Hey you guys. I’m writing up a new irritation page. It should be interactive and fun. I need your input tho if you have experience in these areas:

Chinstraps: For those of you who wear helmets with chinstraps, is there anything you have found that you can do to reduce the irritation? For example…put a tissue between the strap and your skin, or something like that? I obviously can’t ask people to not use helmets, so I’m hoping to provide advice on how to limit chin strap irritation.

Hair products: Lots of gels/mousses/hairsprays tend to irritate the skin. I do not use hair product, and don’t have a lot of experience in this area. I’m looking into it further, but in the meantime, do you guys know of any hair products that are specifically aimed at acne-prone people? Alternately, do you have ideas on how people can use alternative and safe products so they can still make awesome styles while staying confident that the products won’t irritate?



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    usually i make sure my helmet is clean before i throw it on, i also do not sweat since its air conditioned but i do not know about the rest who use mask/helmets (spiderman)

  • Ash

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Aveda hair products when it comes to not breaking people out. I don’t use hair product besides shampoo and conditioner so I don’t have much of an issue with it, but people have told me that Aveda is good to use if you have acne along your hairline. You’d have to look into it a bit more, but I thought I’d share.

  • White Fox

    Yes, hair procuts used to break me out so I had to completely stop using them. I tried Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel which is a good substitute, but after a while I had to realise quitting everything was the best for me.

  • Kris

    The hair gel I use never really effects my acne. This may be because the gel never really touches my forehead. If you have trouble doing that put your hand up like you are doing a salute and just separate the forehead from the hair. I use Got 2b Glued. (Male)

  • Carter

    Hard hats are a big irritator … for me I put on a sweat band (all the industrial sites have them, and sold at Acklands) and change it every couple weeks, or when it starts to look dirty or scummy. Unfortunately 10 hrs a day in a hat when it’s hot & sweaty is going to lead to breakouts.

  • Amira

    This problem really needs to be solved. I use to have the prettiest hair (It was my thing, since i have acne) and now after coming here to this site i have stopped using hair products all together. I buy conditioner but never use it. I would sometimes get a side swept bangs do whenever i got bored with my hair. And now my hair is plain. I don’t really curl it and do all that i use to. But after managing my acne and putting some hair products back into my routine i really only have a few products that don’t bother me.

    The first is hair gel, i have to say after using several types and even though treseme is my favorite. The Aussie hair gel is still really good and has not irritated my skin at all. It is great for running through and preventing flyways and keeps my hair nice and in place good enough and leaves my hair super soft. My b/f doesn’t like gel b/c he hates how they smell but he likes this too. His style is a fauxhawk and it works nice on him.

    For serum, and all though biosilk is my all time favorite. I think the generic paul mitchell super skinny at Sally’s beauty and supply store, is also great. If you are a fan of the paul mitchel brand name onel which is amazing also, you will also like this in that it smells the same. It doesn’t seem to work all day like the other two, but again helps with flyways and makes my hair nice and shiny and hasn’t bothered my skin either.

    I am working on finding the perfect conditioner. It seems like all are irritating, and so i only wash with shampoo. But without it my hair just isn’t as pretty as it use to be. So ill get back when i find one.

    I think all mouses are fine, i have not noticed any problem with any of them. However iam on the search for one that gives me volume, but that is a different story.

    I am also looking for a styling creme, so for those who like a textured look, and need styling products for bangs, and etc. So far all give me bad reactions

  • morgan

    Okay so starting with the helmet thing! I ride horses so i have to wear a helmet every day in the hot sun! i find that a good way to keep irritation away it to make a kind of protector. I just went to the walmart nearest me and got some soft but cushy fabric. then i bought just a little. I also bought some stick on velcro. with this i just cut a piece of fabric that would wrap all the way around the strap and added the velcro to make it stay! it works wonders. also be sure to clean your helmet. i just spray it out with water after every use!

    As for hair products, these may be a bit harder to find. i like the coconut ones by naturals. you can buy them at any walgreens. they have a great shampoo, conditioner, serum and many other hair products that are all natural and don’t irritate my skin. also dove products for me tend to not be harsh and not cause breakouts. I hope that this helped some people!

  • kris

    Matrix Sleek.Look and probably any shampoo/conditioner/serums that is for smoothing/straightening hair is a no no. I finally had clear skin last summer after months of the regimen, then I used Sleek.Look for about a month and a half. It took 10 weeks to recover. Horrible!!!

    However, there are a lot of salon professional products that will be nice to your skin like Abba, Pureology, etc.

  • Alex

    My rule is: If it’s going on my hair, it has to be okay to get on my face. So that being said, I use facial moisturizers to style my hair. I style my hair up, a little spiky, and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream works perfectly: a strong hold and doesn’t make me break out.

  • Taylor

    I play hockey in highschool, and me and many of the girls on my team experience frequent breakouts from the badding at the top of the helmet on our forehead and the chinstrap. One of the girls on my team told me to soak the chinstrap in benzol peroxide (i’m not sure how much concentration or anything) and her breakouts have slowly calmed down on her chin, I plan on doing this next season to see how it works. She said she does it weekly or sometimes every other week. Now about the forehead padding, since that part is stuck inside the helmet I honestly don’t know what to do with it. Hope that helped!

  • Taylor

    editting my previous comment. *padding at the top of the helmet