I’ve been looking into light therapy (red and blue light) and also laser therapy (Diode, Pulsed Dye, LHE, Isolaz) for a while now. It’s a bleak picture for light therapy, and just downright confusing when it comes to laser therapy. New Light and Laser pages here.

Light: My gut tells me it doesn’t do much. Yes, that’s just a gut read, but it seems backed up by some of the science. Even the British Journal of Dermatology states, “our review found only limited or no benefit is given by light therapies alone.”

Laser: I have a bit more confidence in laser therapy, albeit tenuous. I don’t think it works well enough to make it worth it, since there are less painful, easier ways to get the job done more effectively. Plus, the research just isn’t there showing whether it works. But, I have my fingers crossed for the future of laser therapy. I’m hoping we can find a way to specifically target sebaceous (oil) glands with lasers and cook ’em good. If we can heavily damage sebaceous glands and reduce their output of sebum (oil), that would potentially be pretty amazing.


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  • Jordan

    Boooo light therapy! Dan’s regiment is all you need, folks. Trust me, I’ve tried both.

  • Jordan

    Make that “regimen”.

  • Sharpy

    I have a light (red and blue) but had an allergic reaction to something so had to stop using it. I’m thinking about pulling it out again to use in the morning in conjunction with the DKRegimen. Figured I’d wash my fash and gently pat it dry and then use the light for 15 mins and then apply BP and so on. I read the Light Page and it seemed like there wouldn’t be a bad interaction (it just mentioned not using light while on Accutane). Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, please.

  • Jill

    I’ve tried the blue light therapy, it was called “Blu – U” and basically was supposed to have the same affect as tanning by having the light that kills the acne bacteria, but without the harmful UV rays that damage your skin. I found it somewhat helpful (the severity of my acne went down but not that dramatically) and it also had the vitamin D as well. I would suggest it as more of a complimentary thing to do, it won’t get rid of your acne alone (good for people who may break out more in winter because they’re not out in the sun as much). I bought a package of 4 months and you go once a week for half an hour. Each session worked out to be 25 dollars (CDN). US prices should be comparable.

  • Brigitte S

    BOOOOOOOOO to blue light Theraphy (I second the motion) Save your money! I had 2 treatments at $400.00cad each. My acne is worse. I will try this regiment…Wish me luck…Im so frustrated!

  • scoker

    as a mum to two teenage kids i have recently received a lumie clear from those nice ppl at lumie for the kids to use.

    Just started treatement which is meant to last 12 weeks so i’ll let you know how they get on.