Dr. Huang, the researcher spearheading the P. acnes toxin vaccine, has also been looking into whether lauric acid might be a natural antibiotic against P. acnes. Lauric acid is the main fatty acid in coconut oil and palm kernel oil, two very common and inexpensive materials. According to Dr. Huang, lauric acid is also an endogenous compound. Endogenous means it already occurs in the human body. What’s potentially beneficial about endogenous compounds is that our bodies know them, are used to them, and tend to handle them very well.

Several studies have shown lauric acid to be antibacterial, which interested one of Dr. Huang’s graduate students, who wanted to put it to the test. Together they tested lauric acid in the lab and in mouse ears, with good results against P. acnes in both instances.

So far I do not know of any lauric acid based acne treatments on the market. Lauric acid must be encapsulated in special spheres they call “liposomes” because it is not water soluble and is not well suited to most water-based formulas. While I believe this would be very possible to make, so far no such product has been produced.

If and when we see acne sufferers test such a product on a wide scale, it will be interesting to see how well it works. Acne is not just about P. acnes overgrowth, however. Overproduction of cells that clog pores, overproduction of sebum (skin oil), and inflammation are also in the mix. Still, it would be interesting to see a lauric acid product tested.


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  • admin

    Check this out Dan: lauricidindotcom

  • Voce

    So…would there be a benefit in using virgin coconut oil in a moisturizer? Or drops added to moisturizer like we do w/jojoba, for those on the Regimen? Or only at night (if it doesn’t absorb well.) I’ve heard of it used on the body, but wondered if it would cause breakouts if used on the face?

  • Actionhank

    Make it yo!
    it would be revolutionary and might make a pretty penny [^o^]

  • Paul

    I’ve been taking two capsules of vco since last month and the results are near fantastic.

  • LisaLee

    I’ve been applying coconut oil to my face every night for the last 6 months, and it has really helped clear my skin up. In fact, I don’t put anything else on my face at night ever, except for a dab of medicine where I might have the now-occasional blemish.

  • Alfred

    I have a teen and she is suffering from acne. I am happy I stumbled upon you post. I will surely use this on her and I hope this will work like you said it would. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      My son (16 years old) has struggled with acne. The best thing I ever did for him was start him on cod liver oil (we use Garden of Life cod liver oil). He takes 1 tsp per day in the AM in a shot of orange juice, and he is nearly totally clear now (took a few months). At first (a year or so back) he took 2-3 tsp/day (depending on the brand) in a shot of OJ, until he started to make really good progress, then we tapered back to 1 tsp recently (1 year later).

      We are also going to look into the Laurcindin as an alternative means of treatment.

      Good luck to you. Acne is a tough problem to deal with.

  • dash

    I am interested in Dermatology. It’s great to see how you pull out important info from research done by people like Dr. Chun-Ming Huang. As I work to improve my own skin, I can also learn a good deal more about the field! Thanks dude!

  • Anonymous

    what is vco

  • Anonymous

    Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Reesa B

    A few years ago I stumbled upon Lauricidin.com and read about the antibiotic properties of the supplement, and even tho they don’t claim anything on their website about acne treatment, decided to give it a try (since antibiotics were the only internal thing that had ever cleared me up and I can’t take them anymore on a regular basis). And my cystic acne has been better ever since. I had a faceful of painful, cystic acne and within 2 days didn’t get any new flareups and within 2 weeks my skin was drastically clearing up. If you try this supplement, take care, and start slowly as some people are very sensitive to the detox effects (my mom can only take very small doses) but I never had a real problem with it. I took it consistently for about a year, with the belief that I would have to continue taking it to keep clear, but tested taking a break and my skin stayed clear, now if something sets off my acne I take the Lauricidin for a little while to clear it up (and still use Dan’s regimen) and I’m good again. Also, know that I am not a doctor, but when I contacted the company they wrote me back, so if you have any special circumstances I would believe they would do the same if you are interested. This stuff has been a blessing and I am always thankful for it.

    Also, just as an aside, I read in a magazine yesterday that researchers are working and have had some success with lauric acid in a lotion form (the August ’10 issue of ALLURE). Don’t know if this is Dr. Huang or a different research group but I am really excited that this is something that is finally getting out into the acne community because I have had such success with the Lauricidin and I now tell people like it’s the gospel. I hope that once they get the topical version worked out it will be affordable and otc. ..Or maybe Dan can come up with his own : )

  • Anonymous

    I know this is an old post, but my favourite face wash is Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask. When my acne is controlled with meds and I deviate away from this wash I get a few spots. Anyway… I thought I’d research the ingredients in it while I’m waiting for my 2nd run of Dianette to take effect. I’ve been running all the ingredients through the search function on acne.org, and found this post from there. Two of the ingredients of this product are…

    Sodium Methyl cocoyl Taurate and Coconut Acid (aka Lauric Acid). Interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Probably should have mentoned that the first ingredient there (Sodium Methyl cocoyl Taurate) is also coconut derived!

  • Wish to be clean

    Everybody listen up, this lauric acid really helps.

    I dont want to write a chunk here but long story short.
    I have real bad acne, and tried alot things also.
    But one day i accidentally came across palm kenel oil that almost cure my incorrigble acne.
    Then i do some research to realise the rich of lauric acid in palm kenel oil.

    Over weeks, there are reducing outbreak to almost under control.
    Reason for sharing and urge to try cos i am pretty sure it’s what helping me, and i know how bad acne is.
    I wish and hope you, anyone of you to breakfree from this cruse, i feel you guys too.

    When i use, it almost from a layer of invisible shield to keep moisture within my skin.
    And it cleans skin very well, which i’ve no idea why.

    It’s anti mircobial at same time moisture skin.

    Bottomline: Please stop using those harsh chemical cleanser. I used to always read this line: “cleanser might be the cause”, but i always deny that until i had a chance to change my own cleanser. I am totally thrown off. Most cleanser on market meant for acne tends to really harsh , if not how can they reduce our oil on surface? I had learnt it through the hard way. Afterall it was my “used to be my favourite neutrogena oil free for acne” that deteriorate my skin layer over time. I know it sounds unbelieveable. Everytime recalling how i always and used to depend on it thinking it’s so so good and will help my acne one day, I FEEL SO DISGUSTED. In my case/ some people’s case, cleanser is then the real reason.