Let’s talk fundamentals for a moment, shall we? I spend a lot of time on the blog here talking about obscure acne related topics, but kinda like in basketball…sometimes you gotta just shoot free throws for hours, getting down the fundamentals, and it’s time well spent.

In acne treatment, I’d say there are two major fundamentals.

1. Using a generous amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. This is what I want the world to know. Give me 10 seconds on Oprah, Good Morning America, and The View (lol), and I’ll say, “The secret is to use a ton of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. It just plain works. When in doubt, use more.” It’s so simple. It’s really a very basic fundamental. If you load on 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, acne hardly stands a chance. It’s just too powerful. And if for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be working, load on some more. Being super duper generous with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide does the trick almost every single time.

2. Reducing irritation. Really, regardless of what medication you’re using on your face, if you have inflammatory acne, the kind that gets red which most people struggle with, you’ll want to do everything in your power to reduce irritation. Inflammatory acne-prone skin is sensitive to irritation. Reducing that irritation goes a long way to keeping you clear. That’s why 2.5% benzoyl peroxide is important. It does the job without the excess irritation of a 5% or a 10% formula. Also, staying super gentle in application of your acne treatment is a huge fundamental. If I had another 10 seconds on Ellen, The Today Show, and Regis & Kelly (lol), I’d say, “Stay very gentle in application, being certain to moisturize afterward as well.” Staying exceedingly gentle, and I mean Exceedingly with a capital E, is the best way to go, and is crucial in reducing irrtitation. Moisturizing after benzoyl peroxide, or any other drying medication, will also keep the skin from becoming overly irritated, which will help end the irritation-acne cycle. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention avoiding picking at the skin as well. Picking is a huge culprit not only in irritation, but also in acne scarring. Keep your skin untouched as much as you can.

OK, I’m gonna go play a game of H.O.R.S.E. now 🙂


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  • G A F

    How do I know if I’m being gentle enough?

  • Tim

    @ G A F

    When you are clear?

    @ Dan

    Thx bro! Keep up the good work. I hope you will never go bankrupt or quit doing this stuff!

  • Anonymous

    Dan u deserve national TV!

  • G A F

    Thanks Tim lol.

  • Yo

    @ G A F: you should hardly feel the skin move under your fingers when you rub the BP and moist. in. This is when you know you are being gentle

    Dan you are the man

  • Christina

    Yes, your first point is so true! After getting to the point of being “clear” I tried to scale down on the BP because it just seemed very slick and was taking forever to apply in the morning. I scaled down to one pump in the morning so that I could speed up my morning routine. BIG MISTAKE! After being totally clear for a month my scaling back caused me to get a huge pimple on the side of my face. Now I know to just stick with the regimen! It works, so why change it?

  • giulia

    Ciao mi chiamo Giulia e ho 16 anni, a 14 anni ho iniziato ad avere i primi seri problemi di acne, e non mi piacevo più. Mio padre allora lavorava in Svizzera e un giorno mi ha portato un prodotto a base di Sterolcomplex, un complesso di steroli estratti dal Glicine della Soja. Applicavo il prodotto due volte al giorno e in soli 15 gg. l’acne era quasi completamente sparita. Ora il prodotto funziona se continuo ad applicarlo almeno una settimana al mese. Il problema è che devo sempre mandare mio padre in Svizzera a prendermelo e costa circa 30 euro a confezione che dura un mese.
    Il prodotto è della HRC PHARMA.
    Se qualcuno può aiutarmi a trovarlo anche in Italia… Help.


  • estepario

    Hi Dan, just wanted to thank you…I found your website on Sunday and after just 4 days I can’t believe I finally see the light at the end of a 25 year tunnel! I’m 39 and I’ve had mild/moderate acne since I was 14…nothing has ever worked and I’ve tried EVERYTHING…every prescription and over-the-counter product under the sun, but your Regimen seems to already have gotten my skin under control! I started the regimen Sunday night because I happened to have maxclarity’s 2.5% BP foam on hand, and after 3 days of following your instructions almost perfectly, everything has dried out, and I’ve had no more breakouts! But last night your products arrived, and your gel feels a lot better: a lot less harsh, better application and absorbancy. I’ll start a blog on your website to keep track of my progress. If this works, you would have performed a miracle. My only problem so far is that my neck is really raw, red & itchy, just from water/lotion/makeup running down it after the BP application (I have no acne on my neck, so my skin must be extra sensitive there). I’m hoping switching to your products will solve that (but in the meantime I had to apply some cortaid because my neck looked like a 90 year-old’s and the itching was killing me).
    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your problems and solutions with the world with such candor and generosity,
    A 39 spanish woman living in AZ

  • Sikander

    your turly right man, I struggled with acne till 6 years N now im soo happy coz after my first use of benzoyl peroxide my acne got cleared in 4 days (severe acne).. its so cool man tht I luv using it now N will never consult any doctor again :p