Hey you guys. Guess what!? We’ve got 100 pages of Regimen success stories now! They’re pretty inspiring and uplifting if you haven’t checked them out. Thanks to all of you who continue to send in your stories. The more success stories we have, the more it helps people realize the Regimen is for real.

Also, we recently added an automatic way to upload pictures and videos to the success stories page, so feel free to upload your before and after or a video of yourself. Thanks everybody!


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  • TTTTTurtle

    just bettering and bettering acne.org! by the way people there is so much information on acne.org i just wish it was more organinzed than it already is!!! seriously there is soo many pages of information Dan says it all πŸ™‚ Thanks Dan!! ooo yeahh DAN I HAVE A REQUEST!!!!…if you are able too make it in the message boards so that if one person responds to your post or anything u write we can get an alert…i would think it would make the message boards even better! πŸ™‚

  • cryandwriteasong

    There’s already an option to get email alerts when new comments are posted in threads:

    At the top of the thread, on the right, there’s a dropdown menu that says ‘Options’. If you chose the “Track this topic” option, you’ll be taken to a page where you can chose to be notified if a new reply has been made, among other notification options. ; )

  • guest

    Hate to be a stinker, but some of the success stories posted on acne.org repeat. How I know? Because I read through them.

  • Dan

    Some success stories repeat? Which ones? Can you give me a few words from any that you find that repeat?

  • admin

    Don’t the Success Stories get shuffled regularly? That might make it seem like they repeat.

  • Joel

    There were 1028 success stories, and I managed to find 4 duplicates. Now, there are 1024. πŸ™‚ I challenge you to find any duplicates now.

  • TTTTTurtle

    but i meant an alert in acne.org itself…becuase i usually dont check my email as often as acne.org…i am just saying if it wouldnt be a hassle to Dan…but the message boards are still good as is πŸ˜‰

  • Yoler

    Nice success stories. I myself tried the apple method so I guess something different works for everyone. *link edited out*

  • nomoacne

    Here’s a success story…I tried this stuff called “Principal Secret Blemish Buster”…got it on Ebay, cheap!!! Worked like a charm….it’s a topical treatment…dried out my zits & let my skin heal!!!