Hey you guys. I’ve been tossing around the idea of making a Regimen iPhone app so people can time the Regimen steps, read the Regimen instructions on their iPhones, or even do the regimen in real time right with me.

iphone app sample screen iphone app sample screen
iphone app sample screen iphone app sample screen

Do you think you would use this? Or do you think people who don’t already know of Acne.org would find it helpful?

Ultimately, I’m looking to at least make an iPhone-friendly version of Acne.org. But an app in particular? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

P.S. I’ll try to include other smartphones other than the iPhone in any final decisions.


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  • Kevin

    Being a regimen user for almost a year, I would not use this app. However, if you started making daily video blogs again, I would use it to check them out from time to time.

    Its always good to start somewhere though and hopefully it can help you gain the attention of new people. I say go for it.

  • Sam

    I think an Acne.org app would be a great idea. I personally wouldn’t use the “regimen steps” aspect of the app, but I know other people would find it very helpful. A reviews page and your blog could also be included

  • E

    I have been using the reginmen for more than a year now. I don’t think the app would help out at all. The regimen is not that complicated to follow. I would say it’s a brilliant idea but at the same time it’s a waste of time to make one.

  • Realme2008


  • mike

    waste of time

  • Michelle

    agree with mike

  • Richard

    it would be useless for people like me who been on the regimen for more than a year but the app could draw some attention to others that are not aware of acne.org, would be cool if the iste in general was mobile friendly and Dan it would be awesome if there was a chat messenger in the site

  • Stan

    Yeah I think it would be cool but really a waste of time. You should however put your energy into a mobile-friendly website. That way, for example you could read product reviews on the go or read the pages. And as Kevin said, I really am missing watching your daily video blogs.

  • Realme2008

    yea Dan make videos! stop hiding your sexy self! πŸ˜‰

  • yue yang

    thumbs up!! maybe in the future, we can buy products directly off the iphone app etc!

  • Anonymous

    Waste of time imo. Making an iphone-friendly acne.org website would be so much better and more convient for you. It could include everything you want in an app.

    I miss the daily videos Dan!!!

  • SilentWalker


    And a few suggestions:

    The app should run offline, i.e. viewing the regimen should not require internet access.

    Allow integration with the Acne.org products database, so that we can search (online) for products and reviews that are found here – http://www.acne.org/reviews/. Cache each page we visit so that we can view it offline later, and update it when we get internet access. Keep the categorization and sub-categories as is currently seen on the site.

  • eRICK

    YES shure is a good idea dan, you are so smart

  • Anonymous

    i think its an excellent idea, maybe people who have been on the regimen for a while wouldn’t need it but it would be ideal for beginners to guide them through the steps without needing to take a computer or paper instructions into the bathroom.
    its also another way of getting the regimen out there and reaching people through another medium. i also think its a good idea for those who have been on the regimen for a while to check they’re doing everything correctly, e.g. by matching up their times with yours.
    id definitely give it a go dan, if only i had an iphone to try it out on!

  • Aaron

    Love the idea!

  • Chris

    I think its a great idea Dan! I for one am a proud iphone user… and a proud regimen user of 3 months now! I would definitely download it as a great reference app. I think that you should really, REALLY bring back your daily videos though! ; ) wink… lol I would also consider building an app for the Android, and BlackBerry platforms as well, if you have the time. This would cover enough ground to really get the word out there. Also… just a thought, if you were to consider a mobile acne.org app, (or even just a mobile version of acne.org) it would be nice to be able to access your DanielKern.com account directly from the app to make regimen purchases on the go!

    All in all I love the idea! I hope to see it come to life someday!!

  • nexzen

    i want this… my timings are a bit off sometimes 10 hrs in between sometimes 12 sometimes 8… doing it in real time with you would help me develop some schedule and organization in my life. I’ve been trying to but i it’s not going so well. I am a month n 2 weeks into your product and my acne is gone but not as gone as its suppose to be and i am pretty sure it is because i don’t follow it precisely with the timings. So please come out with this.. iphone, android, blackberry and the upcoming windows phone 7 series. I own an iphone so please go right ahead and bring this out.

  • Desiree

    this would be super cool! make it happen dan.

  • Realme2008

    also include a section where its just pictures of you πŸ˜‰

  • SilentWalker

    Okay seriously, you guys are creeps.^

  • mmize

    I like the idea of having a timer that will notify me later in the day when I need to complete the regimen for a second time. You could probably just ask for a start time and then have it notify the user at that time and 12 hours later. You could even have a picture of you pop up on the screen at the designated times; that might motivate some people…

  • ^_^

    lmao @ Realme2008!

  • realfirst

    I dont use my itouch very much i have only some apps but i’d LOVE to have an app that helps me doin my regimen !!!
    i’d love to be able to set up my regimen where push notifications pop up whenever i have to wash my face (in order to have a 12 hours break). it would also be nice if people could upload their regimen so that everyone may download it to his iphone and use it. a little timer for the regimen would also be cool! (for the breaks between the steps (cleanse-wait-bp-wait-moisturize). it would also be cool to have a list of all tested products (offline would be the best – downloadable would be cool πŸ˜› ) so that its easy to choose and to buy whenever youre in a shop.

