I got an email from an acne.org member encouraging me to try this electric razor. It has a head which rotates extremely fast and the makers advertise that it cuts hair up to 270 times a second. It is a wet shaver that you use in the shower with shaving cream, or in my case, lather from Acne.org cleanser. I tried it for three days, hoping to give it a little time to get used to it and nail the technique. Unfortunately, it never worked well for me. No matter how hard I pressed it didn’t provide anything near a close shave. I prefer a close shave. Otherwise I end up feeling kinda gross toward the end of the day. Also, it took a while to complete the shave–quite a bit longer than with a 2-blade razor. It felt more irritating than a 2-blade as well. While it was not the most irritating electric I’ve tried, it did still have the feel of an electric. In other words, horrendous. I am pretty much giving up on trialing electrics at this point. I’ve tried probably a dozen of them and none have come even close to producing the low irritation and close shave of a 2-blade razor. Lastly, I got some obvious irritation on my neck, as electrics are wont to do. You can’t see it well in the picture, but it was pretty gross lookin’ for a day or two.

Bottom line: When comparing the rotoshave to 2-blade razors, and the Gillette Trac II Plus in particular, it is no contest. The Trac II Plus wins hands down. Every electric razor I have ever tried is irritating. This one was no exception.

One potential use: For people with lots of pustules and very bumpy, irregular skin, who prefer a shave that is not very close, this shaver may be worth a try. Since it does not offer a close shave, it may be less likely to nick very bumpy skin with lots of active acne.

[Acne.org’s guide to shaving]


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  • Chris G.

    Perhaps our differing experience with the Rotoshave is just a question of the closeness of the shave. I, for instance, never press down with the Rotoshave even the slightest (you aren’t supposed to, by the way), and it feels exceedingly gentle and I finish with remarkable speed. I’ve also always achieved just as close a shave with the Rotoshave as my 2-bladed razors and actually found it far less irritating. The Rotoshave actually seemed to reduce for me the problem you photographed, which I would get from my 2-blade, lol, so that’s a bit of an ironic reversal in experience. (I do occasionally get it with the Rotoshave, but less often.)

    From this I question whether I’m actually getting as close of a shave with my 2-blade as I think! Haha. I’ve used the Sensor Excel and disposable Good News and other 2-bladed disposables, but I haven’t used the TracII, do you think that would make the difference?

    Thanks so much for trying it from my email Dan, I’m continually impressed with your dedication to the community. πŸ™‚ I think maybe those of us who don’t require quite as close of a shave could still fall very much in love with this product, I personally considered mine quite close because it bested my all of my 2-bladed experience, but not as close as it could be (shaving against the grain gives me that, but with irritation). Maybe I just need to try the TracII?

    I suppose I’m still a little confused. πŸ™‚ In my experience it bested my 2-blades in every category, but all of the above have never given *me* a super close shave, that is true, and apparently you have a different experience! For me, the Rotoshave is the best thing I’ve done for my skin, and I still think it can be for many of us, however I will see if the TracII can trump it, thanks again Dan.

  • Geo

    blades are useless if they can perfect the blades id lve the razor but right now ts junk.

  • Richard

    This is the best razor I ever used. I use it in the shower, and the trick is you have to wet your face and use very little shaving cream. I get a very close shave with no irritation, and you can not cut yourself even if you shave over your lips. You can be done very quickly, but I like it very close so it takes me a little longer. I now shave every two days since it shaves very close. I have been using the same blade for about 2 months, and it is still sharp. You have to get used to using it. I find if I want it very close, I go back over my face moving the razor in a side by side, and round and round motion, and it still does not cut you. Worth the money.

  • JJR

    Well atleast you guys received the product to find out whether or not it worked for you.Here’s my situation if you wouldn’t mind me sharing my experience or lack thereof with Rotoshave/Tri-star which is the company that produces the Rotoshave.Back in January 2010 I saw the late night infomercial about this razor so I decided after it was over I would give them a call and get the information I needed to send them out a money order (sorry but I’m too paranoid to use credit cards).Anyway after talking to a female representative for several minutes and getting my aforementioned information I needed you know the basics you need when and if at ever you send out a money order stuff such as the companys address the products full price which includes such details as S and H,sales taxes,and state taxes I was told numerous times after repeadetly making sure that they got the facts straight that the razor would be a flat $100.00 dollars and that would get me the product no further questions asked,so with that being I went and purchased myself a money order filled it out and sent it to Rotoshave p.o. box 3125 Wallingford,CT 069494 by the way this was on or around the 11th of January.About 3 weeks later out of curiosity I called the company up to find out if they received my money order and when I would be getting my product,the man on the other end of the line proceeded to tell me that basically I was short changing and that I wouldn’t be receiving their item and I said what do you mean and he told me that I still owed them 8.1 % sales tax from the state of Nevada I exclaimed that I didn’t find that fair because I wasn’t told of no such thing during my prior call,he then rudely told me that I would be getting my money order back and then he hung up on me.I got the money order back a few days later with no letter of rejection explaining anything based on why I was being rejected just my money order in a basic envelope,so here’s the kicker I myself have a tendency to lean towards forgiveness so I decided that I would give them another chance and send them out the needed amount but instead of having to fork over another $100.00 dollars for a new money order I chose to re-use the one they gave back to me seeing that it was still in good shape and hadn’t been cashed yet along with a newly purchased one for $9.00 ( I thought I may be doing them and myself a favor by rounding up since I found no point in paying such an odd amount $8.09 mind you for a new money order I was willing to spare the extra 91 cents to make it even I know to some that may seem senseless but to me it isn’t).Anyhow I filled out the new $ 9.00 money order in which I wrote for sales tax on it and along with the old one in the same envelope I sent them back to Rotoshave.A few days afterwards I called them back up to find out if they got them that’s when they told me that they had the one for $ 100.00 but they had no recollection of ever receiving the $9.00 one and that my order would be suspended yet again until I paid in full.Not getting anywhere with them during that call I hung up and I then went and called the 1-800 number on the back of my money order stubs to see when and if they were cashed,after putting in my serial numbers and other what nots the automated system informed me that both of them were cashed on February 16th 2010.Overall not to judge you or to be rude or anything about your experiences whether or not they were good or bad I haven’t a nice thing to verbalize about this corporation/company for the past 8 months or so I ‘ve been through so much with them trying to get either a refund back or my product sent out to me.During this time I’ve gotten legal advise from JAG over at Nellis AFB,I have also been in correspondence with the Connecticut Consumer Protection Agency for the past 5 months or so who somehow by miraculous chance got a response back from Tri-star the mother company of Emjoi/Rotoshave which stated their denials and basically said I was trying to pull a scam ,and now currently I’m about to start the process of getting a claim card which will be processed by money gram to find out who exactly signed off on these money orders,these claim cards by the way will cost me $30 $15 apiece.To close this rant,diatribe,or whatever you may want to refer to it as all I have left to say is quoting an old time adage buyer(s) beware.

  • Alex

    Hi, from my personal experience I can say that switching to an electric shaver helped me a lot.
    Also clean you face well before shaving and use a good moisturizer after shaving.