Hey you guys. You’ve asked and I’m listening. We’ve designed new labels and taken ACNE.ORG off the front of the label. It only whispers about the web site on the back of the label. We have also added longer, more specific directions to the labels so that “The Regimen is on the labels.” This is the “duh” idea that you guys told me you supported not too long ago. The new labels are much more medical looking, and that’s on purpose. Acne.org products are the very highest quality out there. I want the labels to reflect this.

The products themselves won’t change, just the labels. The one exception is our moisturizer, which if you’ve been reading the blog you know is changing to a new, improved version. Here is our moisturizer label, which will most likely roll out first.


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  • Emmaleigh

    It looks really nice! Question: When will this new labeled product become available?

  • Jordy

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the new moisturizer.

  • admin

    I think that looks fabulous! Great job to whomever designed the new label. -Brandy

  • Andrea

    Nice! Note that you have a typo where it says “chins straps” (shouldn’t it be “chin straps”?).

  • Tim

    VERY nice Dan. Keep up the good work. What would the world be without you. I think a lot of unhappy persons πŸ˜‰

  • Tim

    Btw I am from Holland and I might visit San Fransisco this or next summer, are you open for customers to visit you? That would be great to meat you as a person!

  • Jordan

    Looks great, Dan! Thanks for listening!

  • Realme2008

    you should put a picture of you on the label πŸ˜‰

  • Evan

    I don’t like it at all. Looks like a perscription medication.

  • Kelsey

    I think that it looks great! When will these be available?

  • Dave

    I think this is awesome! It looks more professional or more “medical.” I really love it. This is absolutely fantastic.

    I’m also looking forward to the new moisturizer. How close are you to releasing it? And how soon will we have the new labels?

  • Dwyer

    I am excited about your new moisturizer. I think the licorice root is a great idea. Thanks for trying to improve your products and make the best for us all. I like your integrity in your work and products. You are not just out to make a buck! Thanks so much.

    I am excited about your future SPF product. I’m about to give Trader Joe’s Spf 15 a try, b/c everything else is irritating to my skin.

    Best of luck as you journey on in your product development!

  • Anonymous

    i like it !
    Great job, Dan!

  • Jon

    Brilliant – products look much more professional.


  • John

    looks professional, but i didn’t really mind your old labels, those made them look more vibrant and fun. oh well, great work, and by the way your products and regimen really work. around 5 months now and all clear! i’m really just waiting for my old scars to slowly fade away. looking forward to more improved versions of great products!

  • Erick


    LABELS LOOK PERFECT TOO, no “acne.org” label makes me feel less ashamed to leave these products out in the open…

  • Anna

    I actually think the old labels are more visually appealing. But, I don’t really buy the products for their labels. πŸ™‚

  • Debbie

    The new label looks GREAT! Nice work!

  • Evan

    I like the old lables a lot more. They were simple but appealing.

  • Anonymous

    I like the look of the old label more for its stylish simplicity. However, the new label is not bad (it looks good) and it makes a lot more sense. I agree with the removal of acne.org from the front at least. I also like the fact that more “reminders”/instructions are written on the label. Regardless, there is a moisturizer in the making and I can’t wait! It is coming soon I hope.

  • Anonymous

    I very much like every thing about the new labels.

  • Gary

    I don’t really like the whole medical/professional design, it gets depressing when I think of medicine, but that justs me

  • Anonymous

    Dan! i just ordered the moisturizer today, will i get the new formula or the old one!? (i want the new one!)

  • Kelsey

    I like everything about the new label except for the “Things to consider during your day” part, which I think is unnecessary, as well as cluttering up the label and taking attention away from the directions for use (which is the most important part). Overall, though, this is a huge improvement over the original labels!

  • Kayleigh

    I just want to say how brilliant this site is. I’ve been on the Regimen for four days now and already, the blackheads I’ve had on my cheeks for the past eight years are almost gone and the one’s on my nose are well on the way. And I’ve had no new pimples since I started. I’ve also realised from reading other people’s experiences that my spots aren’t really that bad any more after all. So thank you so much, Dan!

    I thought the old packaging was quite pretty but this one’s good too. I can’t wait for the new moisturiser (not a spelling error, I’m British, we spell it with a ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’ πŸ™‚ ), I get the stinging as well. It’s not bad, it just feels like I’m blushing all the time. The heat isn’t helping though. So hopefully, the new formula should stop it altogether.

  • Lisa

    Super nice new design!
    Can’t wait to order the new moisturizer. πŸ™‚

  • tkoo

    Does that mean I shouldn’t order my supplies yet? πŸ™

  • Dave

    We’d appreciate another update on this Dan! Very excited. πŸ™‚

  • Sierra117

    Been a regular customer since late 03/early 04 and I love the new labels and CAN’T WAIT for the new moisturizer.

  • Liam

    Sorry πŸ™ I like the old lables better.

    The new lables are very uninspiring, they look very industrial and takes away that community friendly feeling that acne.org is known for.

  • Peter

    I think the label should still include the more ‘playful’ fonts in order to maintain the community feeling of acne.org. I can see why people want to get rid of acne on the label… but I don’t like this industrial/medical look.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a SPF formula? The design is good, but I think it could be better. The label looks boring, but as long as the product is great then it’s alright.

  • Jordy

    Is the same person replying negatively but under different names? It seems like it. The old font was too child like for my taste, love the new adult look.

