We originally heard that Olay was switching back to zinc oxide (from avobenzone) for their Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin product with SPF15 as of April, 2010. However, I’ve been looking on shelves and haven’t seen it yet, so I just gave them a call to see where the heck it is. I spoke to a very nice woman named Brandy over at Olay and she read from the official statement she had there in front of her. It said that they are actually going to be switching back to the original formula as of May, 2010. I asked if that meant the product would be available on store shelves in May and she said “yes”. So, hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on some of the original zinc oxide based stuff in May. It will have a slight name change she said. It will now be called:

Olay Complete Classic Gentle Formula

Kinda reminds me of Classic Coke πŸ™‚ Don’t change a good thing.

Bear in mind that while I think the Olay Complete Classic Gentle Formula should be good enough when combined with a few drops of jojoba oil, it is not ideal. So, I am still at it…working away at a good SPF for us. I’m testing lots of combinations of safe and effective ingredients to see if we can get one that doesn’t clog pores while at the same time eliminating flakiness and providing broad spectrum protection–an extremely tall order, and perhaps impossible, but I won’t stop trying.


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  • Debbie

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been checking the shelves as well, and trying to make my almost-empty bottle last until it comes back

  • Sophie

    Thanks Dan! I started checking stores the beginning of April, as well as the website, and was so bummed when they still didn’t have the old formula. Hopefully they keep their “promise” this time and in May we can all be prepared for summer again!

    p.s. the comments sections on olay’s website for the new “complete” line formula is hilarious… SO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAINING! I found maybe one person who liked the new lotions. The problem doesn’t even seem to be acne for many of the users; rather, the new formula simply doesn’t work well, plus many people complained it stained their clothing with weird colors. =/ Olay made a pretty stupid mistake changing the formula.

  • Elsie

    Thanks for your hard work Dan. Keep it up!

  • Michelle

    I have been using their Olay Complete SPF 30 Defense Daily UV Moisturizer – Sensitive Skin which has zinc oxide, and it works great.

  • Melissa

    Thank you Dan. I’m so glad because just the other day I desperately needed to buy a bottle and I checked the ingredients list and it wasnt the zinc oxide… I wasn’t too thrilled but oh well. Thanks again Dan for the update. I’l be sure to buy another bottle in May.

  • Jackie

    I tried the Olay SPF and broke out several times so I don’t use sunscreen now because I’m unable to find a suitable one which is really bad for my skin. Dan, please hurry with the spf! πŸ™‚

  • Catherine

    Oooo! So excited to hear you’re working on a sunscreen. I vote for zinc oxide- it can be whitening, but there are so few good zinc sunscreens out there that we could always use another to try! Plus zinc is very calming to the skin and a good option for sensitive skin, which a lot of us acne sufferers have.

    And for those waiting on the Play, Trader Joes’s has a version that is similar to Olay’s zinc formula. It’s not as good imo, but it’s the closest store brand I’ve found.

  • Tim

    Hey Dan,

    You should try Vichy Normaderm Pro mat. That’s a SPF 15 with LHA in it.for an Acne prone skin. Mix it with Joba Oil and it’s perfect. Here is link of the product: http://www.mistrys.co.uk/vichy-normaderm-pro-mat-matte-effect-hydrating-care-spf-15-p-5177.html.

    Vichy Normaderm Non-Stop Matte Effect Hydrating Care SPF 15.
    Vichy Normaderm Pro Mat Non-Stop Matte Effect Hydrating Care SPF 15 reduces shine and controls excess sebum to give you a smooth finish-and stays that way.

    When exposed to UV rays, skin can produce excess sebum to help defend its surface and reinforce its barrier function. This can also cause shiny-looking, oily skin.

    A double innovation to protect against recurrent shine.
    1 Dry Finish Technology. a sebum-regulating formula with micro-spheres for immediate “blotting effect”.

    2 UVA/UVB filters to help protect skin from excess sebum that can be caused by UV rays.
    Excellent make-up base. Avoid the eye contour area.


  • Scott


    I’m sure this was posted somewhere, but TARGET’s generic brand of the Olay Moisturizer never changed it’s formula. I continue to get the old version, and it’s cheaper too!

    Thanks for all your work Dan!!!


  • Zach

    Dan, my Dollar General just got this product in. On the back of the box, it shows a picture of the old product and said they renamed it and such.

