I have found no conclusive research linking vitamin D with acne, but then again, I have found no research signaling that there is not a link. This is true for, well, most vitamins and minerals. We can only make educated guesses at this point.

From a common sense perspective, it is logical to ensure adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D is one of the big ones. And since our bodies make vitamin D in the skin (by converting cholesterol), it’s interesting to look into how vitamin D might affect the skin itself, and in our case, acne. Recently, scientists have located vitamin D receptors in the skin, and they are hypothesizing that vitamin D may facilitate normal skin functioning, including playing a potential role in cell maturation as well as perhaps aiding in the fight against skin bacteria. No one knows for sure if, and to what degree, vitamin D might affect acne.

I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry. So how do we get the vitamin D that we need? Exposing the body to the sun for 15 minutes or so at least twice a week during the summer months makes for adequate supplies of vitamin D in lighter skinned people. The darker your skin, the more time that is required. However, in the winter, getting enough sun exposure can be tough. Food manufacturers often fortify dairy products and some juices, cereals, and breads with Vitamin D, so that can help. However, from what we’re learning about a potential dairy and acne connection, many of us are limiting our dairy exposure. Cod liver oil, salmon, and mackerel also provide some vitamin D. Since I personally don’t eat much dairy, bread, or cereal, and since I rarely intake salmon or mackerel, and do not supplement with cod liver oil, I choose to take a vitamin D pill once a day just to be on the safe side.

I hope the scientific community will look into the Vitamin D and acne connection more in the coming years. If I find anything more out about this topic, I’ll be sure to pass it along.


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  • Whitson

    Wait…I understand not eating a lot of dairy, but bread? How do you not eat bread? It’s bread! 😉

  • Khanum

    In fact, we have to consume a lot of healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals which are necessary for our skin beauty. But remember acne may be caused by different factors!

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  • TaekwonLo

    This actually works!! My mom read an article about it and she persuaded (skeptical) me to try it. I’ve been suffering from acne for now over 10 years and have tried EVERYTHING! Including proactive. Nothing works long term. But i noticed that after about 3 weeks of taking a good Calcium with Vitamin D supplement, my skins started clearing up. Not just did my acne start to go away, but skin was healthier and less dry! TRY It!

  • I'm a believer

    It’s cheap, and definitely worth a try. It worked for me when nothing else did.

  • Christina

    I bought Vitamin D and Zinc supplements today.

  • Avi

    This inspired me a lot for a healthier skin. Purchased vitamin D and zinc in addition to my vit e and c.. Hope it will improve my skin. :-))