I’ve always said I think everyone should have some jojoba oil around. It’s brilliant in moisturizer, and is also nice for a ton of other things. I use it as lip balm before bed and if I ever get a massage I bring it along as a non-comedogenic massage oil. My female friends tell me it’s a great make-up remover too.

We decided that to encourage people to try it we’d offer free shipping if you include one in your order for the month of February.

If you can’t order online, you can get organic jojoba oil at most health food stores too. It’s definitely worth trying.


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  • nexzen

    ahh man jus ordered on jan 26th i feel so bad now….it hasn’t even come here yet…. πŸ™

  • Elsie

    Hi Dan!

    Does the free shipping only apply:
    – if the only thing you’re ordering is jojoba oil OR
    – if you buy a bunch of stuff including jojoba oil, only the jojoba oil is shipped free, everything else’s shipping must be paid for OR
    – if you buy a bunch of stuff including jojoba oil, then the whole thing is shipped free

    Does it apply to international orders?

    Thanks so much for your website and all your help.

  • Joel

    The offer applies to U.S. only. Free shipping applies to the entire order, no matter what your shopping cart contains, as long as you have at least one Jojoba Oil in your cart.

  • Monica

    I understand why international shipping is not free, but you should atleast give us some discount.

  • Realme2008

    i read all the uses of jojoba oil but i also discovered a a new use for it besides what dan suggest to use it for πŸ˜‰

  • Seth

    I agree with Monica! Talk about disregarding your international followers and fans.

    I understand that offering free international shipping would have been a big ask, but to not even offer a discount equivalent to the free US shipping saving is really mean! I’m really disappointed by the news and the US-only focus.

  • Monica


  • Jon

    Damn, I just received my order today πŸ™

  • S-man

    Yeah, some discount for international customers would be nice…

  • Jon

    I agree, some international discount would be good. Just think of the long-term growth you could get by some investment πŸ™‚

  • Debbie

    This is really generous – thanks Dan! πŸ™‚

  • Sierra117

    This is awesome, the shipping is always so expensive. Gonna stock up now.

  • Florida

    This is when you start kicking yourself for making a purchase on January 29th….LOL

  • Red

    This is really unfair for us internationals! I wanna save money aswell! Please tell us, Dan, why you are disregarding us.

  • Mr.Poutine

    Hey, Dan! It’ll be great if you can extend the promotion to Canada! There’re lots of people who needs jojoba oil for the crazy northern winter!

  • Brendan H

    It is really annoying when websites have USA promotions etc, and don’t give it’ls at least a discount!

  • nexzen

    i am pretty sure there are a lot of customers in canada, something has to be done to cut down prices of shipping to canada, we r soooo close lol priority mail costed me $30 + $11 tax = $41 i rather buy another $60 kit from you dan!

  • Dave

    Definitely wondering about Canadian shipping myself. I have neglected to buy from acne.org for over a year now due to the shipping, otherwise I love the jojoba oil… Have anything for the Great White North Dan?

  • Dan

    Cool. We’re working on getting $10 off for International too. I’ll let you know when that happens…

  • nekochan

    YAY! thanks, Dan! i’d been thinking about placing an order, but kept putting it off & trying to save $ by buying other cheap(er) products.

    free shipping is just the incentive i needed ! great idea – hope it’s not the last!

  • Monica


  • ^_^

    it is a great make-up remover =)

  • KCMN

    This promotion came up just as I needed more treatment and jojoba oil! Plus, I ordered on the 11th of Feb and received the 16th — super fast!Thanks Dan!

  • dz:acne.orguser

    Hey Dan,

    I got the Jojoba Oil and it is a great product in the mail the other day. The only problem is that it just gets everywhere! I think this is a problem with the bottle design because it allows it to leak and spill around the area where it is. I just wanted to let you know.


  • ayyitstara

    I ordered 75$ worth of Acne.org products last night (including the jojoba oil) and I have to say I don’t think I would have spent as much if it weren’t for the free shipping this month!

    Thanks Dan!!!

  • Toby

    Hey Dan

    Would be nice, if you would list the prices for international shipment on the page – e.g. you could display the final price (including shipment) when the user chooses country of residence. I’m willing to pay some money for shipment, but I’d like to know how much i pay.