  • Moony

    Hey Dan,

    I just came across this website;


    Personally, I think this is a really good guide on how to choose a safe sunscreen and perhaps from here, you could formulate one that suites sensitive, acne prone skin πŸ™‚ I really really recommend you to have a look at the website.


  • Sharyn

    Dan, I’m incredibly sensitive to anything with chemical sunscreen in it. I always break out from it. However, I’m having some good luck so far with a couple new products from Neutrogena. They now have an oil-free mineral moisturizer sunscreen that’s really lightweight and no chemicals. If you’re dry, you could probably add some jojoba oil, but I didn’t need to. Also, Neutrogena now sells a lightweight sunscreen that’s totally non-greasy and good for wearing under makeup. It does have some chemical sunscreen in it, but I’ve been okay so far. The thing I like about it is it doesn’t have that shine that many sunscreens leave on your skin.

    If you are creating one yourself, please try to do one that doesn’t have that horrible sunscreen smell or the shiny finish – especially for the face!


  • Chris

    Has anyone found the Olay SPF 15 sensitive skin with the “classic formula” available anywhere? I have looked in multiple stores and websites and do not see it available yet.

    Anybody have better luck in finding it?


  • Shanley

    Dan thanks for being persistant on the SPF front, I am continuing to wait for your version. I am loving your products and am finally (almost) acne free on my face for the first time in almost 16 years. THANKS!

    I found that I was really allergic to the avo, octo etc benzones and had really horrible reactions on my face that looked like chemical burns (probably was of some sort). So I was so happy to find your products that work! However living in Arizona I still need sunscreen, so I found the Walmart generic for Olay works really well and doesn’t have the benzone’s in it. Plus it’s cheap. It’s their Equate line.

    I have turned my BFF on to your products as well so we’re both enjoying our newly beautiful skin. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Joy

    There is also a Coppertone for sensitive skin (body and one for faces) that has zinc in it … might wanna check it out πŸ™‚ Great for body at the beach and stuff!

  • Christina

    I checked the shelves today at Super Target and the active ingredient is still Avobenzene. But the Target brand of the same type that is “compared to Olay” has zinc oxide as the active ingredient. I got that instead. And it’s cheaper than Olay! =)

  • Matt

    Still no old formula?? I’m starting to wonder if they will ever bring it back…

  • Maria

    I sure hope this is true, and it hits the stores everywhere soon. I stopped using their sunscreen, when they came out with the chemical formula, made my eyes burn, a rash and now they are saying the chemical sunscreens are harmful. I will continue to use zinc oxide or titanium, or just go without sunscreen. I will wait and see if Olay brings back the zinc!

  • jerry

    have anyone seen the classic new formula in stores yet? I’ve been waiting for it to come out since feb omg. my skin needs it really. please tell me guys out there if ever u happen to see one πŸ™‚ ty very much!

  • Monkey

    Just saw it at Walmart!!! It was 9 dollars and change for the large fluid bottle. Woop! Once I’m done with the Biore Skin Preservation, I’m getting the Olay Classic Gentle Formula!!

  • jerry

    great! but I hope I can find it here in Philippines πŸ˜€ anyone knows where to find it here in my country? ty ty

  • john

    in the philippines, i thnk this is the olay total effects for gentle skin. :p

  • jerry

    ohh John thanks for the info. by the way is that total effects as good as olay complete classic gentle?? ty

  • susan

    You can get the same exact formulation of the Olay Classic Gentle formula in Walmart. They have their own product and it is about $5.99 Just look on the box for the ingredients

    It’s called daily facial moisturizing lotion normal skin: called up&up

    It has uva/uvb protection

    I was very annoyed that Olay changed the product without even changing the name. I bought what I thought was the same product and ended up with burning eyes. I searched everywhere and finally found the walmart product.. the ingredients are exactly

  • jerry

    Up&Up is target’s generic brand and the Walmart’s is Equate. It has both the same ingredients as the classic gentle formula. But the equate has aloe vera in it which is a bonus for that. There is also one in CVS. Same ingredients w/ aloe. The only thing it doesn’t have is the tocopherol acetate. Lol I researched a lot. I think Equate is the best

  • kevin

    tretinoin is the answer.just be patient for 6 weeks rather than have acne for years.

  • Peach

    I need a good moisturizer WITHOUT sunscreen. I am advised by my doctor to get sun exposure daily. Neither Olay Total effects Vitamin complex nor the Deep Hydration cream indicate whether there is sunscreen or not. No information on Olay’s website either.