Miscellaneous Questions and Answers:

So, are we saying that the baby wash is also equal to the purpose cleaner? And if so, is the baby wash also a replacement or a substitute for the face wash in the first step for the regimen?

I’d actually like to hear from more of you on this. I don’t personally like baby wash, Purpose, or Clean & Clear because they are heavily scented. But if it’s working for people, it might be a low cost option.

I been on the regimen for 4 months and am almost completely clear all I have is scars and a few whiteheads. I have a question for Dan what can I do to help with my scars every time a pimple goes away I get a scar I get all frustrated. Please tell me what to use or do. I tried ur aha and it helped little bit. Thanks

You’re doing the best possible thing you can do, which is to clear up your skin and thus prevent future scarring. In order to prevent scarring more completely, be vigilant in your adherence to the Regimen. And whatever you do, do not pick! If you must pop, that can sometimes be done without scarring, but avoid picking at all costs.

For more on scarring, check out the brand new scars pages.

What about the new labels (that you mentioned in a recent blog post)?

These are probably a while away still. We’re planning an entire site redesign which will incorporate the new labels and a whole bunch of new stuff.

Moisturizer Questions and Answers:

Can’t wait to try (the new non-SPF moisturizer). How about shine? The old moisturizer made my skin shine and appear oily. I’m hoping that this one won’t as much. I like the matte look. 🙂

The new moisturizer should be much less shiny than the old one. It has a nice matte finish.

Will the new moisturizer…be available in a tube, instead of a pump bottle?

We are putting it in a bottle to start. In the future, we may switch to a tube.

Will (the new non-SPF moisturizer) be more moisturizing as well?

It should be equally moisturizing. The old moisturizer was extremely moisturizing already. If you are having problems with any moisturizer not providing enough hydration, consider adding 5-6 drops of jojoba oil into each application.

Dan, could you tell us something about the developmental phase of this new moisturizer particularly how the ingredients were chosen and the mixture defined? I have understood that the company behind the Acne.org doesn’t have as great resources to put into the development of new products as some others so how is it possible that this moisturizer is “the best moisturizer they’ve ever tried”?

I wonder where you got the idea that we don’t have great resources!? Quite the contrary, we have some of the greatest minds in the U.S. and in the world working with us closely on each formula. Our BP, for instance, is made by a company which is owned by a cosmetic chemist who is renown in the skin care world as the leading BP manufacturer bar none. When it comes to our moisturizer, I researched ingredients at length myself, and then worked very closely with a team of top tier cosmetic chemists from around the world, all of us laboring on over 100 samples until we have arrived at our latest one. Acne.org has access to the best people in the world. I would have it no other way. We carefully work as a team to choose each ingredient. I am also personally involved in each phase, sometimes to an excruciating degree, if you were to ask the chemists 🙂

As always, I will let the products speak for themselves. I aim to produce literally the world’s best product in each category for all of us to use. If I can’t achieve that for us, I see no reason to produce it.

Will we still have an option to buy the old (non-SPF mositurizer) formulation once the new one comes in? Will the old one be for sale?

No. The new moisturizer is improved. I think you’ll be very happy with it. I went with my gut on this one. I quite simply don’t want anything but the best out there, and we have a “new best” now.

Makeup Questions and Answers:

Does it help if the make-up says non-comedogenic? …and hypoallergenic and fragrance free?

Seeing “non-comedogenic” on a product doesn’t mean much. There is no regulating organization when it comes to claiming the term “non-comedogenic”. Anyone can print this phrase on any product, no matter the ingredients. When it comes to “hypoallergenic”, products do have to undergo testing to put this claim on the product. However, many products which do not claim “hypoallergenic” are also extremely gentle. “Fragrance free” formulas are devoid of added fragrances but are not necessarily completely scent free due to natural ingredients in the product which may have a slight scent. I always look for fragrance free products because (1) I just happen to hate fragrance, and (2) the less unnecessary ingredients the less chance of any reactions or problems.

Could you expound on what your research has revealed about isopropyl?

Isopropyl Isostearate and Isopropyl Myristate are two highly offending ingredients from rabbit studies. When scientists rubbed various compounds on albino rabbit ears, these two ingredients tended to clog pores to a very high extent. Myristal Myristate and Laureth-4 presented as the two other most offending ingredients. Another “Iso”, Isopropyl Palmitate, was also comedogenic, albeit to a slightly lesser degree. Keep in mind, however, that the scientists applied all of these ingredients at a very high percentage. Cosmetic manufacturers usually use them in small amounts in cosmetic formulas. I personally choose to avoid these heavy offenders just to stay on the safe side.

How long would you have to stop using makeup to have these (Acne Cosmetica) bumps clear up? And what if you use mineral foundation?

