A February, 2010 article in the JDDG (Journal of the German Society of Dermatology) entitled “FoxO1 – the key for the pathogenesis and therapy of acne?” came across my desk recently. For those of you out there who are medical researchers or just into this stuff, if you want to look into this with me, it would be cool to see if we agree with the author’s hypothesis.

Basically, what the author, Bodo Melnik, proposes is that lowered levels of Fox01 (a nuclear transcription factor) leads to all of the processes we see in acne formation: the androgen/acne connection, cell wall overgrowth, increased sebum, higher levels of acne bacteria, and ensuing inflammation. He proposes that environmental factors which upregulate Fox01, such as diet, retinoids, and antibiotics, may all work to a degree because of this Fox01 stimulation.

We know that acne has a genetic component, so it’s worthwhile to look at gene expression when attempting to gauge what causes acne, and how it might be treated. If in fact Fox01 turns out to be a key factor in acne pathogenesis, perhaps Fox01 therapy could be around the corner. It’s interesting to think about. I hope to see more study in this area.


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  • Anonymous

    Great article!

  • crystal_willow

    oh my god, this is the most hopeful thing I have read in AGES!!
    plus I am now smug for my dietry interventions 🙂

  • crystal_willow

    also guys, before trying Fox01 therapy probably a better idea to look into the environmental side of what causes less Fox01 to be produced i.e improve diet etc