A member of Acne.org wrote us to let us know that she wrote to Olay complaining that they took away our beloved Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin with zinc oxide. She received the following response from Olay:

“I’m sorry to hear that you were not happy with the formula change made to the Complete SPF 15 products. Our goal is to produce high quality products that consistently delight our consumers and I’m sorry this wasn’t your experience. Please be assured I’m sharing your comments with the rest of our team.

It may be helpful to know there was a formula change in May 2009 for all Complete SPF 15 products with the exception of Complete Defense SPF 30 and Complete Plus. The changes include improved UVA protection with Skin Shield which is a combination of moisture, vitamins, and enhanced UV protection. Skin Shield is an Avobenzone and Octocrylene based sunscreen system with significant levels of both glycerin for moisture and active levels of niacinimide, a B3 complex.

However, although our newest formula with Skin Shield technology is safe and has strong UV protection, we realize the original sensitive version with its gentle formula better meets the needs of our Complete Sensitive users. Therefore, Olay will re-launch the original version of Olay Complete All Day Sensitive SPF 15 Sensitive Cream and Lotion! This will be widely available in April May 2010 and will say Classic Gentle Formula.”


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  • D

    Has anyone tried Olay and Neutrogena? How do their moisturizers compare to each other?

  • el_leumas

    Tried olay (the old one which was recommended) but wasn’t too impressed with the result. It was the best moisturizer with UV protection I tried so far but it was still irritating my skin. The sting is quite bad and the whiteness of the product is quite annoying to get rid off. Not too sure I want to risk it again, especially on a new product.

  • Brad

    Great !
    I bought the new formula and it broke me out πŸ™
    How good is this stuff ????

  • ninshin

    nice, a company listened to its customers.

  • Anonymous

    if anyone wants a safe sunscreen with no avobenzone and that stuff in the meantime, try DDF’s line, it may not be too moisturizing though and it is around $30.00. I love the Enhancing sun protection, which comes out purple but blends into your natural skin tone and acts like a light tinted moisturizer. This line only uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as well.

  • Alice

    I’ve been using Equate’s “Complete Beauty Lotion” for sensitive skin. It has the zinc oxide, SPF protection and is (I think) comparable to Olay’s stuff. Works well for me and is very cheap. I can only find it at Walmart.

    • Laura

      That’s because equate is Walmart brand

  • poland

    Used oil of olay complete sensitive skin spf 15.has on 1 hour washed off.Burning and redness 2 days.calmed down some so have lightened areas of skin that seem lighter than normal.Any one else experience lightened skin and seems like layer of skin damaged also.Should of never been used for sensitve skin.so what they are going back to original formula what about anyone who is damaged from THIS formula? Was avobenzone used and could this cause lightening?

  • silver_angel

    Wow, I think it’s awesome that someone was able to make such a huge difference with one email:)

  • Pepita

    I used Olay complete care daily UV cream (the new one) for the first time recently, and have had a terrible allergic reaction to it: bright red itchy bumpy bits on face and neck, and is burning hot too. 24 hours later worse if anything…
    I’m really fed up, as it is very uncomfortable, looks awful and the cream cost quite a bit.

  • Isabel

    Wow. That’s pretty awesome that Olay is bringing it back. I wonder if it will be the sensitive skin formula without fragrance. the spf moisturizer i’ve been using since the formula change is Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizer with spf 15. It’s pretty much the same stuff as the original Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin if anyone is looking for a replacement. And I do believe it is cheaper.

  • Mer

    I read here that olay was bringing back the old formula in April, and was at Target today to buy one of the other recommended moisturizers. (I am just starting the program). The Target brand of Olay complete (the generic) is the old formula that the olay was, so I am going to try that until Olay brings back the old one. Just thought I would share.

  • Sweetsleep

    Has anyone found the Classic Gentle Formula in stores yet? I was wondering what stores carried it and where I could get it. It’s April 2010 and I’ve been very eager for it, so if anyone knows please tell us!

  • mev

    I called olay and was told it is not going to be released until May. I asked why so late and was not given an answer. I like others used the new formula and broke out with a red rash and was congested for days. If anyone has seen the new Classic Gentle Formula- please let us know where it can be purchased. I will be one of the first to be at that store.

  • Sweetsleep

    Oh darn πŸ™ … I really wanted to buy that one. Now I have to look for something else. I can’t go without sunscreen after using BP and AHA! My skin is super sensitive to sun, even through the window glass at work!!

