I’ve been soaking in some rays in my back yard for the last couple of weeks. I wear a hat so I don’t expose my face and neck too much, but my body is exposed.

At any rate, bear with me, this might get a little yucky, but I’ve been lazy and not covering the outdoor wood chair I sit in with a towel. It’s been pretty warm too so I tend to sweat. The combo of the hard surface directly against the moist skin on my back caused some irritation and I found myself beginning to break out a bit on my back. The breakout may have been partially due to the sun exposure as well.

I decided to go on 100% attack! Last night I loaded on BP (2 pumps on each side of my back), waited 15 minutes for it to dry, and generously applied AHA.

Literally overnight my emerging breakout subsided to almost nothing. It just reminded me how powerful the severe back acne regimen really is. It also reminded me how important it is to be generous with product application.

Just thought I’d share. I had only a small emerging breakout – perhaps 3 or 4 small zits and some very small comedones. People who have more severe acne should not expect complete overnight clearing. However, even severe back acne should respond quickly and dramatically.

Because the skin on the back is so thick and tough, feel free to go full strength from day one should you decide to try it out.

I love instant gratification πŸ™‚

It’s raining today, so I guess no sun today…


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  • Steve K

    I can attest to those results…

  • Jason

    This works awesome for wintertime, but now with the summer approaching, the AHA is hard to use if you plan on being in the sun.

    I finally connected the dots between my ability to easily be scorched even though I was well-sunscreened: It was the AHA and when I stopped using it, the sunburning stopped. I wish there was a comparable lotion to AHA that could get me safely through the sun months because the back regimen works as advertised.

  • Realme2008

    …you shouldve at least took pictures of yourself in your bathing suit instead of wet chairs :/ and i also love instant gratification πŸ˜›

  • c'est la vigne

    Wow, your back yard looks awesome. I’m diggin’ all the green!

  • Uma

    I have started using the regimen – only BP in December last year and I want to thank you extremely for the product that is working well for me and keeping my face clear. I ordered my second round of BP today. Thanks so much !