I think we may have nailed the spot treatment. It’s got:

12% AHA at a 3.5pH, so it’s extremely powerful and stings to high heaven. You’ll need to use only a very tiny amount each time.

2% Salicylic Acid, to bump up acne fighting properties. Even though we all know sal acid isn’t good enough on its own, I thought it would make sense to put the legal limit of it in here just to cover all of our bases.

10% Willow Bark, which is a way of getting more natural aspirin/sal acid into the product, and hopefully helping out a bit with analgesic (pain killing) properties, even though, to be honest, this product isn’t the great topical pain reliever I wanted it to be. To get that effect, I’ve found you need to go with lidocaine or benzocaine, and they don’t work in an acidic base. I tried topical ibuprofen, ketoprofen, aspirin, and other similar topical pain killers and it turns out they just aren’t great for epidermis (surface) pain killing. Supposedly they work deep down on joint pain, but quite frankly I didn’t find that to be the case either.

0.1% Licochalcone, ‘cuz we all know it and love it.

Ayurvedics, like Neem, Boswellia, and Turmeric because even though all the bases were already covered, might as well double cover all the bases 🙂

I’ll be sending samples out to the moderators to get their response and if they OK it, we’ll make it a Go and get it out to you guys to see what everybody thinks. I’m not sure about price yet, or size for that matter. You need to use only a minuscule amount of it each time you use it, so it will be small. I’m making these decisions as we move forward. It is considered an over-the-counter acne treatment, so it must enter into FDA required stability testing before it goes for sale. This process takes months, but at least hopefully we can get the ball rolling…


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  • Richard

    thats awesome, i cant wait for this to go on sale already but how is the spf coming along?

  • Crichel

    Excellent work Dan! Really looking forward to this coming out.

  • Luis

    It seems like excuses for be expensive!!

  • Anonymous

    Are you going to use in this product a betta-isomer of Salicylic Acid?
    Betta isomer is more powerful than alfa isomer of salicylic Acid.

  • Anonymous

    acidic ph will make zits more redder and noticable.
    You must need an ingreedient that can break skin oils to deliver active ingreedients deep to the pore/
    Same technology as in Neutrogena Rapid Clear line

  • Sharpy

    I can’t wait to try this! I still get at least one or two zits even though the DKRegimen has immensely cleared my skin.

  • JJ

    no BP in it??

  • Mischa

    bwahaha i love all the people who are already complaining and have suggestions

  • htx_2008

    I’ve tried glycolic and SA and i didnt like it all. i think you’re better off adding something anti-bacterial like BP. Those acids may work OK in the long run, but the initial purge is going to be a b!tch. Acids will just force already formed pimples to the surface, forcing them out, which will cause uneeded skin damage. An anti-bacterial would keep the pimple from growing much while the acids exfoliate it. I think that initial purge will scare people off from trying it and/or continuing to use it.

  • htx_2008

    i should add the neem and tumeric are suppose to be anti-bacterial…but i’m not sure they’re powerful enough or will work on everyone

  • Dave

    YES! Looking forward to it.

  • c'est la vigne

    I’m pretty sure Dan did a lot of testing and formulating before he felt that he was ready to make this announcement, and that he wouldn’t have bothered to even post this if he didn’t think the formula was pretty great.

    I don’t understand why people aren’t willing to just give the product a chance *as it is* before telling him that he should change the formula.

  • Will

    Exactly c’est la vigne. Dan does not just slop something together in order to make a few quick bucks. Everything he does related to acne.org is for the betterment of everyone. If he wanted to make millions he would charge about $100 for that BP that he makes. That is what it is really worth. But he is kind and understanding enough to make it affordable. What he his trying to do is make quality products that are better than what you can get from the store or the dermatologist and make them in large quantities and make them affordable. He does lots of research and lots of formulations before he settles on something. Just from his record with the Sal Acid product of the past and his BP, his face wash, his AHA+, and his moisturizer should give you enough assurance that Dan has something up his sleeve with this spot treatment. I will get some. I would love to see how it does. But I am sure he knows what he is doing. He has tested it. It has worked on his test subjects or else he would not have said he was ready to go through with the formula for production.

  • htx_2008

    i’m sure Dan is trying to put out the best product available, however y’all are missing the part where he has yet to OK this product. Why? I’m guessing because he hasn’t tested it out extensively on people, which is why he’s giving samples to moderators…so i think its perfectly appropriate for us to let him know why we think it’ll work or not. As great as some of his products are, they don’t always work out, like the SA he discontinued. Plus I’m sure he tries to improve even those that work out, so our feedback may help in that aspect as well.

  • Sierra117

    I’ve been waiting for this forever. I wish I was a moderator.

  • c'est la vigne


    That’s my whole point. No one’s really tested it yet, so I think it’s silly that people are already critiquing it. Let him send it to the mods and see how they feel about it. If they give it a thumbs up, he’ll send samples to members that have offered to test products. If *they* give it a thumbs up, Dan’ll probably make things official. Or maybe the mods won’t like it. Or the members won’t. And if that’s the case, I’m sure Dan will post and let people know that the formula needs some tweaking.

    But until then, I just think it’s silly to tell Dan to change the formula. No one here knows how well the product works yet. It could be fantastic just the way it is. I just think people should at least give it a chance before assuming that the formula needs to be changed.

  • D

    Maybe in the future Dan should consider a multi-step spot treatment system using various ingredients in different bottles if they can’t be mixed together. I’d like to see some experimentation with anti-inflammatory agents and anti bacterial agents other than BP, and also some sulfur and tea tree oil ingredients.

  • Dan

    We had some stability issues with it in the incubator, so we’re reformulating very slightly to make it more stable. I’m hoping we’ll have a more stable sample in a week or two…

  • Rose

    Is it okay to use it on the whole face instead of the AHA treatment? I believe using glycolic acid and salicylic acid together will be synergistic.

  • D

    Sounds GREAT, I can’t wait to try it. I was wondering if you could soon update us on the new formulation for the moisturizer? pretty please?

  • Will

    Yes, the moisturizer! I am about to die trying to find something to moisturize with in replace of the current moisturizer. I am waiting for the new moisturizer before I make another moisturizer purchase from acne.org. I need it bad though. I’d love to hear that it is a go.

  • Dan

    This is only to be used as a spot treatment. It is too hardcore for a whole face treatment. Plus, we’re going to bottle it in small amounts.

    For anonymous: It is beta hydroxy acid (2-Hydroxybenzoic acid).

  • Emmaleigh

    I think the spot treatment is a great idea, but I’m really waiting for a really nice SPF 15 moisturizer that will go with the regimen. I hope it comes soon!

  • emily

    hi dan! will it have silicones in the formula? or any form of ‘ones or ‘anes? my skin reacts to those. thanks so much!

  • Mike

    I can’t wait for this product, sounds like you’ve put together a pretty awesome formulation. On the topic of analgesics; have you considered adding a topical analgesic such as benzocane (or any of the other “-cane’s” for that matter)? It might increase the sting a little bit when you first apply the product, but I know I’d be willing to battle through it if I knew there was some relief coming for those really obnoxious, painful zits.

  • Manuel

    I Hope this idea works perfectly

  • Pearls

    Is this the AHA+?

  • John

    Dan, when actually is the spot tratment becoming available??

  • Jenny

    Is this stuff available yet? sounds way better than my current spot treatment.

  • christina

    where is this stuff????? i would like to purchase it. release date please?