A member emailed me asking me to try this product as a possible drugstore brand low-percentage benzoyl peroxide. My review:

The good: It is a gel that goes on clear. I much prefer gel based BP to cream based because gel based does not turn white when you perspire, and is easier to apply. It also has a nice fragrance–not an added fragrance, but just a nice scent from the ingredients in the product. Next, it is a 2% benzoyl peroxide, which is close to the 2.5% that I recommend. Studies have only been performed on 2.5% in comparison to higher percentages. 2.5% works just as well as higher percentages, but does 2%? I’m not certain, but my guess is that it probably does the trick. It comes in a 1oz. tube which, while still small, is still slightly larger than Neutrogena On-The-Spot.

The bad: The biggest drawback of this BP is that it gets gloopy when moisturizer is applied on top of it. I found the combination of this BP and moisturizer to be pretty yucky. Unfortunately, it was so bad that it really was a dealbreaker. The 1oz. size ($5.99 retail) is very small considering the amount of BP that is required to keep the skin clear. Using this BP with the Regimen could get very costly. Next, it is quite a thick consistency which makes it a little tough to apply. I would love to see it made in a thinner consistency.

The bottom line: I do not recommend this product for use with the Regimen because it does not seem to work well with moisturizer, is overly thick, and comes in a small size. However, if you can find a moisturizer that works well with it, take extra care to apply it very gently, and can afford the cost, it may be OK in a pinch.


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  • clearksin2010

    I used this a few years ago when it first came out, and it balled up terrribly under my moisturizer. However, I’ve heard the formula has changed since then, but it seems you’re having problems too.

  • MaryJane25

    I currently use this product and it has worked PHENOMENALLY for me. If you use as “The Regimen” instructs, it will not “ball up” under moisturizer… What I mean by this is: Apply to your face and wait 15 minutes for it to dry and soak into your skin. THEN apply moisturizer. This product has cleared me up. I use it twice a day and slather on a very thick amount – as directed by “The Regimen” – and wait 15 minutes. Then apply moisturizer. Fantastic product for me!

  • clearskin2010

    MaryJane, I NEVER wait 15 minutes for anything regarding my skin! That’s why I ordered Max Clarity. The stuff dries immediately. I barely wait 2 minutes at best. I believe you’re on to something!

  • Christina

    I saw this today and just opted for the Neutrogenia. But I might give this a try when my Neutrogenia runs out.

  • Jenasim

    I started using this product about a week ago and I like it. I have sensitive skin, so I apply it in a pretty thin layer about ever other day. It’s the only acne medicine I am using and it seems to be working really well. I have noticed a large reduction in pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads, and my skin is much more smooth. However I did apply too much last night and my skin was a bit itchy and red this morning. But some Calamine lotion made that go away in about 10 minutes.

  • Ben

    I had issues with Acne on my forehead on an off for a while now, I am 28 and still have break outs sometimes. I have known about Acne.org for a while, but recently read some more about the Regiment and decided to give it a try, I ordered the products from Dan but I didn’t want to wait for I had my wife go to the pharmacy and I specifically told her to find me a BP GEL based lotion with 2.5% of the ingredient. She called me and said she can only get one which is the Terminator by AcneFree.

    So far I see great results in the one week I have been using it. I have been using a lot of the BP on my forehead and it cleared up some really deep cystic pimples, and I don’t have any new ones showing up yet. I do have some burning which goes away after the lotion is applied. I use Aveno Face lotion in the small container, which works well, but as the FAQ mentions I should be having some burning or redness when just starting to use BP. Oh and no problems using the lotion or moisturizer after the BP, I let it dry for a few minutes then apply. Definitely a good alternative if you need some gel BP and your only option is a local store, plus it is a perfect travel size.

  • Price

    In my 40’s. Ths product worked great for me for the last 10 years. I cannot find it in any store in 2011. Struggling to find an equivalent.