  • bubbles

    oh gosh I hope that they,re not just going to keep pushing the new date back, I,ve been holding out for the new/origional formula too!

  • djv

    Has anyone seen the new classic gentle formula? If so, where did you see it?

  • Ellen

    The new formula “Oil of Olay Complete spf15” is awful….it stings my eyes, smells bad and feel uncomfortable on my skin.

    I used it for three days before I read the label and realized that it was a different formula. I couldn’t understand why a product I had been using for many years felt so uncomfortable!

    I am so pleased that Olay will bring back the old formula based on Zinc…

    Does anyone know where we can we buy the old formula ?

  • Krystin

    The spf 30 doesn’t have the avobenzone in it. Will it break me out because of the extra spf? Or should I just wait until may for the spf 15 formula without avobenzene?

  • Chris

    Well, here it is April and I see that Olay isn’t going to release it’s “new” Classic Gentle Formula until May? I hope Olay isn’t trying to create demand and up the price! I’m currently trying Aveeno Ultra-Calming SPF-15; it’s okay but not Olay. Thanks to all of you who’ve tried the “house” brands (Equate, Trader Joe’s, Target, etc); I’ll have to give em a try. At least it won’t break the bank!

  • londongirl

    hey does anyone know where i can buy Olay complete for sensitive skin and the Olay foaming face wash for sensitive skin the UK (London)?!?

    seems these products are only available in the U.S.?!?

  • Pidge

    The old version is great! Never tried the new one, it’s not in my country, thankfully. Sounds like bad stuff.
    Never had a single problem with the “classic” formula.

  • Des

    I’ve been using Oil of Olay for 15+ years, twice a day religiously and have been extremely happy with it’s results. I just recently bought the new version (without realizing it was the new version), and since then my once clear and beautiful skin has turned into a haven for zits, and now I have a rash all around my mouth. It’s terrible. I look like a teenager! Fortunately, from years of using Oil of Olay, I still look young, but I don’t appreciate the craters as a finishing touch.

    I’m looking for a substitute immediately!

  • Kara

    Does anyone know when in May the original formula for senstive skin will be available??

  • mev

    Has anyone seen the new olay classic gentle formula yet? I can not use anything but this formula.

  • bubbles

    I’ve looked everywhere I still can’t see it in the shops πŸ™

  • MelissaV

    It is now May 10th and the “Classic Gentle Formula” is still no where to be found in stores. This is making me seriously doubt that the formula will come out at all. I will now have to start looking for a moisturizer from another company since the new Olay Complete line burns and itches my skin.

  • Bee

    As the same of many of you, im very eager to find the old version of the moisturizer! I havent yet seen it in stores, although it is already May 2010. I havent been using a moisturizer because i am afraid trying other ones will break me out even more.

    I bought the new version quite sometime ago and it broke me out real bad on my forehead. I didnt really notice until i figured out it was the moisturizer doing this to me. I didnt know there would be a difference but the appearance of the bottle.

  • Jessica

    I was wondering…is the 30SPF any different? This being between the old styles. I really need to find a sunscreen since I started the regimen but if I can’t find the Old Formula in stores I was wondering if the 30 SPF is any different or doesn’t work as well. Thanks!

  • SamIam

    The trader joes version is almost as good. It doesnt break me out, is the same consistency and has the same spf. It smells at little at first but its not terrible. In summary, a good substitute but smells a little when you first put it on. Good luck all!

  • Elizabeth

    5/18/10 — Retail status of Olay Classic Gentle, the original formulation of Olay Complete SPF15 Sensitive. I hope I can find it in Vermont. This is the only sunscreen that does not give my young son a rash. By the way, the Complete Defense SPF 30 Sensitive is a great product too and was not reformulated.
    Thanks for contacting Olay, Elizabeth.

    Our Classic Gentle Formula will be shipped at the end of May. So look for it in stores early June. We suggest you check with your local grocer, drugstore, or other large chain retail stores. They’re often the first to have a new product on the shelf because they buy directly from us.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Olay Team

  • Elizabeth

    More information on the Olay Complete Defense SPF 30 product:

    SPF 30 is thicker than the SPF 15 lotion and requires more care to rub in completely. Those with darker skin tones may notice a white cast from the extra zinc oxide. (I do not.) SPF 30 is also more expensive per ounce than SPF 15. For these reasons, I only use the SPF 30 on areas that receive maximum sun (face, neck, top of shoulders, ears, back of hands). For larger areas of the body (arms, legs, back), I prefer to use the SPF 15 and reapply more frequently.