This is a good question. Since Acne Cosmetica appears more non-inflamed, I would surmise that it would take a bit longer than inflamed acne to clear it up. But I do not have close personal experience in this area. Would anyone like to comment on how long it took them to clear up their cosmetic induced acne?

Dan, oh Dan. When will you start recommending mineral makeup for acne prone skin?

I don’t foresee it. In the name of science and in the name of Acne.org I went to the mall and full-on applied mineral makeup one day and wore it around for the rest of the day. I detested the heavy, ongoing feel of it, and it was everything I could do to not wash it off. Particularly, it was incredibly itchy. This tendency to induce itchiness causes scratching, which in turn produces irritation. In speaking with some women who have tried lots of different types of makeup, they seem to have experienced the same itchiness and cakey feel when it comes to mineral makeup.  What about the rest of you?  What do you think?

Sunscreen questions and answers:

When should we expect to see your suncreen product available to purchase?

I’m hoping to get a sample into FDA required testing within a month or so. This testing takes a minimum of 3 months, after which point we need to produce labels, bottles/tubes, etc. New product introductions are a lengthy process. I’m hoping for next year when the sun again climbs high in the sky.

Dan, I’ve followed your website for years and to my knowledge, you’ve always said that avobenzone is a breakout trigger and that zinc oxide was the best option for acne-prone people. Since when did your philosophy on this change? And what is the reason behind the change? You always seemed vehemently anti-avobenzone before, and the sudden change of heart is confusing.

I can see why you are confused. I was vocally anti-Avobenzone before, and I stand by that decision because all of the Avobenzone-based sunscreens on the market broke me out. However, I always made to sure to include the caveat that it may be the Avobenzone that was breaking me out and it may be something else. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it is that life presents us with a multitude of variables, and it’s almost never a good idea to jump on one variable as the cause of something.

But after literally years of testing zinc and titanium dioxide based over-the-counter sunscreens, and after an equal amount of time formulating zinc and titanium dioxide sunscreens myself, I realized these ingredients are not an option. They are simply too flake-promoting, no matter the percentage of emollients I put into the formulas. At the end of my rope, I decided to formulate with Avobenzone myself, thus ensuring that all other variables were safe. It turns out that Avobenzone must not have been the culprit of my previous breakouts because after about 6 months of daily use of the Avobenzone formula I produced, my skin looks and feels great and is consistently and predictably almost perfect. I have received an overwhelmingly positive response from all of those who I asked to sample it as well.

So what was caused my breakouts then? It’s hard to say. I’ll keep looking into other variables and see if I can pinpoint something.


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  • Voce

    Dan, you crack me up! I understand your wearing mineral makeup for a day “in the name of science” but really, unless you normally wear makeup, of course it would feel icky & uncomfortable to you! Pretty sure all men would agree with you! I only wear a little of the loose powder mineral makeup on cheeks & chin, & it’s far lighter than any liquid foundation I’ve ever tried. That’s just my personal experience (as a female who wishes she didn’t have to wear any makeup at all.)

  • Chikyuu

    Well that’s a bit disheartening (about zinc oxide.) I just got done tracking down the classic olay complete formula. I thought I was in the clear but now I’m all confused. Mainly because there are NO recommendations from Dan on SPF moisturizers, and I have to ride with other people’s suggestions on the site. Gahhh.

    • admin

      Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin classic version is fine to use. Out of all the spf lotions we’ve tried, I think it works the best with the Regimen. If it isn’t quite hydrating enough for you, add a few drops of jojoba oil to it. There are others on our list of recommended products list as well. http://www.acne.org/findingsupplies.php Be sure to click page two to see them all.

  • Lucko

    I have been using Purpose for a few months now with excellent results and I must say that I don’t notice any type of scent whatsoever with it.

  • Jon

    I found that Purpose does have a pretty strong fragrance, but it did work well as a cleanser. I am currently using Johnson and Johnson Head-to-Toe baby cleanser, since it’s practically the same as Purpose, and it has been working well. The fragrance on the baby cleanser is not as strong as Purpose which I prefer, and I would recommend it since it’s cheaper and you get a lot more.

  • Carmen

    Dan,have you ever consider to create your own makeup brand? As you know, girls like to wear makeup. However, it’s hard to find some makeup which is especially designed for those people who has acne problems. Since you have done so many research on it, do you have any intention to make some cosmetics which are especially for acne skin?

  • S117

    I am SO excited for the new moisturizer! Any for sure date yet?

  • Skybluesky

    Second that, S117. I want to know the exact day it’ll come out…I need to order some more cleanser and the new lotion! I love using the acne.org cleanser with my clarisonic brush.

  • Kelsey

    I have to agree with Voco about the mineral makeup. Most guys just aren’t used to having any makeup on their face, so it makes sense that even mineral makeup would feel uncomfortable. In my experience mineral makeup feels much lighter and more comfortable than any liquid makeup that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried many over the years).

