Joel,’s main webmaster, and Travis,’s customer service person and web guy, are on the road, moving from their hometown of Charlotte, NC to San Francisco to join us full time!

Joel has been working for for seven years now and doing a bang up job. Now he’s done with college and free to move about the country. We found Travis through Joel. They were roommates at the time. Travis has been doing our customer service for over a year now and is starting to really branch out and show us his talents in other areas.

I can’t wait for them to come out! They should be here Thursday. Hopefully this means we’ll be able to move more quickly with changes to and really rev up the engines.


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  • Dave

    Awesome! Those guys seem great. Good luck with the move and transition. I’m sure it will make even better!

  • drew todd

    great stuff… expands… to world domination…

  • TMB

    Travis was great when I had to return a product! I hope we see some new Dan videos!!

  • admin

    Have a safe trip, guys! – Brandy

  • c'est la vigne

    Wooooot! : D

  • admin

    It’s Thursday! Did they make it? – Brandy

  • davis

    get that new moisturizer out the door – i’m waiting to make a BIG order

  • Joel

    I made it! πŸ™‚

  • Travis

    me too!

  • DAN

    ouch! no way too irritating when you apply it on other certain areas but i recommend my jojoba oil as lube, very slick and greasy for any orgy

  • Liam

    Wouderful! Joel has done a great job on the website! I love the site design and simple and clear graphics as well as the websites simplicity. Whenever i want to find something i can do that simply and quickly.


  • Darren

    Excellent news, love the way the site is arranged & organised.Good luck to both of you.

  • Andrew

    Can we have a Meet the team video? πŸ™‚