    SPF 30 contains the following active ingredients: 7.5% Octinoxate, 6.0% Zinc Oxide, 2.5% Octisalate, 2.5% Octocrylene. SPF 15 contains only: 6.0% Octinoxate, 3.0% Zinc Oxide. My son and I both have exczema and very sensitive skin on our faces, however, we have not had any adverse reactions to the extra ingredients in the SPF 30.

    Bottom line: SPF 30 is still a great product, comparable to the original SPF 15.

  • mike

    I’m so glad they are bringing this product back, ill make sure to buy the big bottle from now on. I have been waiting since april and they keep on delaying this moisturizer, πŸ™ I have been using Aveeno Ultra Calming with spf15in the meantime and I love it. These are 2 moisturizer that I will have in my medicine cabinet.

  • Donna

    Hi! I have been waiting for this product to come back as well! Does anyone have any info on when its supposed to be in stores?!

  • Sam

    I have been waiting SO long for this. I’ve just been going out without spf. I really hope this comes out soon πŸ™

  • dave

    there are three days left in May..are you telling me that olay will come out with there product in three days??! I highly doubt that, even though i wish they did it would be a miracle! My face is really sensitive to all lotions, except for this one! Please if anyone see’s this new product at the store, let us KNOW!! (be specific please)

  • jerry

    whew. it’s already June. have you guys seen any of this great product? I wonder if they will ship it worldwide including my country Philippines. It’s been so long that I’m going out without spf. I hope I could catch this great product soon in the health stores here. kindly inform me if you’ve purchased one ok? or any Filipinos here that bought it already. Thanks a lot fellas!

  • Kevin

    Man I still can’t find this moisturizer yet, everytime I stop using this product my penis get smaller and smaller. This need to bring this back ASAP before my penis dissapears for good πŸ™

  • Pidge

    Not here in Canada yet

  • jerry

    ohh Olay takes a long long time. brrrr. heheh. by the way thanks for the info Pidge πŸ™‚ I appreciate it. Please inform me if u see some of the product already. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  • Cat

    I found the classic at target and it’s the same stuff but a new box I’m so happy I got the last two boxes hopefully they get more i live in Arizona. Yea!

  • coolita

    I also found the classic at Target today in Cumming, GA and bought the last two boxes. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure it’s the same as the old one because it doesn’t contain the “UV Skin Shield” that was irritating my eyes so much.

    Be warned, I almost didn’t find the classic because the classic box looks almost identical to the other Olay Completes on the shelf. The only difference is in the upper left corner, the circle is green instead of red and says “classic gentle formula.”

  • jayne

    I have been suffering from a miserable face and neck rash for the last 3 months. I have used Olay ( previously Oil of Ulan) for 30+ years and was unaware that the formula had recently changed. Now that I know this I will discontinue use and hopefully my red itchy rash will go away.

  • Diane

    I finally found the CLASSIC GENTLE FORMULA at CostCo. It’s hard to find; look for:

    BRAND: OLAY Complete
    PRODUCT: All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 for Sensitive skin
    PACKAGING: on left side of board, in small Green oval (but not on bottle): */Classic Gentle Formula/*
    BOTTLE: white with yellow schwoosh
    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 6% Octinoxate , 3% Zinc Oxide

  • Dave


  • londongirl

    yay where can i find it in europe (united kingdom?!)


  • kara

    Hallelujah!!!! It’s here, it’s here!!!!!!!!!!! I found it at Target last night. I have used it once and my skin already looks and feels healthier!!!!! I am SO VERY HAPPY that Olay brought the classic formula back! Thank you Olay! Please don’t ever change it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bee

    Im so happy i got this yesterday at target! I got it for around 10 bucks. Its bigger than the smaller old one. Is anyone sure this is the original formula? the one they had before…

  • Kate

    I found the new classic gentle formula at a Target! I live in Massachusetts.

  • liz

    It’s available in the Chicago area at Target, as well.

  • Susan

    Found the “Classic Gentle Formula” at Walmart in San Francisco Bay Area. Ingredients look the same as the original. Thank you, Olay, for listening to your customers.

