The BETA program of the Salicylic Acid+ product has reached a close. I have decided not to continue selling the product.

I have never been a big fan of salicylic acid. Over the years I’ve tried numerous salicylic acid products, always with little success. What I always came back to was benzoyl peroxide. But while a properly applied benzoyl peroxide regimen works to clear up just about anyone who follows it precisely, some people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Plus, many of us, myself included, get frustrated with how benzoyl peroxide can sometimes bleach fabric. It was my hope that I could introduce the latest cutting edge performance ingredients into a salicylic acid formulation in order to bump up the efficacy of salicylic acid enough to compete with benzoyl peroxide. Along with an industry leading formulator, I put together the very best salicylic acid formulation I could. However, no matter how great I could make a salicylic acid formulation, I could not get it to match up with benzoyl peroxide.

In the end, the Salicylic Acid+ product did not meet my standards of an product. Hundreds of you were nice enough to send your feedback through the BETA feedback form and I read each and every one of your comments. While some of you really liked the product, there were as many or more of you who found it to be only partially effective. Moreover, some of you experienced extra redness after application.

I only want extraordinary products which work to completely eliminate acne as part of the line. I believe wholeheartedly in the benzoyl peroxide, AHA+, cleanser, and moisturizer. This Salicylic Acid+ product just doesn’t quite fit.

For those of you who liked the product, I do not know of a comparable salicylic acid product. As I said earlier, salicylic acid just isn’t benzoyl peroxide. However, feel free to read through the salicylic acid containing product reviews pages of for alternatives. Also, if you’d like to stock up, I’ll be selling the Salicylic Acid+ for one more week, until November 30, at which point it will be pulled. The product has approximately 11.5 months of shelf life left before it is expired. I also reduced the price to $10.


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  • Jordy

    This is sad. It was a good product and I used it a lot. The redness was an issue though. It’s saying something that you can have a product as good as this and it be your fifth best product. The bleaching effect and time involved with the BP was just too much for me. I had been on it for a few months but one hot day it ruined one of my favorite shirts so I gave SA+ a try. It works. But I saw the writing on the wall with some of your SA comments so decided to wean myself off of it. Been using Tea Tree Oil for a few weeks, mixing it with your Cleanser and/or Moisturizer. It’s been working great so far. Totally clear and it gives me a shine similar to AHA and SA. Have you ever thought of using Tea Tree Oil in any of your products? I can’t see much talk of it on the blogs or site. I know it’s toxic if ingested but that’s pretty easy to avoid.

  • Mac

    Just because you don’t like something doesnt mean that other people don’t.

    Why do you have to like to use it in order to offer it in the line?

    You have talked about getting big, being the industry leader in acne products etc.

    In order to reach that point it seems logical that offering a product line that has an answer for everyone is the way to get there. Offering only what you think works best will only reach a limited number of people. Many people out there have great success with an SA-only regimen regardless of how you feel about it.

  • Chris


  • Belinda

    I find my skin responds very well to Salicyclic Acid. It’s a shame to see this discontinued

  • Derick

    Glad I just ordered my second bottle. I really like this stuff and it doesn’t make my skin as irritated at AHA+.

    Too bad 🙁

  • Katrina

    I’ve never been able to use SA – it’s always made me break out. BP has always worked for me. Too bad though – it’s awesome to see pushing out new products that can be of use to everyone! I love the AHA – that stuff works wonders for my dry skin!

  • HTX_2008

    the problem with SA at 2% is that it always brings pimples to a head…even if they’re barely starting out, you put Sa on it and the next morning it’s ready to pop…that may sound like a good thing, but of course it’s going to leave a long lasting blemish….it works great with minor ingrowns though…perhaps a formula of 1% or 0.5% SA would work better, calming a pimple rather than spitting out the contents. this way it’s heal it more naturally like BP…Another thing to consider is Neomycin Sulfate. It’s in a product from Mexico called Vitacilina. It’s anitbacterial and the sulfate helps dry out the pimple, much like BP.
    You should consider making your own formula for everyday use, Vitacilina works, but it’s a greasy gel, so it’s not great for use in public…

  • Cyn

    I am so sad about the SA being discontinued. My whole life I’ve had a problem with ingrown hairs on my legs. It’s really embarrassing when people always think you are cold. Within two days of using the SA I saw a HUGE improvement! My legs are almost 100% clear of ingrowns now. I haven’t ever had that with AHAs, lotions, scrubs, nothing! I’m going to stock up as much as I can afford to.