  • Dave

    Yeah I think the negative reviews are from same person with different names. They use the same vocabulary and everything. I think the labels are awesome. And as long as I’m posting again, let me once again say “Dan, give us an update when you can on the moisturizer! We’d all like to know what’s going on!” Haha, thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Liam

    No, The comment is not from the same person.

  • Biko

    I think it’s great. The new design looks like super serious business lol. I’ve been on your regimen for 8 days so far and I’m already starting to see improvement. Looking forward to the hopefully less “face is burning off” moisturizer.

  • Kristy

    I don’t really dislike or love the new labels either way, but I am glad they have the “ACNE.ORG” removed from them. Much less embarrassing to have on my bathroom counter. πŸ™‚

    Since this is my first time commenting, let me say that I love your products and they have helped me a lot. However, I really do wish you’d consider reformulating the cleanser to be completely sulfate free. Although Sodium Trideceth Sulfate is much gentler than SLS/ALS/etc., my skin is highly sensitive to sulfates and breaks out in flaky pimples from any of them, even gentle ones like Sodium Trideceth. For people like me who absolutely cannot use sulfates of any kind, it is enormosly difficult to find cleansers that we can use. Most that are completely sulfate-free are heavy cream cleansers, which contribute to more acne.

    Any recommendations for those of us who cannot use sulfate-based cleansers? Or any chance that you might consider a sulfate-free version for us ultra-sensitives?

  • missy

    awwwhh i liked the other label πŸ™

  • Rebecca

    I don’t really like that it looks like a medicine now. I was hoping that, with acne.org off the front, it might look like just a fairly normal collection of creams and cleansers sitting on the bathroom counter. Instead, it looks like medication. So much for appearing normal.

  • Rachael

    I love the new label’s detailed instructions and professional design. Since it doesn’t have “acne” on it anymore, I won’t be ashamed to leave it out for others to see. While it does look prescription-like, I don’t see this as unappealing. I’ll be looking forward to trying out the new moisturizer!

    I sure hope those who dislike the label don’t quit buying the products just for that reason alone πŸ™

  • Charles

    I am AGAINST the new label- PLEASE PLEASE read below:
    My initial reaction when I received my first treatment bottle with the current label was that the bottle looked simple, yet fun and enjoyable looking. These new labels remind me of going to Kaiser Permanente to get medicine and it’s such an ughhh feeling, which is not what acne.org is about.
    Changing the label is in a way like changing Dan’s video blogs where it shows him smiling and laughing, with funny edited stuff like showing skin dryness by adding a desert in the background, into videos of him just straight up talking-no smiling, no laughing, monotone, just stating facts straight from the books. Acne.org is about sharing a treatment regimen, while trying to make lighter of a serious situation by providing a community that understands you (like someone commented earlier that the new label takes away from the ‘community’ feel).
    I am totally for and with the people who wanted the word ‘acne’ out of the front of the bottle, but majority didn’t mean to change the entire style. For me, the IDEAL bottle would look exactly the way it did, EXCEPT ‘Acne.org’ would be replaced with ‘Benzoyl Peroxide 10%’ for the treatment bottle- so, it would say ‘Treatment’ on the top with the same font and everything, right below would be the orange square just the way it is, and then below that would say Benzoyl Peroxide 10%. For the AHA+, the bottle would say 10% Glycolic Acid rather than ‘Acne.org’.
    Please put all this into consideration, not just for me, but especially for first time users- you want to implant a friendly feel of acne.org and the new label will not do that.

  • aww

    AWW i liked the ACNE.ORG labels..I dont mind represented the website that changed my life..but hey i cant complain.XD much love and respect.

  • LaUrA

    I really DISLIKE the new labels. I liked the simple old ones, these new ones look too complicated and make it seem like a much more serious regimen!

  • Andrew

    I think you should keep something on there; it looks too medical/generic.

    What about the smiley face, or some logo that doesn’t mention the word acne? Something people can spot in the shops easily when they’re looking for a refil etc.

  • Charlie

    I like the new labels, as someone who’s been a customer from the beginning. I do appreciate that these are less embarrassing and I can leave my products a little more out in the open.

  • 420

    very nice keep up the good work

  • Manuel

    That asome now it will look better and have more details on how to use it
    your improving something everyday I have to say thanks

  • Pearls

    I personally like the other labels. They are so carefree and cute and friendly! This label is okay too, but it looks like every other moisturizer on the market. I think you should keep the simplicity and the blue square, just maybe make the words “acne.org” smaller. I really like Charles’ idea. The tips on the back of the bottle are really helpful though. Well, either way, the products are still just as good!

  • Shannon

    I love the old labels as well – it makes the regimen more fun and playful.

  • andy

    where are the new labels? I made a large order recently with the expectation of these new labels but they are nowhere to be found πŸ™

  • Matt

    Go with the flow guys. It’s just a label. And I like it. And I’m sure most will.

  • Anonymous

    No new label yet.

  • TJL

    Love the new labels Dan…love you!!

  • erick

    dont do it dan i love the labels just the way they are. is the best looking bottles i have ever seen in my entirer live. is the king of labels that when you look at them make you feel happier =) dont dare to change them

  • erick

    ps: thats why you guys put the web site so people can see the videos and know how to apply the medications i think is not necessary to put the whole instructions on the back becuase nowadays EVERYONE has computers and can check the labels. listen to me =)

  • Anonymous

    The new labels look fine – are they currently being shipped this way? The product description still shows the old label. The old labels are great too, but maybe an alternative is to keep the old label and replace the ACNE.ORG with something else? Everybody is pretty much in consensus on getting rid of that, no matter which label.

  • Anonymous

    whatever happened to these new labels?