  • bubbles

    Help!! has anyone found this in the uk yet?

  • Kevin

    any online sites? so i can order this online.

  • M

    Like everyone else, I have been waiting, and bought some yesterday of the Classic Gentle Formula, SPF 15. I wish I had held onto an old bottle however, as I remember it a light, pleasant smell – and this does not have that. I am not sure that it feels the same either, as it used to feel almost watery, and this still feels a bit like glue. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Ben

    I call shenanigans.

    This does not exist. They are blowing smoke *edited* hoping that the negative buzz will blow over.

    Why can’t I buy this online if it’s so many places?

  • Pidge

    Anyone seen it in Canada yet?
    It has not hit my hometown yet.

  • Mel

    I’m in Toronto, haven’t found it yet. I agree with Ben, I think olay’s hoping this will all blow over. So frustrating.

  • Katrina

    This actually isn’t shenanigans – I have been able to find it in both Wal-mart and Target stores here in America. Straight off of the Olay Complete (Google that, you should come up with the company’s website) they call it: Complete All Day UV Moisturizer – Sensitive Skin SPF 15

    It is not called “Classic Gentle Formula” – the only part of the box that actually says that is for a little green “sticker” on the outside of the box that is in the upper left-hand corner. If you go to all the Olay products (on the shelf) and find their “Complete” series – look for the Sensitive Skin SPF 15 one – and that’s it. They do make it in a SPF 30 (so be careful) and they make it in a “cream” formula – so make sure to look at all the Complete formula boxes! (they are the yellow colored boxes).

  • Louiae Hancock

    Thank you! I hope I can find it because I tried the other formula and it broke my face out into red splotches everywhere. I will definitely look for the gentle classic formula.

  • JANE

    I have used Equate – complete Beauty Lotion for years…. then after having skin cancer my Dr. recommended UV protection… I have been using the Equate Complete Beauty Lotion SPF 15 for 2 + years with no problem.

    Two weeks ago I was not able to find it on the shelves at Wal Mart where I always shop and purchased EQUATE- Complete UV Moisturizer SPF 15 Normal

    I used it once and I noticed my skin around my eyes burned and wondered about it and then the next day it was even worse and I realized that it must be the new lotion I was using…. I stopped using it and Wal Mart refunded my money…. I am still healing from the burns around my eyes…

    I can not find the Original brand…. can you give me some suggestion what to use… ?

  • Sinamon

    No one will benefit by using original Olay w/ zinc, b/c it also has a chemical sunscreen. It might be less irritating to some, but still is irritating to most. The only way to protect skin is all zinc or all titanium dioxide. Zinc is better. Just curious…why is everybody driving themselves crazy to use this Olay product that isn’t that great to begin w/? Why not just use an all zinc sunblock? It is non pore clogging, ultra soothing, tones redness, protects against heat, wind and cold, and absorbs oil and soothes and helps heal acne. Don’t understand…

  • Kevin

    Finally found this product in the Philippines!! You can buy this at β€œReneelen” boutique on the 3rd floor of Shoppesville, Greenhills. You’ll see the small green logo on the upper left side of the box written, β€œClassic Gentle Formula”.

    HTH! πŸ™‚

  • Jerry

    Wow! Super Thanks Kevin! I will try to go there some of these days πŸ™‚ By the way may I know how much is it? and do they have a lot of stocks of it in their store? I am from Cavite and I don’t wanna go there ending up out of stock >.<

  • Kevin

    Yes they do have a lot of stocks when I was there. It was around 700 pesos. That bottle would last forever. Been using mine for almost a year already and I’ve used just like around 45ml (it’s a 177ml bottle). HTH. Sana makabili ka. πŸ™‚

    I really love this moisturizer!!!!!! It’s the best I’ve used! πŸ™‚

  • Jerry

    Ohhh it’s great to know Kevin πŸ™‚ salamat! Aside from Olay moisturezier. May I know what else pa ang kasama sa daily regimen m?

  • Kevin

    Just came there 2 days ago.. they still have stocks! price pala is 650 for the 177ml.

    My regimens are: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (Rustans g4) for my facial wash, Differin gel (nightly), and the Olay (twice a day). Been doing this regimen for like 4 years now. Those are my maintenance. πŸ™‚

    HTH! πŸ™‚