We’re getting ready to fill the new, improved moisturizer. It should be for sale sometime in mid September if all goes well.

Overview: I tell people if it’s not the best moisturizer they’ve ever tried, I’m not happy. Usually it does end up being the best they’ve tried. I have seldom felt so confident about any product release. I have been using it for about six months very diligently every evening and have not found any issues in the short term or long term. I have also sent out about 100 samples and received lots of responses. Feedback is almost entirely positive, with some people begging me for more. I think you guys are going to be completely in love. I’m bursting at the seams waiting to get it out to you guys.

What’s different about it: It has a completely new ingredient list, carefully chosen for non-comedogenicity as well as effectiveness and gentleness. I chose to rebuild it from the ground up in order to completely resolve the old issue of stinging that some people experienced. This issue should be completely resolved with this new formula. It also has none of the “tack” that people sometimes experienced with the old moisturizer. In other words, it will not leave an afterfeel. Your skin should just feel great.

It just goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. The new formula is slightly thicker than the old formula due to the new ingredients. This thicker feel takes a little getting used to and requires a bit of extra care during application to avoid irritation.

It contains licochalcone, the licorice root extract we use in the AHA+, and is thus has a yellow color. This yellow color does not show on the skin. As many of you know, I love licochalcone for how it soothes and calms acne-prone skin.

Lastly, the new moisturizer is best when used generously. I recommend two full pumps. It is so good that in my experience it actually improves my skin, both my skin’s ability to stay perfectly clear as well as my skin’s overall feel and tone. I’m going to want everyone to be generous with it and receive all its benefits.

Price: I’m pricing out each ingredient now, and as always I’ll charge as little as I can. Some of the new ingredients are expensive–licochalcone in particular–but you guys have been asking for me to put it into the moisturizer for years now, and I agree that it’s worth it. The price will almost certainly need to go up from the previous formula, but I will do everything I can to price it affordably.


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  • Voce

    This is exciting news! I am one of those who couldn’t use the previous moisturizer due to stinging. Will look forward to trying the new one. Maybe it will replace the Complex 15 Face Cream I use today.

  • Jack

    Very exciting. I can’t wait to try it.

    Hopefully this doesn’t become like an old Coke/ new Coke debate with some of your customers wanting the old formula back. Haha!

    • Cathy

      Oh, the irony of this comment…

  • Brandy

    I agree with everything Dan has said. I absolutely love this moisturizer. It has actually improved the appearance of my skin unlike any other moisturizer.

  • Dave

    Dan can you give a heads up when it is in your store so we know that when we order a moisturizer, it will be the new one? I’ll probably be ordering new supplies around that period, and want to get the new moisturizer. 🙂

  • Jordy

    Sounds good. Can’t wait to try it. How about shine? The old moisturizer made my skin shine and appear oily. I’m hoping that this one won’t as much. I like the matte look. 🙂

  • Sharpy

    Can’t wait to try it! I think the tackiness is what made makeup not work well on top of it so hopefully that won’t be the case for this one!

  • Edward

    Will the new moisturizer and current cleanser be available in a tube, instead of a pump bottle? I find that tubes are easier to travel with and use. Especially if I want to cut it in half to get the last bit out.

  • S117

    “The old moisturizer made my skin shine and appear oily. I’m hoping that this one won’t as much.”

    Same here, but I have always had faith that this new moisturizer would be amazing, and it looks like it’s going to be. I kinda started to get tears in my eyes as I read this blog post, this is EPIC. I’ll be buying it the day it’s released.

  • Daniel A

    Can’t wait til this new moisturizer comes out I been waiting for a while. I just recently ordered the old moisturizer and dans bp. I been on the regimen for 4 months and am almost completely clear all I have is scars and a few whiteheads. I have a question for dan what can I do to help with my scars everytime a pimple goes away I get a scar I get all fustrated. Please tell me what to use or do. I tried ur aha and it helped little bit. Thanks

  • Chris

    Sounds interesting. I am not looking forward to the increased “tackiness,” however. I prefer my products to go on smoothly. I hope that you are able to increase the smoothness before the final product ships. Also, I like a matte finish, too. Finally, don’t forgot the travel-size! Thanks.

  • Dave

    Chris. There will NOT be tackiness.

  • admin

    I’ll be sure to let you guys know right when it switches over.

    It should be more matte, and less oily for sure.

