Someone emailed me recently to ask about napkins and if they were a potential source of irritation. We know that irritation of any kind—like picking at the skin, facemasks rubbing against the skin, and hats binding the skin of the forehead—can potentially aggravate acne. This is why it might seem like every time you get a cold you tend to break out on your nose in the immediate aftermath. You’ve simply been irritating the skin around the nose with constant blowing.

Napkins, much like tissues, are an unavoidable part of life. We all get messy at times. So it’s best to simply reduce the potential amount of irritation when using napkins. My best advice for when you get something on your face while you eat is to gently wipe it off with a napkin and then be done with it. Avoid wetting the napkin, and avoid washing your face during the day. Twice a day is the most you ever want to wash. Simply wipe up the spill and try to avoid rubbing too hard or for too long. An occasional spill, when cleaned gently, needn’t lead to a breakout.

3 Responses to “Quick tip: Irritation from napkins”

  • Jordan

    If you can help it, try running to the washroom and washing the mess off with water and patting dry with a towel. Might save yourself from irritation that way. I’ve done the same.

  • DarrenElkins

    I respectfully disagree Dan. Rinsing the face a third or even fourth time during the day is ok if you are oily!! There is no universal truth when dealing with this powerful condition!! Kill the oil and extinguish acne!!

  • Eve

    Has anyone had this: I went to a cafe wiped my mouth and chin with a white bleached serviette-a big thick serviette that’s made from wood pulp not cotton as tissues are. And the next day my lips and chin all dry and cracked and feels burny-stingy. I used coconut oil+hemp seed oil (organci unrefined) for 9 days and it eventually healed into scab like peeling then stupidly got sun burnt following 3 days and its back again. I’ve had this now for 2 weeks. My chin is red and sore. Lips healed but chin isn’t yet. I can feel it stinging and don’t understand why? I swim daily in the surf but I thought the salt and minerals would heal it quicker – but is it making it worse? I’ts v frustrating I’ve never had this before but then these serviettes are horrible and obviously have high percentage bleach on it and who knows what chemicals are in the wood pulp too anybodies guess. I’m going back to handkerchiefs. Anyone have same issue how long did yours take to heal and what did you do? Thanks guys

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