I got an email from a member who wanted to let everybody know Dollar General is selling Gillette Trac II Plus cartridges for $1.25 for 6 blades. That’s cheap! He says they’re the real thing too.

The Trac II Plus is my favorite razor. The blades don’t come with the handle though. You need to get that separately. You can find out where to get those at the bottom of the recommended products page. I am totally unaffiliated with any of the companies that make the handles by the way.

For more info on all things shaving, check out the guide to shaving.

Trac II Plus razor cartridges


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  • Joel

    Very clever, Dan. A dollar sign for an S.


    Hi everyone! Does anyone know where to purchase the handle for the Gillette Trac II Plus? When I search on Ebay it list the “classic” handle and the “replica” and the “original” handle, haha. Does anyone know if it matters or which one I should purchase? Thank you!


    I actually read the rest of the post where he list to buy them at three different websites…so I should read more. Thanks anyway!

  • Anonymous

    I actually found the Bump Fighter handle which fits the Trac II Plus cartridges at my local Walmart. I live in Warner Robins, GA.

  • Daniel

    Hi Dan,

    Have you tried shaving with a traditional double edged safety razor, like shown here: http://www.classicshaving.com/Safety_Razors.html

    Everything I have read has indicated that this style of razor is in fact the closest, sharpest shave with the least irritation due to only using a single blade. But I wanted to check here before purchasing one since they can be a bit expensive.