    It will still be in a bottle for now, but I want to hear from you guys about whether you want it to stay that way or move to a tube.

    Travel size will be produced as well.

    • admin

      I vote for tube….definitely….at least for the smaller size.
      16 oz should probably stay in a bottle. -Brandy

  • Dave

    Hmmm. I still like 16 oz in a bottle, I think. I know that’s how I like the BP.

  • hello

    i really like the ingredients in aveeno ultra calming and the way it makes your face tones and even colored after and all the redness goes away
    however it’s not moisturizing enough
    if dan could make a moisturizer that includes the same calming ingredients and spf and moisturizes well it would be perfect

  • Jason

    Has anyone tried CeraVe? I started using this moisturizer (and cleanser) recently, and it has completely blown me away with how well it works for me. It’s made a dramatic difference for my skin. But I am also excited to try Dan’s new moisturizer and see how it compares. Maybe it will be even better.

  • Megan

    ooh this is awesome!! i just ordered the regimen so i’ll probably just order it when i run out of the old moisturizer. when i saw the title i thought it said “new spf moisturizer” 🙂 by the way, are you going to come out with a sunscreen? that would be awesome!

  • Jordy

    Bottles all the way. So much easier to measure. Plus you already have the travel sizes for travelers so I don’t get that argument.

  • Scott

    Will it be more moisturizing as well? I believe it was mentioned earlier that it would be, but that’s basically my top concern.

  • Kayleigh

    Oh, I cannot wait! I really don’t get on with the current moisturiser, it makes my skin really shiny. I literally had to dab the oil off with loo roll before I go out anywhere. I’m sticking with it for the moment though because I’ve got tons of the stuff and at the price it was (after shipping to the UK), I’m certainly not throwing it out! Let’s hope the new formula isn’t as greasy and then you can get to work on the SPF version as well.

  • Chikyuu

    A new moisturizer with no tack and no sting? I AM. SO. EXCITED. I can’t contain myself. You’re so awesome and considerate with what you do Dan. Hugs for you.

  • Richard C.

    Dan, could you tell us something about the developmental phase of this new moisturizer particularly how the incredients were chosen and the mixture defined? I have understood that the company behind the Acne.org doesn’t have as great resources to put into the development of new products as some others so how is it possible that this moisturizer is “the best moisturizer they’ve ever tried”?

  • Joy

    I love your products. Can’t wait for the new moisturizer! I will order another full set (with the new moisturizer) in September!

  • Joy

    Richard, I just read your comment. Your post does not make sense. I hope Dan doesn’t answer it.

    In closing, Dan apparently sent out samples to folks who loved it. That’s not rocket science.

  • Laura

    I’m excited about this! I vote for bottles, too. Thanks for continuing to improve your offerings!

  • Richard C.

    Joy, are you able to tell me why doesn’t my post make sense to you? The fact that Dan sent out samples doesn’t tell much about the developmental phase and whether it’s rocket science or not.

    I cannot understand your reaction since I didn’t even criticized Acne.org products (which are, as a matter of fact, mainly very high-quality) but expressed suitable questions. Joy, your post does not make sense.

  • George

    richard’s question is valid, joy.

  • S117

    It’s probably the best because Dan knows more and cares more than some corporation out to make a profit. If those companies were actually doing a good job, so many people wouldn’t still have acne all over while they make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit off it.

  • Kelsey

    If this moisturizer really does eliminate the “stinging” problems of the old moisturizer, then I am going to shout HALLELUJAH! from the rooftops! I have been unable to use your regimen in full because of this exact problem, although for me it was less of a “stinging” and more of a “bright red feeling like my face was on fire and literally crying from the pain” kind of a problem. I’ve tried unsuccessfully several times over the past few years to do the full regimen, and each time I had to give up because I just couldn’t take the pain I and redness caused by the moisturizer (which did not go away, either, even if I tried to suffer through it for weeks at a time) and of course using the BP by itself is far too drying. So all of this time I’ve been using just the cleanser, and BP as a spot treatment, which really hasn’t eliminated my acne problem as I’d like to.

  • Mike

    Kelsey, why you haven’t used any other moisturizer? 😮

  • Adam Stanley


    I have 7 years of experience in handling acne and I have a couple ideas for you. One – have you started off slowly each time you tried the regimen? You need to begin at half a pump of BP for the first week and gradually work up to 2 full pumps. Just monitor your skin and reduce the amount of treatment if your face gets too red. Your skin should slowly go through a “hardening period” where it can handle more and more BP.

