Pros: The one blade “trimmer” on the back is nice to have for perfect sideburns, although I did cut myself with it once.

Cons: Very irritating, tons of drag, expensive, doesn’t fit in usual razor shower caddy.

Bottom line: For all the talk of “thinner blades” and “less irritation” and “less drag”, I was expecting much more. Honestly, I didn’t notice much of a difference between this razor and Gillette or Bic’s previous 5 blade razors. They are all extraordinarily irritating. The 2 blade Sensor Excel or the two blade Trac II Plus are far less irritating and give a much more pleasant shave. I still would highly caution against these multi-blade razors and recommend strongly that people go with the Sensor Excel or Trac II Plus.

Recommended: Absolutely not.


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  • Gillette

    Hey – right off the bat I will disclose that I work for Gillette, and have attached this link for your reference – *link edited out*.

    That being said, if you have sensitive skin, I can recommend using our new ProSeries products with your regimen. It was literally designed for comfort and guys with sensitive skin. Is there any way I can privately message you?

    Thanks so much.

  • Darren

    Hi Dan defo agree I prefer the Gilette sensor excel.It gives a much closer, less irritating shave. The correct razor is sooo important when you have sensitive skin.

  • Aaron

    I’m confused by Gillette’s response! He states to try the “ProSeries” of products but the only series I see with the “Pro” included is the “ProGlide” series that Dan reviewed. Am I missing something or is he maybe referring to the “thermal scrub”? If so, I would like to know what Dan’s thoughts on the scrub are and if he would recommend using that over the cleanser as a shaving gel…

  • D

    I’m sorry to say this, but a lot of guys rely on Dan testing the products on his own face. What may work for Dan may not work for you etc… Unless Dan has a large pool of testers trying out the blades, you shouldn’t rely on 1 person’s opinion based on how his skin reacts. I have friends who have cystic acne and swear by 4-5 blade razors when they tried 2 blade razors . Every person is different and you should just test the products yourselves it might work well for you.

  • David

    I find that 2 and 5 blades work about the same. 2 just gives some more control and saves money.

  • David

    I also just saw this on their site for the Proglide “The enhanced Lubrastrip is now larger, with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil’…..isn’t mineral oil one of those things to avoid?

  • coolness

    I highly recommend the bump-fighter razor for acne sufferers. Best I’ve used.
    By far the least irritating.

  • Sierra117

    I use the two-blade Sensor Excel like Dan suggested years ago, and no longer have acne caused my irriation along my jawline, etc.

  • Charlie

    I love the sensor excel! It’s less irritating and way less expensive. Honestly, I think Gillette keeps coming out with more razors just so they can make the blades more and more expensive. Fusion blades are ridiculous and I would never spend that much money on one. But Dan, I think Schick just put out a new razor that you should try. Honestly, It’ll probably be the same result, but you should see. Thanks for the tip!

  • Will

    I would like to know where you guys buy these two kinds of razors and their blades. I cannot find them at Wal Mart or my grocery store. I have been wanting to change razors, but have not found these anywhere.

  • Jessyka

    My boyfriend doesn’t like using multi blade razors because they are irritating and don’t do as well as they say shaving wise. He actually uses a safety razor which he loves. I’m glad I found this blog post which puts the less bladed razors in the positive limelight. Two Thumbs Up!

  • Jessyka

    Oh! And Will you can find them on the internet like Ebay. It’s actually MUCH CHEAPER to buy safety razor replacement blades instead of the crap they give us in the store. I think I actually paid 12 bucks on ebay for 100 double sided Derby razor blades for my boyfriend. At the store you’d pry pay 20 bucks for a 8 replacement heads…it’s amazing the value of safety razors:)

  • Korbin

    I think Dan is full of it! I just got the proglide razor. I thought it was the smoothest shave I have ever gotten. I have tried your two blade razors before. they just don’t compare. I’m tired of you turning down every razor except for your two blade ones.

  • Leo

    The 5 blade system is a joke…overrated and way overpriced. I have a 2 blade Excel on standby…but my main razor is the DE blade. After shaving with one of these razors I have to ask…What do the other 4 blades do?

  • Shavee

    Who wants to bet that next year they will launch a new series with 6 blades? Thats just plain stupid. I use for 3 years now an electric shaver which I keep perfectly clean to avoid any acne problems that i had in the past.