresources@acne.org

We can only offer $5 shipping for inside the U.S. Auto-Ship orders, but I’m looking to see if there’s anything we can do for International Auto-Ship orders as well. Just wanted to chime in and let you guys know I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll report back if and when we’ve figured something out. No promises, but we’ll try our best.

As far as distributing internationally, that is something that I sincerely would like to see happen at some point. It’s a big world after all. It’s on our roadmap, but we’re not quite there.

People have often asked me to offer a Auto-Ship program. I never have because auto-programs make me feel trapped. But you guys kept asking me to make one so you don’t have to re-order all the time. So I decided to go for it, but in a new way:

– cancel with one click
– no pressure to stay enrolled
– reminder emails right before each Auto-Ship kit is sent to make sure you want us to keep sending them
– $5 shipping on all Auto-Ship orders (inside the U.S.), even if you add other stuff to your cart

…and a bunch of other cool features. It’s up and running! Check it out. Let me know if there’s anything you would change or add to it.

Acne.org has a new logo. We paid a logo design company $90,000 to make it. Haha. Kidding. We designed it ourselves. What do you guys think?

Also, we redesigned the store. Kent’s friend Dominick let us use his professional photo studio in LA to shoot the products. I think they came out incredible. Also, the design of the new cart should make it friendlier to navigate. It might take a minute to get used to, but hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

I know you guys are going to love the new moisturizer, but I want to make sure I state very clearly to:

Use 2 full pumps of it

Our old moisturizer was made with glycerin, which is extremely moisturizing, but can cause redness and stinging and can leave the skin feeling tacky. In our new moisturizer we switched from glycerin to methyl gluceth-20. Methyl gluceth-20 is extraordinarily gentle. It won’t sting or cause redness and does not leave a tack on the skin. It is just as moisturizing as glycerin when used in larger amounts. I use 2 full pumps each day and I’m good to go.

The new formula also has licochalcone in it. Licochalcone is the most powerful natural calming agent found on land (there is a type of sea coral that is more calming but I think its wrong to harvest sea coral). With proper application you’ll notice your skin is calmer and less irritated, which is a huge benefit to acne-prone skin. But to get the full calming and moisturizing benefits of the moisturizer, 2 full pumps (4mL) must be applied daily in the AM and PM. (Note: You can substitute the moisturizer with AHA+ ever few nights if you wish)

Looking forward to your feedback!

We just launched the new Regimen pages. New treats await:

– Simplified into 2 pages now, not 3

– Drawings!

– More explanation including How and Why for each step

– More info on finding the right products

I hope you like them! Thanks to Kent and Joel for knocking it out of the park. You guys are incredible.

This is just a start. We’re going to redesign the rest of Acne.org too. It’s on its way…

It looks like if sales continue as usual, the new moisturizer should be ready to ship out on the 17th (Friday) or the 20th (Monday). To get on the mailing list so you know the minute it’s available, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of any acne.org page and type in your email down there where it says Mailing List.

Again, a few quick answers on this moisturizer:

1) It will completely replace the current moisturizer. The current moisturizer will no longer be available, even in limited amounts.

2) A few of you have asked about pre-orders. We are not accepting pre-orders at this time. We ordered plenty so it shouldn’t run out on the first few days of ordering.

3) We’ve yet to come up with an exact price. It will have to be more expensive than the current moisturizer because of the more expensive formula we’re using, but I will crunch it down to the penny and get it to you guys as inexpensively as I can.

4) The packaging will look the same, but with different ingredients on the back.

5) And to those of you who are wondering, yes, I really do think it is that great. I have never used a moisturizer that feels as good going on and keeps my skin looking as good as this one. I’m confident you guys will encounter a similar experience.

Sometimes we tend to think of acne as a modern phenomenon. But quite the contrary, ancient people wrote of acne as soon as they could write at all. Ancient Egyptian writings mention how Pharoahs struggled with the disease. Traces of an essential oil used in the treatment of acne scars were found in King Tut’s tomb.

Fast forward to Ancient Greece, and we find that people were affected at this time as well. In fact, we get the word “acne” from the ancient Greeks.

Ancient scholars have uncovered evidence of sulfur and mineral water treatments in ancient Rome as well. As far as historians can tell, sulfur, despite its questionable efficacy, was the most popular acne treatment used in antiquity, all the way up until the 20th century when a bevy of other treatments started to hit the scene.

Luckily, today we have more options than our ancients friends did. Since the 1930s, we’ve seen the introduction of two incredibly effective treatments–benzoyl peroxide in the early part of the century, and Accutane in the latter part of the century.

This all begs two questions: (1) Was acne around before civilization? We know that as soon as civilization developed and people began writing, there was acne, but what about before civilization, when people were still hunting and gathering? (2) What is it about the human body and/or the effects of human civilization that causes acne? I hope to help figure it out. I think 5,000 years of acne (or more) is quite enough! With modern technology and scientific research methods, perhaps we can end this affliction.

Question to you guys: If you didn’t think about it and just asked your gut…”What causes acne?” what is the answer? Don’t edit yourselves. I want to hear even the craziest of responses 🙂