Spot treatment: I’m thinking about calling this product, “This stuff works about 70% of the time.” How’s that for an honest name of a product? ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously though, it is not a miracle. Nothing is when it comes to spot treatments. But from the feedback I’m receiving I’d estimate success hovers around 70%. And for me, I’ll take that when it comes to a spot treatment. I find it’s really nice to have something around that I can use as a weapon should I need it. I’m still awaiting some more input from the people I sent some to, but it’s looking good for this sample.

New & Improved Non-SPF moisturizer: After lots of formulating and testing, I decided on a potential winner for the New & Improved Non-SPF moisturizer. It should have little or no sting, little or no tackiness, and still take care of flakiness if all goes well. Plus it has licochalcone so it should be particularly soothing to acne-prone skin. I sent out 30 moisturizer samples to moderators and a few product testers. I didn’t have enough to send it to all product testers this time. Feedback is coming in, mostly positive. I personally adore it. I do notice I have to use a little more of it than the current Non-SPF moisturizer, but my skin looks and feels great. If the moderators and testers give it a green light I’m ready to switch it over. This is a lengthy process which includes stability testing, reprinting labels, etc., but I’m eager to get that ball rolling.


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  • Protocol

    im happy the spot treatment is getting the green light. lately ive been finding myself keeping the aha in a little tube because its pretty effective. Id end up buying a couple of these at a time.

  • D

    Can you tell us what ingredients are in the spot treatment? Were a lot of people having problems with the current moisturizer that it needed reformulation? I thought the current one is best as it can get.

    I wish Dan would try to develop a product that entirely focuses on treating redness and inflammation. Alovera,Green Tea, Licochalcone are said to be good at this, but imagine combining them all?

  • Todd

    some people’s skin (i.e. mine) do not take well to the current moisturizer. It definitely doesn’t break me out but it still just sits on my face and doesn’t absorb properly, leaving it extremely oily looking. it also makes my face red, which i thought was the benzoyl peroxide, but no. the only other moisturizers i’ve tried that don’t leave me shiny and red break me out. so me and my red, oily face can’t wait to try the new stuff. until then the search continues…

  • Marc

    Spot Treatment

  • Cricel

    I’m really looking forward to the new moisturiser coming out. My current moisturiser is not perfect and Dan’s existing one did not hydrate enough for me, so I will definitely give this a go. Having licochalcone is a great idea, its really nice stuff.

  • Tone

    I’m honestly adoring the news! I have been searching for a proper moisturizer that contains SPF everywhere, and I hope that this stuff will have the green light around the time summer comes around!

    Dan, do you have a guesstimate on when the spot treatment and SPF moisturizer are coming out?

    Honestly, the whole formulation sounds amazing. As for a 70% success rate, I’m fine with that, since with the peroxide I don’t break out anymore, just get a pimple like once or twice a week ๐Ÿ™‚

  • koko

    Tone: it’s a non-SPF moisturizer so… what SPF moisturizer are you talking about? Is it coming up too?

  • nick

    im excited i just started the regimen a little bit ago and the moisturizer really stings when applied. do you have any idea at all when this will be released?

  • silver_angel

    Yay:) I’m looking forward to these!:)

  • Martin

    I like the new moisturizer , its working well for me right now! Ill email or call you monday to let you know how its going.

  • ill

    can’t wait for the spot treatment! and i love the second comments suggestion on the redness reduction product. i use aloe vera sometimes to calm my skin down and it works well depending on which brand i use, i find that the aloe vera gels containing water (Fruit of the Earth brand) work better than the ones without it.

    do you have an expected date yet for when it will be on sale?

  • ^_^

    You’re amazing Dan =)

  • Sierra117

    I’ve been waiting forever for these two products, can’t wait. I’ve been using the products since 2003 non-stop.

  • Ryan

    Thank god!! I absolutely hate the current mosturizer. It makes my skin burn and my face looks like a tomato. Can’t wait.

  • M

    Hey Dan, so is the new moisturizer going back to the old tube packaging?

  • Maribel

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