  • CynDaVaz

    Well crap! I purchased my first tube from you a couple months back and really liked it! Finally ran out and came back here to order more only to find this news. It stinketh mightily!

  • CynDaVaz

    “I only want extraordinary products which work to completely eliminate acne as part of the line. I believe wholeheartedly in the benzoyl peroxide, AHA+, cleanser, and moisturizer. This Salicylic Acid+ product just doesn’t quite fit.”

    I disagree. It worked great for me and my son. 🙁

    In fact, all he needed was SA in the morning and BP at night. BP alone was too harsh, but the SA and BP combo was just what he needed. He’s now clear. As am I.

  • SAlover

    Too bad about salicylic acid being discontinued.

    I, and many dermatologists disagree with your assessment of salicylic acid vs. alpha hydroxy acids. Salicylic acid dissolves oil, and works within the pore to alleviate acne. Glycolic acid DOES NOT. That is why SA is FDA approved for acne (along with your beloved benzoyl peroxide), and glycolic acid is NOT

    Salicylic acid does for my skin what glycolic acid could never do, in a gentler, non irritating way.

    Oh well, one customer gone.

  • Sandy

    I agree with Mac completely! I too am disappointed with your decision to discontinue the SA product. I personally feel that it is your BEST product, which goes to show you that we all can’t rely on the same products. Just because YOU don’t like SA for your acne doesn’t mean that you should remove it from your line. I HATE BP, it dries my skin and in the long run doesn’t work for me. What works for some might not work for others. I thought you were about finding the right products for acne, well for some the SA was it. Everyone has different skin and different acne here. Your SA was perfect for what I needed. It’s moisturizing, it was perfect underneath my makeup, and it exfoliated all the clogged pores I once had. In conjunction with the AHA in the evening I had beautiful skin. I have yet to find a product to replace it with. When my tube is finished I don’t know what I’ll do. There is no comparison in stores; they’re all tiny tubes for almost the same price as yours. I can only hope that you will reconsider your decision to remove this product. As someone else mentioned in the forum, I guess it’s all about profit after all. Sad, RIP SA.

  • Anonymous


    “I only want extraordinary products which work to completely eliminate acne as part of the line. I believe wholeheartedly in the benzoyl peroxide, AHA+, cleanser, and moisturizer. This Salicylic Acid+ product just doesn’t quite fit.”

    What a load of crap. Boo!!!!!

  • Jen

    I just recently heard about your SA+ product and got quite excited about it … only to now find out it’s been discontinued. I never got to try SA+ so I can’t say for certain if it was a good product or not, but I must tell you that I for one react very well to Salicylic Acid, as a matter a fact it’s the only thing that really works for me.
    My skin has never agreed with BP, and while I do use AHA for flakiness it doesn’t really help me with my acne.

    Perhaps you can create a AHA+SA combination product? Just a thought if you decide to give it a second go in the future. 🙂

  • crystal_willow

    hi, I am also sad about your decision to discontinue the SA product.
    I have used BP in the past and although it helped I have very sensitive skin and also it is difficult dealing with bleaching when your acne covers your face, neck chest and back.

    I found BP was always too harsh for my neck no matter how love the percentage was so at best I had rough but clear face and chest, a patchy back where i find it hard to apply and no help on the neck at all.

    i was hoping to try a SA product and thought I would order it from here but I dont want to get hooked on a product if you are just going to discontinue it.

    It sounds like many other people had a really good experience with your SA product so I hope you change your mind.

    One thing I have learned after ten years, Acne is not a condition – it is a symptom.

