Right now, the Acne.org product bottles are nice and clean with lots of white space. Aesthetically speaking I think they’re beautiful. But yesterday, Kent had a brainstorm which I think is genius. Ever come across an idea that is so simple it makes you wonder why you haven’t always been doing it? Well, I was complaining to him that it’s hard for me to get people to follow the Regimen precisely sometimes. His response:

Why not print the long form of the regimen instructions right on the bottles?

That way the detailed Regimen is always with you, always in the bathroom, and always there if you need a refresher. People who only take a cursory glance at the Regimen on Acne.org before buying products will have better instructions as well. Heck, we could even give products to friends or family members and they could start the Regimen right away without having to visit Acne.org.

Is this a “duh!” idea or what!? Like, “duh, why haven’t we been doing this?”

The only potential downside is that some or much of the white space on the bottles might be filled in with instructions. However, I think we can design it so that the products not only remain beautiful, but achieve added interest. I’m working on mocking it up.

Also, while I’m at it, I am going to remove the big “ACNE.ORG” from the bottles. A bunch of you guys have asked that we do that, and this could be an opportunity to change that.

Unless you guys have strong feelings against this, I think it could be a really beneficial thing for a lot of people. Let me know what you think.


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  • Michael Saganski

    I think that’s a great idea Dan. I remember having to print out the regimen the first time I tried it. I brought it to the bathroom and found it to be a bit of an annoyance. This will definitely make things more convenient for people new to the regimen.

  • Realme2008

    Dan since their is so much space on the bottle, it wouldn’t hurt to add a picture of you on it also…

  • bibi

    I think it is a good idea to add the directions. It will be a good reminder for everyone, especially the people who are new in the regimen. I also think you should remove the name acne.org from the bottles.

  • Jordan

    They all sound like good ideas to me!

  • Kevin

    This sounds like a really good idea! and I feel removing acne.org from the bottle would be a great idea too. That way when people go in my bathroom I don’t have to be worried about them noticing my tubes and judging my skin. Maybe its about time you think of a good name to call your regimen. Something catchy. Something that can sell on store shelves and people can remember. Just like Proactiv, Clearasil, or Skin ID.

    I think that would be a good step forward to getting your regimen more commercial friendly.

  • PAt

    I think you should make it into a smaller acne.org instad of getting rid of it. It’s your website and product keep it on there.

  • Craig

    I think it’s a great idea. I’m curious to see what you guys come up with! I also like not having my bottles all have “acne.org” in large print. Not that it’s a big deal, but should be a beneficial change!

  • SilentWalker

    you got the idea from kent?….i guess you guys are still growing strong

  • Nursemardi

    I agree with Pat. Keep the acne.com. You should be proud of your success! I like the idea of putting the regimen on the bottles but my old eyes would NEVER be able to read it at the times I’m using the products. Maybe that would be good for the younger people using the product.

  • Erick

    i dont know man the idea of put the instuctions in the bottles is great but i love the logo, that one of the beautys of the bottle.

  • John

    YES please remove the “acne.org” thing… and YES put detailed instructions!

  • Sheryl

    Great idea to remove Acne.org from the bottles. I loved how the shipping boxes didn’t have that on them, bery discrete, and then I took the bottles out and there it was…so whenever I have company I hide them away in my bedroom.

  • Donna

    I think you should keep acne.org somewhere on the packaging, just not as a giant header. Maybe on the back, with the “Distributed By” info?

  • Sam

    maybe you can label it DK or danielkern.com or something along this line if you’re removing the acne.org? I don’t mind it to be honest but DK/danielkern can probably be marketed better

  • John

    Great idea Dan! It would also be really awesome if you removed the word “acne.org” because it’s pretty embarrassing carrying around bottles that say acne on it!

  • erik

    a lot of people hate the word “acne” because of the stigma that goes with the word. i would greatly appreciate if it wasn’t on the product or if it was removable. like others here, it’s a drag to have to hide your products when company is over.

  • alan

    I agree with erik. I always have to hide my bottles when company is over, and it’s a drag. If you could take acne.org off the bottles, that would be great.

  • Taylor

    I think intructions are a good idea, although I loved visiting the Acne.org website so I have the regimen down pat. As far as taking the big Acne.org headings off the bottles, I think this is a good idea too as I find myself worrying that people will go snooping through my bathroom cabinet and get freaked out about what they see. HAHA. BUT I do not think you should remove it completely, it’s your product, you formulated it, I think that if you just put it on the back in smaller font it would be better. Like, at the end of the directions, put “For more info, visit Acne.org”, something along those lines. But good ideas!

  • Lemin

    I wonder when this will happen.. I live in Holland and I would like to start with the regimen. After reading this blog I am willing to wait till the new product bottles are ready. I only hope it doesnt take too long or else cause I cant wait to order the regimen!!

  • dug

    Lemin, order the regimen, it works great and you can just hide the bottle or remove the label. I wouldn’t wait for a new line as I’m sure the actual ingredients will not change since it’s been so successful…..especially for me.

    I too do not like having something with the word acne right on the front but it is your product and you should be able to advertise. Kevin had a great idea with naming it something more marketable. I vote for removing it off the front and keeping it on the back in smaller print.

  • Joe

    Remove “ACNE.ORG”. I remember when the bottles didn’t have it featured so promineantly. Maybe you can just put “Face Wash” or something similar. The stigmata that comes with the word “ACNE” is pretty bad. When travelling, or staying at friends houses and bringing all the bottles – it’s embarassing.

  • Dan

    Cool. Thanks for the comments you guys. I’m taking them all under consideration.

