I’ve never offered automatic shipments because I thought it might be perceived as pushy, and Acne.org has never been about pushing product. But I frequently get requests to set up an auto-ship program from people who would prefer to not have to log in and reorder regularly. I’ve been thinking through how it might work and I’m thinking we could offer the best of both worlds. What do you guys think of the following scenario?:

What if we set up an auto-ship option, but it would be purely optional? People who want to log in and reorder can always do so, and nothing would change for them.
Also, what if the auto-shipments were fully customizable and super easily cancelled, a la Netflix? That way if you did choose auto-shipments you could always change what you wanted to receive and how often you wanted to receive it on the fly. And, if and when you wanted to cancel, it would be as easy as clicking “Cancel” one time.

Anyway, as always, I wanted to get your weigh in before I moved forward…


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  • Danielle

    I really like that idea, and it sounds like you are going to make it easy and simple. Your site is really well designed and easy to access information. It sound like a win-win for acne.org customers. I vote yes!

  • Susan H.

    Sounds like a good idea to me. I wouldn’t be it at first because I don’t know yet how much of which products I’m going to need long-term, but I wouldn’t mind having the option.

  • Susan H.

    *wouldn’t use

  • Michelle

    It’s a nice option for certain people.
    I wouldn’t use it though, since I prefer to order whenever I want.

  • Realme2008

    just auto-ship urself to me Dan and some jojoba oil πŸ˜‰

  • Desiree

    i think this is a great idea, ive been waiting for this.

  • Sam

    this sounds like a great idea, i would like this

  • Melissa

    I love this idea. The fact that you’re making it really flexible makes it even better. I know that if you do offer it, I will most definitely be using the service πŸ™‚

  • ^_^

    that sounds good………. lots of calculations ahead for me =o

    ala Netflix would b great! Netflix is so user friendly AKA easy

  • Adam

    Make it happen Dan. I love this idea.

  • Q

    Would be great if you did a subscribe and save option like Amazon does

  • ^_^


  • Andres Meza

    Sounds like a good option to have for people that really want it. I personally would not use it because I like to order whatever I want. It would be a little tricky in a couple of senarios for people.

    Ex. I order my BP, AHA, and umm Jojoba or face wash. They all get to me at the same time. I use all this stuff accordingly, the product contents start diminishing, but all at a diffrent rate. My BP will finish faster then my AHA or facewash(just an example, my facwash last me a long time). My facewash will finish faster then my AHA, and you get the picture. Now for my next order thats coming in all I need is BP or facewash, so I have to log back into acne.org and change what products are coming to me. and if that happens then I’m going to log back in every time, so auto shiping would then be not so automatic for me.

    It’s a good idea in theory for people who order like one product or people who finish there products at the same time, and the idea of making it so easy is nice.
    I hope this helps Dan.

  • java

    off topic – when will the new moisturizer be ready?

    Also, glad you’re incorporating jojoba oil into a bonafide part of your regimen. This stuff is awesome. It deserves it’s rightful place in the regimen.

  • Gillian

    Hey Dan,
    This isn’t about your blog entry here but I have a question! I wanted to email it to you or something like that but I couldn’t see anywhere where I could that so I’m just going to post in here and cross my fingers that you read it!

    Basically I’ve been going through your blog and videos and you don’t have anything on the effects of Emu Oil on discoloration scarring. I’ve heard that it can be effective but I’ve never heard how much or seen an before or after pictures… NOTHING! So I was wondering if you could maybe do some research and post an entry about it or something?

    Thanks =)

  • Sharpy

    It’s fine with me if it’s an option. I wouldn’t use it though.

  • Andrew

    Hi Dan,

    I would not personally use this, but I have managed orders for customers before on a re-occurring basis using an automated system.

    They do appreciate receiving an e-mail a few days in advance as a reminder that their credit card will be charged and their order will be dispatched in a few days.

    It lets people know they may need to plain for funds to be available, double check that they still want the order, and give them the opportunity to cancel the order if necessary.

  • Debra

    Interesting this question was asked, because this is what brought me to your blog. Looking for answers if it was a re-occurring automated system, because as a first time customer I was extermely nervous that the system was already in place and I wasn’t aware because I didn’t read the ‘fine’ print. I bought your product for as a birthday gift for my son, which I’m planning on doing the same for Christmas.

    I personally am very pleased this is not an default option. I believe it would totally benefit your monthly customers base though. So, if you decide to move forward on this option, I would recommend not making it as a default, but having your customer select the option.

  • Roxanne

    I think its a lovely idea for most people. I would not use it because my products are starting to run out at different rates and the amount of money available to use for the products changes week-to-week or so. I figure I’d be changing my auto-ship options so much it’d be practically the same as logging in to order anyways. But it couldn’t hurt to have the option there! I’m sure lots of people would find the idea appealing.

  • Adrean

    personally, I wouldn’t use it because I like to order when I want, but a good option Dan!

  • Alex

    Its a great idea, and I would use it.

  • erik

    options and convenience are always a good thing.

  • Russonda Jackson

    I like the way you have now, because I get to order when I want.

    *Please dont change it*

  • Russonda Jackson

    I like the way you have it now, because we get to order when we want. And that makes you different from all the other product companies we have tried in the past. Your products are awesome. But leave everything how it is….


  • Amy

    I think an auto delivery option is a fabulous idea.
    Also, I know your prices are already pretty low, but if having an auto ship program saves acne.org any money, you could pass some of that on to us πŸ™‚ I know some companies, like skinstore.com offer 20% off products that customers put on an auto ship program (the 20% off I starts with the 2nd shipment – you only get 10% off the initial order).

  • charlie

    I wouldn’t use it at first because i’m still not sure on how often i would need it but i think that i would eventually use it and i do think it would be a great thing to offer.

  • Erick

    excelent idea

  • Nursemardi

    It’s a great option, but I doubt I would use it.

  • Terrie

    If you decide to offer this: I think it would be an excellent idea to wait till at least the customer’s 2nd order and then offer it privately in a follow up email where it can be explained in detail.
    So many companies use auto ship to trick customers – they “lose cancelations”, claim it is” too late to cancel for the month”, etc. that I am hesitant to buy from any company that pushes auto ship and am sure I am not the only one.
    But offering it as a courtesy to loyal customers comes across much more the way I think you intend the service.