  • Christina

    I think this is a great idea…esp for first time users. I remember thinking to myself that I wish I had a personal “coach” to walk me through it all… with this iphone application, each user would have their own personal coach!

    Additional Ideas:
    -a “note” or journal area where people can log their personal daily reactions to the regimen and chart their progress to keep themselves motivated (a la nike plus)
    -a place where people can look at reviews of other products (this would be handy to have on hand if you are out and shopping for items)

    I do agree that for long time users of the regimen, this may not be as useful, but I think it might be helpful to first time users who are unsure how/where to begin and need some “one on one” help.

    Would this app be free?

  • Mario

    Make it. I don’t even go to bathroom without my Iphone!

  • charlie

    I think that would be a great idea, why not? Obviously not everyone who has an iphone and is on the regimen are going to use it but i would download it at least give it a shot.

  • me

    I think this is a great idea. I agree with others that it is great for people when they first start using the regimen. Remember that lots of people have difficulty with the regimen at first following it to a T and the prompts and timers would help. Also you could add a feature where if they want to start the regimen with day 1 it prompts them to take a photo with their iphone. Then a prompt could ask them to take a comparison photo after a week, then 2 etc. Then tips could pop up that coincide with time periods. For example I remember the first regimen try after 2 weeks my face felt like a sunburn but was very clear. It hurt to smile. I went on the boards and common mistakes pages to find answers, but if the tip came up that i might reduce discomfort by not ramping up so fast it would have been great, and also a tip to stick with the regimen and the discomfort would subside (I like many quit and came back a few times before really sticking to it and getting great results). I also think the prompts to do the 2nd regimen after a 12 hour break would be great. I work as a nurse and I have different schedules all the time. This would really help me keep up and not forget to REGIMEN!

  • teh1969

    i would definitely go for it. i’m on my i-phone way more than the internet now and i found you on google. i search i-phone apps tirelessly for new things. i’m a acne sufferer (of course) and if this was an app, would have found you two years ago. go for it!

  • teh1969

    oh, to add. found you today, signed up and bought product! that should tell you…LOL!

  • Steve K

    I think this is a GREAT idea. Not because I would use it often – I wouldn’t. I feel it would be fantastic to be in the App Store database. Apps, as I’ve experienced them, are a very social thing, and being a part of this experience would be highly beneficial in the quest to get more people into the acne.org regimen. If a flashlight app can be downloaded hundreds of thousands of times than an app that will help the prime demographic of the app store – acne prone teens – clear their faces and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful system will most certainly get the word out.

    In short, it isn’t a waste of time. Think about it. I rarely visit this site or read the page about the regimen – but still use the regimen twice a day and buy your products every single month. I don’t look at the page and use it every day – but I am still a part of the acne.org community, I still use the regimen and still buy your products. I still LOVE the system. The system still works like nothing else.

    If your goal is to get as many people as possible cleared up, this app would be a major step toward that goal.

    Making just an iPhone friendly version will not be very beneficial in accomplishing your goal of an acne free world, as it won’t be in the App Store database.

  • Realme2008

    DAN! if you do make the app along with doing the regimen with you, dont just do face regimen.. make sure to add you doing the regimen on your back and chest also or any other areas you break out..;)

  • Dan

    Thanks for your feedback you guys! I’m on it. More of you think it’s a good idea than a flop, so I’ll see if I can make this happen.

    While I’m at it, I’ll be sure to look into making the acne.org web site smart phone friendly.

    Also, the APP would be free.

    Lastly, I am planning on making the APP complete with back/body/neck regimens as well.

  • Lucas

    DAN please make videos again!! we all love you!!!

  • Kristen

    I think it would be really cool to have this app on my i-touch– sometimes I overthink what I am doing and stress out, did I put the lotion on too fast after washing, am I washing too vigorously blah blah blah so it would be kind of like a reinforcement to see the regimen on my i-touch in a convenient way…

    Dan, is it safe to apply the AHA+ on top of Benzaclin? I have cystic acne, and bought your treatment lotion (which I LOVE because it doesn’t sting or dry me the way Benzaclin does, so I like to use it when my skin feels irritated from the Benzaclin and will only tolerate 2.5% BP — is this okay to do? Anyone who has this experience, please feel free to answer, it will be MUCH appreciated!

  • Gil

    GREAT IDEA! Its awesome to have a iphone app that will go do everything with you during the regime. However, its not efficient, i cant imagine someone constantly touching their iphone and their face that the same time. Bad mix isn’t it?
    Its a great idea, i love it, its adorable. Its just not something i would use. It is an interesting app, and i would definitely download it just for fun. I’d say go for it just for fun. Don’t strain yourself on this project though.

  • Alicia

    I SAY DO IT! I love Iphone apps in general – makes things so simple and “mobile” heh. Also, it’d be a mobile version of the site, itself.

  • Nicole

    I’d definitely love it and use it!

  • Debi

    Do it!!

  • Anonymous

    I do wish you all did more youtube videos, I recently watched them all and just purchased your BP.

  • Jocelyn

    I just ordered the regimen and was actually looking for an app. So obviously I would love if you did come up with something.