I called Olay again today to bug them about when the Classic Gentle Formula SPF15 with zinc was going to reach store shelves, if ever. The representative with whom I spoke let me know the product is now officially available for all retailers to purchase across the United States and it is shipping to those who have ordered it. She also said she herself just saw it last night at her North Florida Walmart while shopping for her family.

Any of you guys spot it yet?

She also said if you do not see it at your local pharmacy or retailer to request it from the manager. The more people who ask for it to be stocked, the more likely the manager will order it for that particular location.

I’m thinkin’ we should get this available on drugstore.com again too. I think we can make it happen if we all join in. I called and spoke to the Drugstore.com marketing department and they are taking it under consideration, but they communicated that the more of us they hear from the better. You can use this link to request that they start selling this product. Tips on how to fill out the form:

Name of product: Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer – Sensitive Skin
Category: Personal Care
What makes this product so great: [Mention that you preferred the original Olay Complete formula here]



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  • admin

    I’ve seen it and bought some! -Brandy

  • Lydia

    Have you tried the CVS version of the product? I’ve tried it and it works well, just wondering what your opinion was. Thanks!

  • D

    I saw it for a week at Rite Aid. They come in 2 different packaging. One says “classic gentle formula” in green on the left corner and the other packaging says improved moisture for sensitive skin with gold top cover. Both are 3% zinc oxide SPF15.

    What irritates me about Olay is that they are cheap and don’t use hand pump bottles for their moisturizers like Neutrogena does. I’m use to Neutrogena’s mess free pump bottles.

  • amy

    im living in a tropical asia country.over here,we need to use at least spf 40 or 50 .sunblock tends to be oily on the face,especially when u go out in a sunny day.but thanks to japanese brand like biore ,they got very2 good sunscreen which is not oily,and superb absorption .olay is a great brand too,but the product variety here is different

  • Chris

    I just found a new sunscreen (a little expensive) that has Mexoryl–an excellent ingredient protecting against all UVA rays. I’ve used this for two weeks without breaking out and it goes on way better than Zinc Oxide. I’d recommend trying it out if you can afford it. *link edited out*

  • D

    Mexoryl is widely used in Europe and offers better UVA protection than Avobenzone, but FDA continues to ban it. I read that only L’Oreal has a limited approval to use Mexoryl in U.S.

    Amy, Olay has SPF 30 Defense Daily UV moisturizer for sensitive skin made from zinc oxide. I agree that SPF15 is a poor protector especially in summer (blocks only about 90% of rays.) Why would you expose your skin to 10% of harmful UVA rays when SPF 30 blocks over 97% of UV.

  • Brandon

    I found it two weeks ago at a target In SE Virginia. Before finding it, I was using Walmart’s Equate brand which had the same active ingredients and worked fine for me, but tended to be a bit thicker and harder to apply. However, it comes out to be about $2 cheaper than Olay, and since Walmart is a pretty ubiquitous store, I think it should be a cheap, suitable alternative until more local stores can carry Olay.

  • Mary

    I found some at my Wal Mart in San Diego 92111

  • Steven Dison

    I bought some at Target a few days ago. I live in O’Fallon, IL. I made sure it was the “classic gentle formula” with zinc oxide.

  • Meredith

    I saw it at the Langhorne, PA Target!!!!!!!

  • mary

    av been lookin 4 it here in england bt havent found it yet,does anyone knw where i can get it here,tnx

  • Melanie

    Walgreens, Atlanta Georgia!

  • Colin

    I found the Olay Complete Classic Gentle Formula on drugstore.com! πŸ™‚

    *link edited out*

    I think I’ll order it, since I live in Canada and this product is not available in Canada yet.

  • Anonymous

    found it in topeka, ks!

  • moomin

    I found it in Walmart and Rite Aid. I live in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Jennifer

    I would like to see an oil absorbing sunscreen. Best I can find is Cosmedicine Medi-Matte 20spf, What about City Sheer by Clinique too? For me it wasn’t oil absorbing enough. I am greasy!

  • jill

    Bought it at Target in Burbank, CA

  • Mel

    Bought it at Walmart, in 91770 CA (near LA). I use this for work days where my sun exposure is no more than 15-30minutes (some days I never leave my office).

    The best sunscreen is a hat and shirt.

    For days when I intend to be outdoors, I use an SPF 30 or higher. These tend to be more greasy and will cause me to breakout if used daily. I use formulations containing zinc and titanium oxide from Blue Lizard, Solbar and Vanicream.

  • Anonymous

    Target has it. Also, their generic Up & Up version stayed with the old formula, it’s cheaper and it feels the same.

  • T

    I tried purchasing from the drugstore.com link above (which has since been removed), and unfortunately it’s the old version with avobenzone. Disappointing, since I’m in Canada, and have yet to see it in the stores up here. The search continues!

  • Janet

    I just found some at Walmart in Oceanside CA. Has anyone tried the walmart store brand (equate)? It has the same active ingredients. It is a bit tempting to buy store brand since it is about 1/2 the price of Olay moisturizer.

  • M

    It’s available on drugstore.com now!

  • Sue

    I contacted Olay, and the original formula will not be rereleased in Canada. πŸ™

  • Nuith30

    I just found Olay at a Target,I love this moisturizer…I bought 3 bottles just in case.

  • Deanna

    I found the classic gentle formula at Walmart today in Houston, Texas!

  • M

    Something is still not quite right with the classic gentle formula- it doesn’t smell right and still feels somewhat like glue – unlike what I remember using for years.

  • acne fix guy

    classic gentle formula is a good innovation. Thanks for the write up.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with M. I just bought the new “classic gentle formula” and it’s NOT the same as it used to be. SUPER sticky, smells different (very sunscreen-y) and left that zinc-y bluish tint to my face after I put it on. I promptly returned it to Target (well I exchanged it for the Olay Sensitive Skin Beauty Fluid, which works fine for me).


  • Michael

    I found some at Giant Eagle in the Pittsburgh,Pa area! they still were carrying the updated version as well like some have mentioned already.