  • jesse

    As someone who purchases this product and a graphic designer, these are my thoughts:

    1) You’re packaging was one reason why I decided to purchase your product after a large, unknown number of other failed acne regimens. I really had no intention whatsoever of trying another one, but after seeing the site and how professional and clean the design of your packaging was, I decided to give the acne.org product line a try. Clean, sophisticated, simple packaging adds credibility to your product. When you put more elements into the design, it looks cheap, sloppy, and like every other item out there.

    2) Detailed instructions would be helpful, but perhaps it would be a better idea to create a small printed piece that shipped with the product. If a tiny 4×5 booklet had clear pictures, and explained the regimen without getting too wordy, I think it would achieve the same effect.

    3) I understand what people are saying about how they feel it’s embarrassing to have something with “Acne” written on it laying around (and, as someone who has struggled with acne into adulthood, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed), but the name “Acne.org” is a huge pro to your product. As a domain, Acne.org is fantastically obvious to someone who needs help with their skin. As a product name, having the “.org” is great for getting them back to the site. I don’t think the name of the product should change, be removed, or resized in anyway, because of how it will continue to help people find the product and come back to the site.

  • c'est la vigne

    I agree with Jesse’s last point completely.

    I think that having ‘Acne.org’ featured on the products is a boon in so many ways.

    -They’re advertisements unto themselves.
    -People that see your products in other people’s houses immediately know where to find more information. -They say (to me, at least), “I’m not embarrassed. Acne is what it is. At least I’m taking steps to treat it.”. Taking ‘Acne.org’ off the bottles just feeds into the stigma that acne is something to be ashamed of.
    -They’re simple and clean looking. They state clearly what the brand is and what the product is.

    I’d actually be pretty sad to see it go. After all the work you’ve done to create this place, this regimen, and these wonderful products, I think it’s only fair that you should be able to get the message about Acne.org out there through the labels.

    That’s just me, though.

    I guess changing the labels to read “danielkern.com” would also get the message out in a sort of roundabout manner, and without mentioning acne, but, to me, that seems like it might cheapen the Acne.org experience. I feel like it would seem to make the store the focus instead of the community, which might lead people to believe that it’s more about making sales than really helping people.

  • Me

    Personally, I’m embarrassed when people see the big “acne.org” stamped on my products. So I think removing that is a great idea, and I’d also like to see the instructions on the bottle.

    Thanks for everything you do, Dan!

  • annie

    i agree with jesse. i am also a graphic designer, and was attracted to the clean, young design and packaging. while i don’t love the “acne.org” on the bottles, i don’t really have a problem with it. maybe you could keep it displayed prominently but have it so that that part of it is removable. like some kind of adhesive that could say “acne.org” that is easily removable if someone is more comfortable with that.

  • Ana Silva

    Keep ACNE.ORG on the bottles. If you really want to change something with that maybe make it smaller and place it on the back with the rest of the instructions. I think coming up with some cheesy name is pointless and defeats the purpose of what your products are about; simplicity in all aspects of the products. From ingredients, to design, name, regimen…all of it is clean, fresh and simple. I love how the name of the product is excactly the purpose of the product, like “cleanser” and “treatment.” I think its clever. If you want to give it a catchy name so people that are talking about it can call it something, try Kern skincare. Imagine “Hey, have you tried Kern’s products” or “Kern’s treatment.” That could work. But, by all means dont put your pic on there. Not that it isnt great but that is a little too unconventional and might be weird.
    Thanks for all your products, they have worked great for me. Keep doing what you do best!

  • Nicole

    Hi Dan,
    After 6 weeks of patience on the regimen and 15 years of acne, I am finally clear. Sure, I have scars, but no new acne, for several weeks. It’s amazing and I cannot thank you enough.

    Your packaging was professional and clean looking – HONEST looking. I didn’t feel you were trying to gimmick me. The price and packaging caused me to give it a try and I NEVER do that since I’d already given up after trying everything. Further, my husband is an economic/marketing major and loves the packaging. He immediately commented on the simplicity and design.

    Acne.org is your product. You need to keep that name on there, somewhere. If you like, redo the design (because it’s always fun to change things up!) but that’s your product and IT WORKS. Nothing to be ashamed of there!

    I want to sincerely thank you for these products/regimen and for saving my skin after numerous doctors, accutane and multiple products couldn’t.


  • Anonymous

    Def a yes on removing the huge acne.org from the bottles and GREAT idea Kent on putting the regimen right on the bottle! πŸ˜‰

  • Nicole

    Hi Dan,

    I too like the simple design of the bottle. Although the acne.org doesn’t bother me, I think that a name like DK or danielkern on the front would be wonderful. You have an excellent name to do that. I believe acne.org should still be on the bottle.


  • Jamie

    I don’t think you should get rid of the “Acne.org” logo on the bottles. A friend of mine, who has never had problems with acne, was looking at the bottles in my bathroom one time and commented on how cute they are!

    I really like how they are super simple. Having all the instructions on the bottles may be overkill, but as long as they were just on the back in the same cute font you have now it wouldn’t be a huge deal. πŸ™‚

  • Juan

    Hi Dan πŸ™‚

    When I first received my starter kit I was so impressed with the clean design of your bottles that I showed my whole family. It’s not embarrassing for me to leave the bottles in the bathroom, it’s more embarrassing not doing anything about the zits on my face! I love the idea of putting the instructions on the back, yay Kent! I also want to add that even if the “acne.org” isn’t on the front, people are going to be curious as to why you have cute little bottles sitting on your vanity.