For years, one of the drugstore cleansers I recommended was Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. It has a strong scent, but it does the trick. Then, a member emailed me and let me know that it is the same exact product as Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin. Both are by Johnson & Johnson. Well, lo and behold, it is.

Companies sometimes package the exact same product under different brands. In some cases, like in this case, they charge significantly different amounts. In this case $.30-$.40 per ounce difference.

Since I understand that perception is everything, I can’t come down on these companies for giving consumers what they want, but I can point it out, just so we know never to pay more for the same product! If you are currently using Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, you may as well switch over.


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  • Kelsey

    Yeah, I figured that out a while ago! It makes me laugh. I still use your cleanser, though, because I don’t like fragrance in my face wash, otherwise I’d switch over to one of these.

  • Jon

    I wonder if the C&C bottle has the water leaking in issue as the Purpose cleanser does?

  • Anonymous

    Johnston’s Original Baby Wash has the same ingredients as Purpose, as well. I emailed the company. It’s oil-free, soap free… all that stuff. My dermatologist recommended using it as an eyemakeup remover/face wash. You can get a BIG bottle for about half the cost of the 4 oz. Purpose Face wash.

  • Anonymous

    anonymous is right… you might as well use the baby wash. it’s so much cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    So, are we saying that the baby wash is also equal to the purpose cleaner? And if so, is the baby wash also a replacement or a substitute for the face wash in the first step for the regimen?

  • D

    That’s what corporate controlled marketing means these days–a lot of deceptions. I’m amused when people waste $400 on brand named sun glasses when I know people working at Luxotica (which controls 70% of global top brand names shades) tell me how the same frames and lenses can be found under dramatically cheaper name branding while production cost and lens material is the same. LOL

  • Alice

    Mike well you got the link for the medicated Clean & Clear but the other one “sensitive skin” is still different on the reviews….i think the companies trick us because of the fragrance–I personally prefer the Purpose fragrance but use the Clean & Clear because its cheaper for 2 more ounces. I still like Dan’s cleanser because it is fragrance free!

  • Amanda

    Stick with Dan’s cleanser. It’s gentle, fragrance-free, and he doesn’t test on animals, unlike Johnson & Johnson.

  • John

    *edited by mod: don’t be mean* Johnson Baby Wash is a really good face wash

  • Katrina

    I agree – I would still use Dan’s DKR’s face wash over any of these – I had scented stuff on my face – and I have actually used Purpose – and had an allergic reaction to it immediately after washing with it – I broke out in hives! I think it was the fragrance.

    But I love Dan’s face wash and have been using it for 2 years now 🙂 His stuff got me 100% clear – really!

    Take care!

  • Josh

    Almost every product out there has the same ingredients, people are only paying for a name, not effectiveness.

  • Lelia

    My main reason for using Purpose was that I CAN NOT use something with a fragrance! The new bottle I just bought has a weird/nasty smell and my skin is drier. Time for a change.