    As for the itching, you just have to find a powder that does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride, which is in a lot of mineral foundations because it gives a silky feel, good slip and good adhesion, however it is known to cause skin irritation in many people. Talc is another ingredient commonly found in many mineral makeups on the market, and it is known to cause that tight, dry feeling on the skin (think about it: it’s used in baby powder specifically for its absorption properties!).

    In short, when it comes to mineral makeup you simply have to do your homework and research the ingredients, since many mineral foundations on the market that claim to be “100% pure” minerals also contain other filler ingredients that could cause irritation or discomfort.

  • Chikyuu

    I had a sudden idea about why Dan’s first moisturizer formula didn’t work with so many people even though it worked well for him.

    Because the first formula is specifically taylored to fit well with his specific skin type, which has gone through accutane before, hence his skin is thinner and his oil glands are shrunk, so maybe his skin is a lot different than ours? Esp. Post accutane?

  • Melanie

    From a fellow Post acctan”er”:
    Smart oberservation. Accutane definitly decreased my oil production permanently, BUT I can tolerate Dan’s regimin really well using his current moisturizer or many OTC moisturizers.
    I think lots of variables (including age/genetics/gender/prior prescription use/medical history) can affect whether any pariticular product willl work with your specific skin type. That’s why I really appreciate Dan testing new products for so long and performing so many case studies before releasing to the general public. Be encouraged. I bet there were even more variables than we could imagine in his trial run of the new moisturizer, and STILL, he said everyboyd loved it!! So hopefully it will work well forall acne prone skin types- including your non-accutane skin and my post-accutane skin 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I also find that I don’t need to use as much moisturizer as Dan recommends on the bottle

  • Daniel A

    Thanks Dan for everything and for answering my question on your blog

  • thp1017

    i would have to also agree on the mineral makeup front – the comfort level will depend a lot on coverage and ingredients, much like any other product you put on your face.

    Personally, I find that my makeup might leave my face a bit stiff in the morning because I include ingredients that are great for absorbing oil (silica!), but within an hour or two I can’t tell at all. In comparison, most moisturizers feel okay right away, but within a few hours, my face feels icky, stiff, and I feel like I need to wash my face 😉

    Two online companies that I know of that receive great reviews are meow cosmetics and everyday minerals – both offer inexpensive samples (or free at times!), which are great to try, and really do contain just a few key ingredients, which work great for *most* people.

  • Sharpy

    Dan, trying one mineral makeup brand (and for that matter, only applying once with one method), and saying you don’t like it is like a person saying she doesn’t like BP because she tried Oxy max strength.

    I wouldn’t discount mmu just based on your one (few?) experiences. That is for others…not saying you need it at all! There are so many different kinds out there and there are many ways to apply it.

  • Salome

    I have to agree with the majority of the posts on mineral makeup. Not only have I for the most part found it to be lighter than most foundations, but my skin cleared up noticeably once I started using it. Not totally clear, mind you. But then, that’s why I’m on the regimen. 🙂

    Anyway, you really have to try it for more than a day and then of course have other experiences to compare it to. You have to know how make-up feels when it’s hot and humid, arid or cold, etc. My mother, for example, who never wears make-up finds ALL make-up heavy whenever she puts it on for a special occasion. It’s just because she’s not used to it and that may or may not be what happened to you. Not to mention an ingredient that you may have had a reaction to, like corn. It also be the particular brand that didn’t agree with you. Or maybe mineral make-up just doesn’t do it for some people’s skin. I’m sure that happens. For me, I don’t notice any itchiness or irritation.

    I am taking your advice, though, and laying off make-up for the most part until my skin completely clears. I’ve just started using AHA+ and I’m hoping that will get rid of those tiny annoying bumps that seem to pop up no matter what I do.

  • MH

    I find that using anything either than mineral makeup doesn’t work well with the bp with the regimen, it either pills, doesn’t provide coverage I like, or wears off immediately. Mineral makeup feels light and doesn’t feel heavy, at least in my opinion.

  • applepie

    my biggest problem with make up is the fact that my skin is super oily. Dan’s regime has done a smashing job of clearing my acne, but my skin remains oily as ever ( and mind you I’ve been on accutane too!). Im using clinique’s 2 way cover, and for some strange reason when i put it on, it makes my skin oilier. But ive read reviews that it helps control oil for some ppl. I’ve stopped using make up and instead i apply a thin layer of milk of magnesia on my face for oil control, and it keeps me pretty matte. Would love to have a make up that address the oil issue! : (

  • Chikyuu

    Hey Dan, I’ve had this question unanswered for me for a while. When you say smear on the BP until “more or less” absorbed, how do you mean? Do you mean until it’s sticky and tacky? Or even? Because even after smearing for about 10 minutes my face is still wet with BP, but it starts to get irritated after that point so I stop and let it dry anyway. Tips?

