Hey you guys. We started the free shipping this week for U.S. only, because International shipping is usually too much for us to cover. But lots of you guys living around the world weren’t feeling the love so we made it so you get $10 off shipping if you add a jojoba oil to your cart too.


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  • Elsie

    Thanks Dan! Do you know when we have until to order?

  • Jen

    Thanks for the nice gesture for us international people. However, before this ‘deal’, I was able to get the products shipped to me for ~$8 using First Class Mail Internationl (1-3 )weeks. Now the cheapest is $23.31 (with the jojoba oil). I guess I’ll wait until this ‘deal’ is over to purchase the products.

  • Sierra117

    Whining even when they get a discount.

  • Brendan H

    Jen got a discount from $8.. UP to $23.31..
    Not really a discount by any means.

  • Sheryl

    Good Lord.

    Give the man a break.

    We’re not talking Neutrogena here, a multi billion dollar business.

    We should all be grateful for all the wonderful doors this website has opened for us. I know I am.

  • Dan

    I don’t know what’s up Jen, but our shipping rates didn’t change at all with this. Perhaps the jojoba brought you to a new pound weight, thus increasing shipping. Sometimes when you go from, for example 31 ounces up to 33 ounces, that takes you up to the 3lb. package weight and subsequent pricing. As we have always done, we charge to the penny what we pay for shipping. I have never made a dime from shipping costs.

  • Taylor

    Thanks for this Dan, we love you up here in Canada!

  • Monica

    Thanks Dan!

  • Jon

    Thanks Dan!! 🙂

  • ^_^

    woot woot yay dan =)

  • nekochan

    Yo, Dan ! Received my jojoba oil — (courtesy of the free shipping deal!) — a big thumb’s up.

    — It’s been a long, crappy winter out here in DC — the air in my townhouse gets really dry with the forced-air heat. So even though I reapply moisturizer often, nothing really helps my hands & legs. Until now : the jojoba goes on smoothly & isnt greasy and eases the dryness unlike my regular products. Looking forward to mixing it w/your moisturizer next & trying it on my face.

    — And best of all: it’s fragrance free w/no cloying perfumy scent~!



  • John

    Hey Dan,

    Great website! It’s really helped me and a lot of my friends. I was just wondering if you could comment or blog your thoughts about oil blotting papers for people with oily skin. Also, what are your thoughts on pore strips for your nose? I would leave to hear your opinion. Thanks!