    Not everyone has the same reason for their acne and not everyones skin reacts the same even if their underlying cause is the same. if BPO was the answer to everything you would not bother using AHA.

    to quote you “I only want extraordinary products which work to completely eliminate acne as part of the line. I believe wholeheartedly in the benzoyl peroxide, AHA+, cleanser, and moisturizer. This Salicylic Acid+ product just doesn’t quite fit.”

    jahoba oil does not completely eliminate acne but you find it useful in your regimen to help
    For many of us SA may have been an answer……..especially those of us who have comodogenic acne, neck acne or issues with folliculitis/ingrowns.

  • Blake

    Dan – if you don’t want to sell SA anymore, please sell the rights to it to some other company. I would buy it at $30 bucks a bottle, easily. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me for my non-inflamed acne.

  • Salicylic Acid

    Salicylic Acid works much better then BP. You clearly can’t understand the fact that peoples acne can be different and that this product may work better for them. Thanks alot

  • Ha ha

    Just buy a different product containing SA, personally SA is brilliant

  • Slick Cat

    Never worked for me, made my skin worse….RIP

  • greentiger87

    I have to voice my dissent here too, albeit very late. BP is great for inflammatory acne, which is what you seem to have had, but for those of us with severe congestion salicylic acid is a godsend. This discontinuation seems really out of touch with the members of, and is really unlike you.

  • Audra

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider launching this product again!!!! As a woman with facial follicitis, your SA is one of the only things that has kept me from getting huge inflamed ingrown hairs on my chin. SO UNATTRACTIVE ON A GIRL. It is also the one and only thing that significantly cleared up the blackheads I’ve been sporting since 7th grade. Please reconsider an annual batch for those who depend on this to keep our varying kinds of acne at bay!

  • Brittany

    HI Dan, just thought I would give my “2 cents” on this thought provoking article. While I agree that benzoyl peroxide in a great formula is very effective at treating acne, it’s not meant to give the same effect BHA is. Benzoyl peroxide is amazing because it kills the bacteria in acne breakouts, which is something BHA won’t accomplish, but that’s not what it’s supposed to do. BHA is primarily used as an exfoliant (which I know I am wasting my typing explaining this to you). BHA exfoliates the skin and it is also able to penetrate the pore lining, you will not find a better product on the market to take care of blackheads than a good BHA. Benzoyl peroxide will not do anything for blackheads, because they are not infections, they are oxidized clogged pores, giving them the black appearance. While it is absolutely 100% true BP is great for acneic cysts, BHA is is wonderful to smoothe the skin and keep it clean. I do not agree with you philosophy on AHA. While AHA is a good exfoliant, I have read countless reviews online claiming AHA (mainly glycolic acid) has caused people to break out in tiny comedones and itch. I can speak from first hand experience, I have NEVER found an AHA product (and I have tried several) that did not break me out. However, when I use salicylic acid, I never have this happen. While I agree AHAs are a great exfoliator, they are not my pick for someone with acne and breakouts. I used a combo of BP (at night) on my cysts, and a BHA every other morning and this has worked wonders for my breakouts. I say reformulate your BHA, listen to the others who prefer it over AHA, and get back with us.

  • Kak

    Hey Dan!
    Salicylic acid is The BEST for acne control.

  • Mark

    As a loyal customer from vienna, austria, i must say that I’m quite dissapointed with your decision dan.
    after years of succesfully using benzoyl peroxide, my cheeks suddenly got allergic to it.
    SA was the only thing, which saved my face from getting breakouts and getting rid of blackheads on my forehead.

    please reconsider relaunching the salicylic acid! as others already mentioned, everyone has a different type of acne!

  • Priya

    For everyone who wants a good SA that’s not mentioned on this website (in the reviews); Scar Zone makes a really good 2% USP SA that you can get fairly inexpensively (though I’m sure it costs more than dan’s did. I don’t know; I discovered his website after he’d already discontinued). Dan, I agree with everyone above. SA has a 50% efficacy in reducing pimples. Even you put up a video about how it improved the quality of your skin. It’s an exfoliant and it gives you this wonderful glow. It helps skin absorb moisture and bp better. It reduces hyperpigmentation and scarring, which is a huge problem for people with skin of color (we don’t just get “red marks”, we get brown and black marks that last YEARS). Sorry, but AHA can’t do that. BHA is hands down the best at what it does, just like BP is the best at what it does. Please bring it back?