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  • som

    hi..i hav a serious question regarding make-up..? i used to only wear foundation on my skin and nothing else cuz i have acne and i wanted to avoid more at all costs! but i figured that my acne wasn’t clearing up and was getting i decided to avoid wearing the foundation and as a substitute, i started applying moisturizer (spf 15) on my skin and on top of it, applied a layer of johnson’s baby powder, just a layer. Is it more safe on my skin than a foundation that has chemicals and synthetic stuffs in it..?

  • Annonoumous

    Okay so Ive had acne since 4th grade and now im a sophomore in high school . I have been experimenting with tons and tons of coverups/ makeups etc throughout the years. Some coverups tend to peel when i use topical acne products under it , & some just look fancy and make you breakout horribly. Anything ANTI AGING will most likely make you breakout terribly becuz its meant for people with wrikles & older skin so they put lots of oils and moisturizers in it, that will NOt help with acne. Use coverups that say Noncomedogenic, that proves its acne safe and will not block pores. I found what covers the best & what helps my acne the best . Well when i need maximum coverage without looking all ” Cakey “.. I use Cover Girl ” Advanced Radiance ” foundation*( THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU BREAKOUT) ,.. Im telling you .. This stuff is my savior . I actually have been using this since i even starting getting acne and its the only thing that reslly covers well.. I have fair skin so I use number “105” .. It smooths on your skin so nicly and blends right in w/ your face . & then … If im breaking out horribly then ill put some MAC studio fix powder over the foundation… I look so airbrushed & perfect . Trust me it works !! … & I have clinique “acne solutions ” foundation.. That clears my blemishes up really quickly . Well I hope this helped … Goodluck ! .. ( Mineral Powder make me look cakey so i dont use them … ( mac works ) … (: