New office

Kent, Joel, Travis, and I moved into an office yesterday. It’s quite big and roomy and pretty much awesome. I can’t wait to see what we can all get done here for We’re in the process of hiring new programmers and some other people to help out with the day to day of the organization, so this office will likely be temporary until we move into a larger space in the coming year.

We’re off and running!

17 thoughts on “We finally have an office!

  1. is going to explode in the next few years. If you ever start selling stock, ill be the first to buy. :)

  2. Just don’t get too commercial, ever! Remember to stay focused on the product and the affordability. Don’t ever let become all about profit and not about being the best and most afforable product available. The idea of becoming a larger company and starting to sell stock and get into mass production would scare me in those regards.

  3. Drat! Was just looking for programming work in the bay area not too long ago, would have loved to come work with you fellows.

  4. You guys deserve to be Fortune 500! Really we need an international holiday named after Keep up the good work guys and please don’t ditch us when you sell your company to P&G for $billions….!!

  5. This is terrific! I’ve been here on and off since back when this website was called ha ha! Yeah, I remember!…you didn’t even have any products then!!!!!



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