Irritation can aggravate acne. If you’ve surfed around you know that much. That means anything that comes into contact with the skin, especially stuff that rubs the skin can cause a breakout. Here’s a short list of things to be aware of:

– fingers (picking). This is the big culprit for most people!
– resting the face in one’s hands
– cell phone
– hats
– helmets
– chin straps
– kissing – probably worth it tho πŸ™‚
– nose blowing

I want to concentrate on nose blowing in today’s blog. I notice that whenever my allergies kick up, like they have in the past week, it is close to impossible to prevent some acne around my nose. Whenever I get sick, the story is the same. Frequent nose blowing can aggravate the skin and cause a breakout. To combat this as much as I can, I try not to “bear down” too hard with the tissue, and I try to keep my allergies in check. I also am extra careful in my BP application around the nose at such times, ensuring that I use plenty of BP and stay gentle.


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  • Katrina

    I find too – that I have an issue with napkins/paper towels – when I wipe my face while/after eating? I seem to get pimples around the corners of my mouth/chin area if I have a messy meal or something – the wiping with paper really irritates the area?! AHA helps though- if I apply it around my mouth area before I go out for a meal – works wonders with helping the area stay non-irritated πŸ™‚

  • Joe Williams

    Dan I feel your pain. Lately I have been getting more and more acne on or around my nose, as I have been blowing my nose more frequently due to a cold. My question for you is, should I be applying more BP on my nose after I blow?

  • Dan

    Katrina: Yeah, anything that irritates the skin can potentially aggravate acne. I wouldn’t worry too much about wiping food away from the mouth tho. We all have to do that. Just do it gently.

    Joe Williams: Only ever do the regimen twice a day. But when you do it, go ahead and be generous with BP around and on the nose.

    • Anonymous

      What is bp

  • aleisha

    What does BP mean please?

  • tami

    found all of this to be true myself, but what is BP, probably something totally obvious:) thanks

  • Catherine

    BP: Benzoyl Peroxide, acne medication

  • Basil

    cut down on sugar!

  • Tom

    Thank you! Glad I found your page and look forward to applying the advice as I suffer from whiteheads during allergy season.

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