I just uploaded a new heat therapy page. This page discusses devices like Zeno and ThermaClear which claim to hasten the healing of active acne lesions through the application of heat.

My research into this topic as well as my personal experience leaves me highly skeptical to say the least. If you guys have tried either of these devices, especially ThermaClear, please leave your review. We only have one review of ThermaClear so far!


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  • wt

    FYI: thermaclear has been discontinued

  • Heather

    I’ve used Zeno for a few years now. I used the original rechargable device and it was great, it got rid of zits I had within a day or two. However I recently found out you can no longer buy the cartridges for it at as many places as used to be, which made me buy the Zeno mini. The Zeno mini is battery operated and I have not had as much success with it. Figures, huh?

    So to sum up, the original Zeno thumbs up. The Zeno Mini thumbs down.

  • Anonymous

    It’s terrible. It left a red, burn mark on my skin. I wouldn’t use this product, at all.

  • april

    Zeno is expensive and not worth it. The replacement cartridge is a ridiculous concept. Heat will do the trick though. There are less expensive ways to apply heat to acne. Like your body naturally runs a temperature to kill infection, a little heat will kill acne bacteria.

  • x

    i bought the battery zeno for 60 dollars becasue i couldnt afford the recharchable one. what a mistake!! no exaggeration, but within two treatments i would have to change the batteries so that started to get pricy and when ever i did use zeno it just made my acne even more red at first and then didnt seem to help the pimple go away. total waste of money, time, and now i have to get batteries for my tv remote

  • anonymous2

    i cant say much about the zeno hot spot because i havent used it…however i do know that it didnt work at all for my sister who had mild acne with a few whiteheads and blackheads…she had slightly dry skin, nothing really bad.when she used it, she said it was TOTALLY NOT WORTH $60 because it made her skin very very red! her skin is now worst than before and she said its even painful! her skin is now red and peeling thanks to zeno hotspot.
    BOTTOM LINE: ZENO HOTSPOT SUCKS AND ITS NOT WORTH $60+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    Total waste of money. Did not work at all for me. I feel stupid for being so desparate that I actually bought it.

  • Danielle


    ehhh. Not so bad, I was deployed near afghanistan for roughly 6 months where the temperature was very humid and just plane gross. To say the least i BROKE OUT and yeah well i bought the zeno. I like it initially however after i used it i would quickly put some sort of ointment( benzo or saylic acid) on it to aid in additional treatment. it didn’t burn but i am use to the sun and heat on my face so it was barable. as far as results it did seem to bring down the pimple but not significanlty. With the combination of Zeno and ointment i was pleased. It is expensive but i didn’t use it too often. It was expensive however i was desperate 😛 still have it but ehhh…. i use DAN’s t regimen and products now

    I liked it tho 🙂

  • Jay

    Every time I have used it, I wish I hadn’t. The regimen kills my forming pimples (in a few days of course) so I’m not sure why I spent 40$ on something that just brings them to the surface the next morning. Just makes me want to pop it instead of having an underground pimple for a few days before the regimen gets it.

  • Anonymous

    I like my thermaclear and sad it’s discontinued