    Try this first. If your face still gets reds you may be allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, which is very rare but possible.

    Two – Stay out of the sun as much as possible. Start taking supplements to reduce inflammation and improve your skin: Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

    My Point: I don’t think the moisturizer is the underlying reason for your redness. It does cause stinging for me but shouldn’t make your face painful and red. Try my advice and you should figure it out.

  • Silvia


    I know what you mean because i had the exact same problem. After i applied the moisturizer my face would look red as if i had a sunburnt and everybody would notice it and tell me if i had been to the beach. My skin is very sensitive and redness prone, but the BP was doing miracles with my hormonal acne, my spots were fading, it evened my skintone and my pores were less visible so there was no way i was giving BP up. What I did is to use Olay Complete lotion intead and use the BP just at night. For example, in the morning i apply the acne.org cleanser and then Olay moisturizer and then i apply make up if i want. At night i apply the cleanser, the BP in generous amount and then AHA+ (i apply AHA because i’ve been doing the regimen for over 3 months, before i would use Olay moisturizer instead). This way my skin is clear and smooth and i don’t look red like a shrimp. Of course I am dying to try Dan’s new moisturizer. I love their products, their website and i highly recommend it to anyone i meet and tell me how great my skin looks and i have to mention i returned the moisturizer i had purchased from them when i found out it was a problem for my skin and they refunded me asap. Chanel, Estee Lauder and company should learn from you guys! <3

  • Kelsey

    Mike: I did try other moisturizers, almost all of the ones recommended on this site. They all had the same affect on my skin when used with the BP (redness and burning). When using moisturizer alone, my face would be pink, sort of sensitive feeling, and shiny all day/night. Even the jojoba oil alone had this affect. I just sort of gave up in frustration.

    Adam: I actually tried using just the BP alone for a few weeks and I had no redness or pain, just dryness. I don’t think that the BP is the problem (or at least not by itself). It’s when I apply the moisturizer with the BP that my skin turns red and burns.
    I almost never go out in the sun (I’m very pale, burn easily and there is a history of skin cancer in my family, so I just avoid the sun altogether). I’ve been taking all of the supplements that you listed for years.

    Silvia: Thanks for your advice! I might try just the BP at night and moisturizer in the morning… if I can find one that my skin likes!

  • S117

    I think about this moisturizer all day, every day. I feel like it’ll be the last thing I need to finally get a regular routine going and not have a constant back and forth battle like I have since 1999 (started the regime in 2004 but have never moisturized like I should).

  • Adam Stanley

    You should just listen to Silvia because you guys have more in common with each other. Women tend to have those hormonal breakouts once a month. And both of you probs use makeup and (hopefully) don’t shave your faces, which means your skin is reacting to whole different set of things. How old are you guys btw? This is me *mod edit, link removed* I’m curious who I’m dealing with here.

  • ju

    i am excited

  • Kelsey

    Adam: I’m 28 years old, and actually I never wear any makeup (I can’t stand it and luckily my job does not require it).

  • S117

    I want this so bad. You should make a video about it to pass the time.

  • skyblue

    I didn’t mind the old moisturizer; it was my moisturizer at night along with Olay sensitive lotion (without spf) and I alternated them depending on how my skin was feeling. The old formulation tended to be a bit too watery for my taste.

    Looking forward to the new lotion!

    Will we still have an option to buy the old formulation once the new one comes in? Will the old one be for sale?

  • Eve

    Im excited for this new development!! I have sensitive skin that is very easily prone to being oily and I’ve been on the search for a new moisturizer. I like the Acne.org moisturizer because it works well with the regimen but it leaves my face very oily to where I have to blot my skin several times a day. I have tried experimenting with different sized amounts and still experience shine. I have begun to try some of your other recommended products and so far no luck. I purchased the Olay active hydrating fluid and the Olay complete gentle formula with spf without the avobenzone and the active hydrating while not leaving me oily, makes the BP clump which I dont get with the Acne.org moisturizer so until then if I try cetephil and it doesnt leave me shiny or Olay moisture therapy for sensitive skin I guess Im stuck with the Acne.org moisturizer and stuck with blotting my face which can be a hassle when Im out and about. I do hope you gave great thought about oily skin when developing this new product and I will definitely give it a try and see if I find something that works for me.

  • Skybluesky

    Is it out yet??

  • S117

    Where is it?