Recently, the Human Microbiome Project was given $42 million in stimulus money to conduct in depth research into how microscopic organisms affect our health. Since the microscopic organisms which live in or on our bodies outnumber human cells by about 10 to 1, and are largely unstudied, this could be very interesting.

The Human Microbiome is defined as “all the microorganisms that reside in or on the human body, as well as their DNA, or genomes.” In short, scientists from around the country are going to sequence at least 400 microbial genomes in a first step at looking at how they may affect health and disease.

$990,000 is going to UCLA to look at possible connections between skin organisms and acne. Let’s hope they find something!

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  • TTTTTurtle

    -finaly i understand why research is done on random things, i am glad we are getting closer atleast a small step too fully understanding acne! 🙂