I’ve learned to refrain from announcing when new products will be available. There are always a hundred and one things that can delay a launch. Perhaps Olay would be wise to do the same 🙂 As many of you know, Olay let us know they would have the Complete Classic Gentle Formula with zinc oxide back on store shelves in April. When that didn’t happen, they told me May. Well, I had a few people check their local drugstores and so far no one has found it. One of our members contacted Olay again and got this response:

“Olay will re-launch the original version of Olay Complete All Day Sensitive SPF 15 Sensitive Cream and Lotion. Unfortunately, this formula change was pushed back and will begin to ship late May/June 2010. This will be a soft conversion which means the Skin Shield Version and Classic Gentle Formula may both be on store shelves for a period of time. The Classic Gentle Formula will have a green oval in the upper left corner that will say ‘Classic Gentle Formula’.”

At this point, I guess we’re just waiting. Honestly, I feel for Olay and I understand the stress they must be under trying to meet their deadlines in such a complex industry with complicated manufacturing and distribution channels. If any of you do see it on shelves, let me know and I’ll let everyone know. Until then, look for a zinc oxide based sunscreen, and be sure to add a few drops of jojoba oil in there to reduce flakiness. I am also working on several SPF formulas myself, and will keep you posted on that.


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  • Anonymous

    Dan — what do you think about the Bare Essentials make-up that has sunscreen in it?

  • Eileen

    I picked up my Olay Complete SPF 15 around mid-May here in Seattle area; it did have zinc oxide in the ingredients. It didn’t have the “Classic” naming though, as far as I could tell, but in the corner it did say “extra moisturizing” or something like that (unfortunately, I threw out the box).

    I wish they would do it for the oily/combination skin too (that’s what I used to use), but I’ll take what I can get 🙂

    Thanks, Dan, for pushing for this!

  • Will

    Well, I have been using the Oil of Olay complete spf 15 moisturizer (the new formula) for my sunscreen. I used it on Memorial day and I used it today when I played golf. I like the way it goes on and it feels light enough. It is pretty good, but I did have some aggravating of acne today and the last time I used it. I am using the one with avobenozene instead of the zinc oxide. However, I am not so sure it was the sunscreen. It could have been, but it also could have been the sweating and the sun exposure. It could have also been the few times I wiped sweat off of my face (i.e. – added irritation + sweat). There used to be this clear sunscreen made by Neutrogena that tingled when it went on. That stuff was amazing. It was light and clean. It did not clog pores. That was nearly 10 years ago that I used it. I have not seen it on the shelves – I have looked extensively.

    Anyway, I have not seen the old classic gentle formula on my shelves yet. I am waiting patiently though. I would also love to see what Dan could come up with for an acne.org spf product. I am sure that would be the one to buy as are the rest of his products.

  • D

    Is SPF 15 really enough for good protection than SPF30 during summer heat?

  • Kevin

    No sign of the Olay Classic Gentle Formula yet…

  • Angela

    I bought the old formula from my local CVS in the beginning of May (I live in PA). It didn’t say “classic formula”, but it did have the same ingredients of the expired old formula I bought last summer. It was the last one and it was next to the new formula. Hopefully this one will last me until the old formula is back in stores.

  • M

    No sign of it here in Dallas, Texas yet. I’m using Biore dual fusion spf 30 (zinc oxide based) as an interim and works great for me. Not too oily for the hot humid texas summers! But desperately waiting for olay classic as it makes my skin beautiful.

  • MH

    Has anyone tried the Coppertone Sensitive Skin or the Coppertone Sensitive skin Faces?

  • coolness

    BLUE LIZARD -face formula has the same ingredients as the original olay complete.
    SPF 30 though. great consistency. I like it a lot more.

  • B

    Found it at target just today… hopefully those who have been waiting can find it near them as well!

  • M

    No sign of it in Canada yet. Does anyone know if the release date is different up here?

  • Teresa

    In April in Alabama I was able to find a product called:
    Olay Complete SPF 30 Defense daily UV moisturizer for sensitive skin
    It has zinc oxide, not avobenzone

    Is there any problem with this?

  • Tiffany

    I just found it in the Target in Ventura, CA. It was the big bottle (6 fl. oz.) for $9.69 +tax. It has a green oval in the upper left hand corner of the box that says, “Classic Gentle Formula.” The same place where the newer versions, with avobenzone, had a pink oval that said, “Improved UVA protection.”

  • Rae

    I found this in Target as well. Tiffany is right. It had a grean oval at the top left that said Classic Gentle Formula. I love this stuff, with a little jojoba oil.

  • Mary

    I just found it at the Target in Ithaca, NY. Sunscreen was the missing component of my skin care regimen and everything makes me break out so I’m glad we have something until Dan gets his formula ready for prime time. I’m going to use the Olay with my jojoba oil. By the way, I love that oil! Using oil on my skin was forbidden for so long that it was great to finally have one that doesn’t cause breakouts.

  • jane

    has anyone in uk found in any store.help plz

  • Katrina

    I got mine at the local super Walmart here in Philadelphia, PA. It had the green oval in the corner that some people were talking about. Hopefully now that one Walmart has it they all will.

  • Kevin

    any online sites where i can see or order this online? I dont live in the US so i have to order this online. I want this so bad!

  • Debbie

    Found it at a Walmart in New York! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    If the new formula can’t be found at your local drugstore, you should try going to your costco. I’m sorry if some of you don’t have a costco near you. Since Costco is a wholesale store, they tend to get the new formulas of products faster than local drugstores since drugstores can’t put new products on the shelves until the old ones are sold but, since costco sells things in bulk, they go through their shipments faster. Hope that helped some of you. =]

  • Steve

    I found the original formula with the “classic gentle formula” label well stocked at a Target in Cleveland last week. So it’s definitely back out there!

  • Shane

    I just want everyone to know that the new olay complete classic gentle formula is out now. I purchase my first bottle at CVS in New Jersey. I have only used it for three days. I experience the difference. It has the same ingredients like the original. It’s “really” non greasy and there has not been any reactions or breakouts on my face from using the formula. I will continue to use this product.

  • jane

    where can i get in england,any ideas?

  • Lydia

    I’m new here, but when shopping for my regimen products tonight at CVS, the Olay Complete was still the avobenzone version. The CVS equivalent had the zinc oxide…has anyone tried this CVS brand??

  • jerry

    Hi guys do u know where can I buy the good stuff here in Philippines?

  • Bee

    I tried the new improved formula that smells like plastic and the right side of my face started burning and swelled up like a balloon. I had to go to the quick clinic and take steroids because they were concerned that I would not be able to breath. I had used the orginal complete sensitive skin for 15 years and was way excited to see that they had again released the gentle formula original in 2010. I tried it on my hand in the store and my hand started burning and turned pink. I do not know what is in this stuff but it is TOXIC. I still have some of the original formula sensitive skin complete left and this new/old gentle formula is NOT the same. I cannot trust any oil of olay products now. It saddens me because it was amazing and I always recommended it to friends. Plus it gave me flawless skin.

  • Kevin

    Finally found this product in the Philippines!! To the guy asking where you could find this, you can buy this at “Reneelen” boutique on the 3rd floor of Shoppesville, Greenhills. You’ll see the small green logo on the upper left side of the box written, “Classic Gentle Formula”.

    HTH! 🙂

  • Boyce

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  • Kasun