I recently came across an August, 2004 survey sponsored by Galderma Laboratories which presented some interesting findings regarding how parents view their son or daughter’s acne. It turns out their concern does not sometimes translate, and does not always reflect their teenager’s reality. Researchers surveyed 504 teenagers with acne along with 500 parents of teens with acne.

— 69% of parents claimed they were “supportive and understanding” about acne, but only 48% of the teens thought the same.

— 15% of parents said their teen experienced body image issues because of acne. 36% of the teens claimed they experienced body image issues.

— Only 1% of parents said acne caused problems with other family members. 18% of teens claimed problems, however.

— 9% of parents said their teens were “angry” as a result of acne. 25% of the teens said they were angry.

Do parents care? Yes, it appears that they really do, even more than we might think.

Do parents understand? While parents do seem to care, they may not understand the full ramifications of acne. From this survey, it appears that parents underestimate the negative emotional effects of acne. This could be because teenagers are not forthcoming with their feelings, or because our modern hectic lifestyles leave little time for engagement.

Bottom line: While the results of this survey point to a chasm in understanding, I’m walking away feeling good about the findings as a whole. The bottom line for me is that parents really do care about how their kids are feeling, even more than kids might know. Sure, they may not understand how much acne bothers you, but the care is there. If you are experiencing acne, or are on the Regimen now and clear but are still carrying around some anger toward your parents for not understanding your plight, just keep in mind that you may be misperceiving the situation. Give your parents some slack. They probably care more than you think…even if they may not understand as well as they could.

[I am not providing a link to the survey because the link appears to be broken. From what I can tell, this survey was published on a web site called losethezits.com but the page appears to be down.]


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  • Jordan

    From my own experience, that survey is bang on. My parents knew and cared that my acne bothered me, but I don’t think they ever knew just how much it really did.

  • Sierra117

    Same here.

  • mkat

    I feel this topic. My mother was never convinced I was doing anything to prevent my acne. She of course was born with magnolia white, perfect skin.