  • Ivy

    I think you need to do more testing on a variety of brands of mineral makeup, Dan. Putting on a mall brand (I’m going to guess Bare Minerals?) and wearing it for a day is hardly a complete test. As someone else pointed out, it’s like using OXY’s BP for a day, not liking it and swearing off BP all together.

    I started wearing Jane Iredale Mineral makeup about 3 years ago, and it pretty much zapped my acne in half. It is super light, feels like I’m not wearing anything, covers well, and doesn’t break me out. I’ve tried the recommended Almay, pretty much every type they have on the market now, and mineral makeup (GOOD mineral makeup) is head and shoulders above that in terms of, well, everything.

    Mineral makeup needs to be reconsidered.

  • Katie

    I agree with the mineral makeup comments. I’ve used liquids, creams and mousse foundations. Since most of these are just pigments suspended in a lot of other junk I prefer applying an organic mineral makeup. This means I don’t get any itchiness or flakiness. I put a little powder into a lid and add a few drops of water with a straw then I swirl onto my skin with a brush. This provides a high coverage look and when fully breaking out you can apply another layer without any problems. I think Dan used a bad drugstore brand of mineral makeup which has lots of fillers to make it cheap to manufacture. Can’t wait for the moisturiser!
    Also for anyone wondering which brand of makeup I use. It’s *link edited out*

  • Mackin it

    Can’t wait for the new moisturizer! Dan, please let us know when it is live on the web site. I want to order soon but I’m going to wait until you’re stocked with the new stuff!

  • Katrina

    I agree with the mineral makeup comments as well. I do wear a lot of makeup – but if i do – I will wear just a light translucent powder – and I’ve found that I have to use Physican’s Formula brand Mineral Wear – and I’ve used it for a few years and haven’t had a problem. I am also on Dan’s regimen – and found that mineral powder (pressed) works well with the BP. I, however, do NOT wear foundation or any liquid/tinted moisturizer – that junk just covers your face. I am a 100% believer in using makeup AFTER you get clear skin. I’ve gotten pimples – but I never EVER put makeup on/over a pimple. No way. It’s like putting something over an open sore/wound – and why would you do that? I always let things heal completely – before putting something not natural on the spot!

  • Katrina

    Sorry – and I meant in my first line that I do *not* wear a lot of makeup….. I always seem to forget my apostrophe!

  • Rose

    Hi Dan! I love how everything you put out is thoroughly researched and your tips on how to use the products are amazing! Just an interesting comment I’ve heard from different sources recently regarding sunscreen formulations: I don’t know how believable this is but there are some papers (?) published on how oxybenzone and that family of ingredients which is widely used in sunscreen actually CAUSES increased sensitivity to the sun, and thus does not act as a barrier but worse. Just thought I’d share this to see if you can confirm or debunk this information.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  • Valerie

    I’ve been using mineral makeup for about 4 months now and didn’t look back! It really depends on the brand I suppose, I use bareMinerals and found it to be very light on the skin without that heavy, mask-like feeling like you get with more traditional chemical foundations. Plus it doesn’t irritate my skin. I also feel like my skin is breathing now even when I wear foundation all day long. not to mention that it looks more natural and creates an effect of a more healthy, glowy skin (not the orange mask effect you get with regular,thick foundations).
    Oh yeah and my mineral foundation is loose, not liquid! That also makes a huge difference!

  • ptorres

    I’ve been using the regimen for about 3 months now. Prior to beginning the regimen I was very oily & needed to use 3 oil blotting sheets to get rid of the excess, 5-6 times a day. After starting the regimen my oiliness went away. Now it’s back full force. Has my face accustomed to the regimen? I’ve tried not using as much moisturizer & have also used more. Nothing has worked.

  • Carmen

    I’ve been using the regiment for 2 weeks now. I noticed my face got better, is not as oily as it used to be and also I have less pimples. But I also noticed that my sking, my face is getting darker way darker and I don’t know if this normal. Help me out cause I don’t see anyone talking about this.

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    HI Dan!!!
    I leave in INDIA and it’s difficult and costly to get Beauty products.
    I have just ordered my org Kit and it yet to come. My question is Can i use daily nourishing Lotion (INDIAN BRND) and Powder while using Acne.org kit? Also if i am thinking to use ORG products for long time..by when i can start using Cosmetics like foundation/Creams?

    During Treatment if I have to attend any wedding where I have to do make up, do I need to skip BP on that day? PLz suggest?

  • Anonymous

    can i use any other moisturizer of different product after using this regimen 2nd treatment cz it’s making my skin really dry?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dan! I’ve been using your regiment kit for 4 days but my start having a lot of small acnes. I don’t know if I’m allergic or not. I’m so confused